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Mays Benatti Jun 8
Found a place of solitude inside my mind
Self reflection is on the line
I say my affirmations to affirm my manifestations
Satisfaction on the road to law of attraction It’s universal connection, I feel it through my consciousness
I am your daughter, twin flame, friend, teacher or lover either one doesn’t matter
We’re all made from star dust & matter that’s the piece that matters
Mays Benatti Jun 8
I shut my eyes closed
Tapping into my imagination
Intangible memories just figments for now  
Hold me tight don’t let me my eyes flutter  
I am staying here, I don’t want to leave
I’ll see you soon across these seas or maybe in my dreams
Ocean tides and broken promises
We sip on burnt tea
Mays Benatti Feb 14
Let me tell you about ADHD
I need you to you to know, I want to explain
My brain processes things at a fast rate and at times i can’t process a thing  
Thoughts collide, I can’t decide
I get distracted, sometimes I need a guide
I promise I am not trying to be rude.
Even air can distract my thoughts.
I promise I am trying, this is not an excuse just an invitation to take my hand walk with me, let me tell you about ADHD
Mays Benatti Dec 2019
If my beauty was to measured by progress together we might not feel so hopeless
Tounge tied, whispers made us tone deaf
To the ones we hold closest
Mays Benatti Jul 2017
Searching for an ear
Just one
It's a quest for acceptance
Or maybe the comfort gun
Hand it over and prepare to run
Mays Benatti Jul 2017
Words can be described
Though when they're felt it's magic
If I felt sunshine would it be magic? Or did I just describe another word without knowing

— The End —