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is a
lot like
the British
in the

when one
gets mowed down
by the colonists,
they continue
marching forward
and another one
steps in to take
his place

but most casualties
in that war died of

and the
for the
is the
for the
at work:

you either
die or
you lose.

and feeling
like a

work is a disease

while I’m
living on
my knees

to escape it

I’d rather be
dying on feet

to face it

for it is better
to die than
to lose.

when they’ll
have your
position filled
faster than
your column
written in the
How clean is clean
when the cleaning began
from the floor of a sunken ship?
Barnacles grace the walls in the place
of family, or a familiar face.

When filth is a given, and given
in projection to the overtly empathetic
as a matter of course, why implore?

Because you don't implore,
you explore as an entity
reaching for a meaning.

The question becomes,
do you fight, or do you invite
the coming cessation?

Even with a gun, and a view to ****,
the power the bullet affords
would surely fail to thrill you.
The best charlatans paint your hands red,
as you're sleeping in bed, preemptively.

Let the liars lie, let the builders connive.
Uninterrupted access to their own confines.
To Narcissus, the cool nod is colder than the knife.

Let the liars lie, let the builders connive.
When the company you keep requires the sacrifice
of your authenticity and your reality, just leave.

It'll never get good. It'll never get great.
It'll never be worth the investment.
toleomato Nov 2018
Ambiguity and indecision
Allows room for
You and I.
When I write you and
The emphasis is put on me.
I am put in isolation
To exaggerate that I am isolated.
When I write
You and I
The exaggeration is that we are separate from the text,
Thus one entity amidst the rest of the paper.
The reader,
When reading aloud,
Puts an emphasis on
You then I.
You are brought to the foreground immediately
And I follow right after.
You, thus I.

Here a relationship is formed
And is seen clearly between
You and I
You and
Similarly you and       I
Achieves a similar sentiment
But suggests a different context.
I am looking afar at you
But the position of distance is still maintained.
It is, therefore,
Subtlety that gives meaning
To simple gestures.

The establishment of position between
You and I
Then must depend on subtleties as well.
Ambiguity gives room to grow
But a name
Can only stifle it.
When should things be taken literally
When part of poetry
Is to write in exaggerations.
I don’t know how to talk to you
I and you.
You and I.
Therefore I will take your word for it
And stop there.
Pyrrha Aug 2018
Although I can't change the words you said
I can change their position in my head

What once was
'Your sparkle becomes a shadow in her brilliant light'
Will become
'Her sparkle becomes a shadow in your brilliant light'

If soothing the pain of his dull blades takes believing in those lies that shift the truth
Then so be it
Pyrrha Aug 2018
Its not the words we say,
Nor is it the words we write
That tear our heartstrings,
That make us ache

Its the order they appear,
The time it takes them to disappear
From our minds,
From our lives

'I will never love her the way I love you'
Contains the same words it takes to become
'I will never love you the way I love her'

The same words,
The same definitions
In different positions,
With different intentions
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
No matter how bad your situation may seem,
bear in mind that there's someone in
a worse position that you are.
ALWAYS. Someone doesnt have a home or food or water.

Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Panic when pin-pointing.
Pathetic when trying.
Painful pleasure.
Passively flipping the page.

Packing the past.
Passed out from the last.
Painting it fast.
Put the panther back.

Probably paraphrasing this.
Preparing the premises.
Perfect in any position.
Please be consistent.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
“How is my work?”, she asked

If graded, 5/10.
You passed.

Happy, she was.

“But there is more to go”, later I added.

“Is there more than to pass?”, voice of  innocence.

A way long.
Genre: Inspirational
Amanda Shelton Nov 2017
I once was able to run
nine miles a day,
now all those miles
seem so far away.

I am like a tree,
I am rooted where I stand
I am twisted up in unforgiving knots.

I know you think you understand,
but the truth is you don't
because you can move
and use your hands.

I am stuck twisted and contorted
in ways you could never understand.

My back is bent and rusted,
my knees creak and pop,
like an old car,
but I ran out of oil for my joints
now there stuck in odd positions.
You can only imagine.

I hurt, my pain burns to the bone,
grinding ******* my every move.

I can't move like you,
I twitch and ****,
I shake and stutter,
my mind is full of painful clutter.

Dystonia since 1981,
I was born with a twitch, ****,
and a stuttering switch with every move I make.
My nickname is Mizztwitch.*

*© 2017 By Amanda Shelton
Dystonia is a rare movement disorder. It causes odd movements and positions. It can cause your body to contort in painful ways. Like my feet they want to turn in and upward. My hands and feet cramp so do my arms and legs. I have been taken to the hospital many times before because of Dystonia. It's unpredictable and doctor's freak out if they have never seen a patient who suffers from it. I think anyone who has a heart would. I have had nurses break down crying because they couldn't take away my pain. I am a very strong person because I have to be to live through everything I have.
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