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If you don't make friends,
you make enemies.
More you want,
less happy you are.

Less happy you are,
more you want.
Piotr Balkus Feb 22
Joy of missing out
on social gatherings,
on another five o'clock,
awkward tea party,
morning coffee in a local church.

Joy of missing out
on a special offer,
Black Friday,
free entry rock concert in the park.
On meeting with a celebrity,
a pub crawl on a Saturday night.

Joy of missing out
on birthday celebration,
on Christmas dinner,
on holiday in Crete.
On football match,
on random date
with a random girl.
On a hotel room,
on a wedding, on a funeral,
and on see-you-soon.

Joy of missing out,
not fear, as we're told.
Joy of missing out
on time, which is always gone.

Unsurmountable joy!
Piotr Balkus Feb 21
She lives next door,
she never talks.
She never cooks.
She never has visitors.

She never comes out,
I only saw her once or twice,
not even sure if it was her.
Maybe she is hiding.
Maybe there is something I don't know.

She doesn't go to work,
I doubt she has a job.
How does she pay her rent?!
Or maybe there is something
I don't need to know.

She's doesn't make any noise,
she never gets on anyone's nerves,
no one ever complains on her.
And still she makes everyone around
move out.

Or maybe there is something
I don't want to know.
Piotr Balkus Feb 20
My soul
whirling in her light,
like a mote of dust.

The best fate I can get.
Piotr Balkus Feb 20
Love doesn't exist,
until it comes.
Then is too late
to take anything back.

Too late
to leave the home
and hide
under the stone.
Piotr Balkus Feb 17
While being full of myself,
not to make a fool
of myself.
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