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Flatfielder Nov 16
Your cove has emptied
They are all fine
At a stage in life you have been
But you don't decline

Lust imagination realities you face
Alone to find partners
Storm into this new phase
You battle you struggle
For life you want bad

The day will rise out of darkness
Each morning new dawn
Chances are you may harness
This neverending hope to be reborn
Just scribble, some positivity
Jammit Janet Oct 18
You bloom in adversity,
Feeling life at its fullest,
Solving problems left and right,
Mindset sharper than bullets,

Persistent at every task,
Unafraid to show fear or cover it with a mask,
Using brute honesty to prevail,
Conquering darkness,
Healing ails,

Planting seeds,
To a brighter future,
Dissipating gloom & despair,
Releasing the fragrance of hope,
To grace our air,

Shine with the sun,
Absorb its power,
Become one with the Universe,
Flow, you beautiful flower.
Jammit Janet Oct 14
Bewildering silence,
Words without violence,
Rage on hold,
As I close my eyelids,

Let go of attachment,
Let go of the pain,
You are unbreakable,
Don’t listen to your brain,

You are the symphony of understanding,
The audience of your dreams,
That makes you feel heard,
Fulfills your every need,

You are the embrace you seek,
The match to light your fire,
Passionate comfort,
Available at every hour,

You are resilient,
You are strong,
Flowers bloom in your footsteps,
After every setback,
Every fall,

Delve into your Universe,
Shower in your love,
For you are more than enough,
You are divinely whole.
Working on improving my self talk and self comforting skills.
Jammit Janet Aug 22
It'll flow when it flows,
Like a babbling brook,
Giggling through meadows,
Of creativity,
And mental banks,
Full of books,

Free from frustration,

Full of life,
Full of love,

To nurture your being,
Cuddle your feelings,
Your sense of meaning.
Hear me read it to you here:
Jammit Janet Jul 23
I want to start a new movement,
With feeling,
That fills you with purpose,
While you read it,

I want to roll through through the world,
Confident I make a difference,
Not afraid to take a fall,

To take a stand for justice,
Speak my heart freely,
Give my soul reason,
Manifest freedom,

To ***** my words on a page,
That’ll leave you in a daze,
Of complex emotions,
An emotional maze,

To make you feel,
Displace the hurt,
Give you comfort,
Prove your worth.
Jammit Janet Jul 18
Desperate for affection,
Wanting your connection,
Oh how strong I feel for thee,

Feeling gooey,
My insides defrost from the cold,
Wicked world,
That hurt it so,

Serotonin release,
A pulse,
A care,
Drowning in warmth,
Gasping for air,

Waves of emotion,
Pull me under,
A sea of love,
Life, commotion,

An entity of its own,
Above me,
I surrender to it's power,
Give into the unknown,
Watch the future flower.
Jammit Janet Jul 17
Feeling the rhyme build up in my chest,
Ready to erupt and take the next step,
To blow you all away with my phaser-like cannons of joy,
That will infect your very being and shake you to the core,

Where logic and emotion crossover in time,
To wrap you in a positive state of mind,
Caress your cheek and mend your heart,
Tender loving care,
A secret art.
Jammit Janet Jul 17
I’m thinking in paintings & graphic novels,
Ink flowing through my veins,
Brimming to the top with genres,

Spitting words,
With devilish curves,

As I twirl,
My wrists through arcs,
And sagas,
Open the pages with,
Full of romance and science,

Weave you through webs of emotion,
That make you feel, see, and hear,
Reality erosion,
As you weep, grieve, and cheer,

Then lull you to sleep,
In my cradle of feeling,
Secure and heard,

Feel my magic,
Through my art,
Warm your insides,
With my heart.
Jammit Janet Jul 15
A sparkle,
A pump,
A few more sparkles in tow,

Spark the movement,
Of feeling, power, and hope,

The current powers up,
With courage and perseverance,

Her soul lights up,
Hot ****, she’s beaming,

She opens up to her demons,
Sits tight,
Starts breathing,

Embraces the universe,
Her world,

The pain and the hurt,
Good fortune, pure love, and your worth,

Pay attention to the universe,
It’s listening to you,

Melt into its warmth,
While it whispers,

You matter,
It’s true.
Jammit Janet Jul 15
Tie my laces,
Anchor me now,
Release the tide of emotion,
It’s ready for the crowd,

Electricity pulses in my chest,
Jolts through my limbs,
And sparks at my finger tips,

Connected to the earth,
I’m grounded,
I’m strong,

My stride will leave lightning,
Powerful and long,

My decisions quick,
Agile, steady,

Ready to dip, dive,
Juke, swerve,
Hop & leap,
Through that hole,
I'm ready,

Ready to be a brace,
For my family,
Jam or be a ****,
To achieve our goal,

Together as one we skate,
Into the unknown future we go.
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