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Quinn Adaire Apr 30
If I write happy things
It’ll leak onto me...
Quinn Adaire Apr 29
Evil and good is based on perspective
But I know that you are not even close to evil

You might be afraid I might leave you
But I won’t, I won’t, I won’t

Happiness is hard to get and even harder to keep
But you are it, and I won’t leave you

The world may be scary and sad
But I am here, and we will be okay

We may not be okay
But it will happen

Accept your demons
And accept yourself
While you still have to deal with them
Quinn Adaire Apr 29
Poor poor Sisyphus
Rolling a stone up a hill
Nearly get to the top, he did
But the rock rolled down and fell.

Crushed beneath the burden
Of his own type of hell
Destined to labor forever
Rolling that **** stone up a hill.
Anyone else feel like Sisyphus sometimes?
Quinn Adaire Apr 29
The light dims
But it can’t dim me
You see, I will make it
I tell my own story
And I don’t fake it
And in this tale
There’s no giving up here
No yelling upon deaf ears
Nope, nope, no giving up
Fairy tales may exist
But happily ever afters
Are full of it
But I am writing my own story
And in here there’s no giving up
If I can’t get happily ever after
I’m not gonna give up
Before I get any ever after.
Quinn Adaire Apr 28
I’m a drifting planet
You’re a drifting sun
As I draw closer and closer
I must be careful, or I’ll be burned.

A supernova-however bright-
Is dangerous after the light
Mistaken, a moth to fire
I got ****** in your black hole
Torn apart like flesh in rapid gunfire.
Quinn Adaire Apr 28
The most bitter things
Can be sweet

Sickly sweet lies
And bittersweet goodbyes

Sweet, sweet love
Turned bitter by time

The most bitter things
Can be sweet
And so can I.
Quinn Adaire Apr 27
I’ve waited
I’ve waited so long
Since the day
I asked you to stay
And I looked for you
Do you know how long?
I looked for you
All these years
But you never
Looked for me once
Did you?

I’ve waited in this Wonderland
So long that the lush flowers and plants
Rotted, so I was left here alone
With yellow grass and sharp thorns
I’ve been waiting for my knight in shining armor
For so long, but he never came
Where are you now?
You said you’d come back for me
But you never did.
Original poem:
Meet me where
The moonbeams grow
And the sun likes to stop and chat.

Meet me where
The smiles prance
Through lush fields of poppies and grass.

If you never come to see me
If you never come to see,
I’ll meet you wherever you are
Wherever, whenever, you are.
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