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Karijinbba May 25
Ye have writen to mine heart
a memorandum in gold and blood
ancient revered venerable Angel beloved.  
These withered red roses
bloom again E.T. divine.
Gold hearted Thermo King
wing mine
Revolving door fly by
patient ancient Lancelot
Knight commenting;

Ye shifted to one better human by mine story poems
consigned to thee and the four wise winds.
Myself regaining sanity
yet sighing madness despair
revealing mine heart to thee
Ye agreed I've got more than wisdom owning truth in mine ink revealed  

Ye've delighted reading mine scribble as thine beloved pet
to run hands on mine kitty fur
all as truth in thine mind's eye,
and yeah ye're dearly aroused
as ye cry me a river.
Privileged is thine life partner!
relished recipient of thine better change.
While still mine vessel soul is unresolved shunned
destitute forlorned bleeding
crying thee an ocean for thine river wept hush-hush.
I sigh all night til morn,
Mine nucleous inner core pains for thee waiting too long to offer small charity shielding
before mine bereavement
quietus curtains end.

Even dogs eating of thine table's crumbs lived, thus surely can "i."

I adolize delighting in thee taking heed thine steps quickening
fast lifting wing and landing
onto mine heart's chambers
longing to see thine will
break free rescuing me-cpr

mine wrecked ketch cursed existence empty forsake me not
and shelter me please.
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights- 5-19-20- revised
I have more lives than my cat
.ore patience the. G**
more blessings then a nun.
Monisha Oct 2019
Just like that,
I felt a sprinkle of pain,
You know the kind that gnaws and grows,
And nibbles your insides.

What started it, I wonder,
A buried thought,
a deserted experience,
Befallen, buried, squashed,
Run asunder, but still alive.

It pushes through the barriers to say,
Hey you! Yes you!
I exist,
Don’t think your looking away,
Will stop me coming back, some day.

Huh! I beat it hollow,
and there it’s slimy self crept back,
I had learnt not to feed it as it would grow,
I keep it on such a strict spartan diet,
My oh My! Look how bulbous it looks!

Hmmmm! Pain, were you feeding inside of me merrily while I was asleep,
Chewing my tissues, chomp chomp, burp,
Deep so very deep,
I feel I am missing a bone or two,
you gluttonous pain,
I am sure you’ve gobbled up many cells too.

Dark, gray, silent, doom,
Am I on for lifelong gloom,
Aah! Hrmph! Boo hooo!
What do I do,
So many around me,
Who do I reach out to?

Oh I do reach out,
And they say,
You? Couldn’t be,
You’re so strong,
It doesn’t fit you well, this pain you see!

I laugh, Is this pain
A size smaller for me,
Am I self indulgent,
In saying it hurts.

I start looking around,
And see many like me,
Laughter hiding the pain,
Cloaked well, their touch warm,
The tremble reaching out in vain.

It’s tough, this despair,
Sometimes with valid cause,
Many times so much accumulated,
Unaddressed, unmet, covered with gauze.
It rears it’s ugly head
For many
Eating their insides,
It’s canine jaws,
Sharp and unrelenting.

I still don’t have an answer,
Who does really,
Expectations, recriminations, justifications, validations, manipulations, mechanisations,
Eat us up a bit more.
We sleep off some days
hoping to sleep away to nothingness.

And then we arise to the morn,
The sun filtering through, casting its warmth,
A bird in the distance chirping away,
Pain still there but so are my fingers glowing like starlight along the Milky Way,
My limbs stretch and I purr away,
The clocks tick tock,
Reminds me of a chance,
A new beginning,
A fresh start,
A fresh me,
A wounded but mighty heart!  

Facing my pain instead of sublimating it,
Nursing it tenderly instead of ill treating it,
I know you’ll ease out, heal out,
And I will be better each day,
Because this life, this beautiful life,
Is worth living each moment, every day.

When I face you, I shall share you,
Tell your story to those I want to,
And suddenly, you will feel acknowledged and dance way into the oblivion because you’ve been sung to, heard, cuddled and celebrated.

Till then, I trudge along...
This is an ode to so many of us who carry burdens of hurt, unresolved pain, and stories to self which need to be heard. May you seek and find those willing to listen and hold your hand, sometimes that’s all it takes, sometimes you need more, but seek you must. I send you my love and hugs and Godspeed to find your pain and acknowledge it, only then healing starts.
Adam May 2019
If we were happily in love,
and then I began to stray a little farther-

I’m sorry, love,
but you can blame my father.
amber Feb 2018
My stomach is filled with poison.
Eating away at the lining,
I want nothing more,
Than to throw it all up:
The discomfort,

It steadily brews,
Driving me insane,
Without reprieve,
Putting me,
In tormenting pain.
The caged bird
you won't let sing,
croons the loudest
when it forgets how to.

A song that should've been haunting and beautiful
becomes only haunting.
Anonymess Jun 2017
Sometimes I wish I were an insect. So small and insignificant. Where all I had to worry was where to eat and where to sleep.  Under a rock or deep in the ground away from the world. My only worry the trample of a boot or the squawk of a bird. Sometimes I wish I were an insect.    

Sometimes I wish I were a tree. Strong and sturdy. Where all I had to do was stand and watch the seasons change, the people change, the world change. My only worry the chop of an ax or whether my roots are deep and strong enough to stand against the howling winds. I wish I were a tree.

Sometimes I wish I were a river. Moving rapidly and easy. Where all I had to do was go with the flow of my current. My only worry the unbearable heat that brings on a drought or the toxins of man. I wish I were a river.
Em MacKenzie Apr 2017
Good to know you, but I'm
Over and
Done being left in the cold only to be
Braving a drought.
Yes, I'm here, let's clear the doubt, the story has
Ended, and I'm not sure what it's about.
I wrote this while dreaming one night, and it's meant to be almost sung to the tune of Buddy Holly's "it doesn't matter anymore." but not quite.
JGuberman Aug 2016
...and when I finally showed up
and went into my mother's last room in the ICU
as the fluids were still clotting in their tubing
and the machinery of life was silent,
the necrosis lingered.
Her knitting was sitting to one side
with many loose ends
Cody Haag Feb 2016
Winter leaves by morning light,
But still try as I might,
My insides remain cold.

Warmth pervades the streets outside,
Jack Frost decides to hide,
Still I fail to be bold.

Summer comes, sun rays filter down,
They illuminate the entire town,
I disobey what I've been told.

One day, my skin wrinkles and ages,
Having gone through all the stages,
It's still unresolved and I am old.

There is no solution, try as I might,
Winter leaves by morning light,
But my insides remain cold.
Gem S Nov 2015
You’ve changed, in a way that I know you don’t even recognize yourself. I know, because when you’re alone you frown at the floor and your face is absolutely heartbreaking but then she comes around and you put the face away and smile again. I could be delirious, you could just be happy, but are we really ever happy with something we cheated to get? Maybe you don’t see it that way, and you’re the happiest person in the world, but if you really are, then explain that face to me? I’ve only seen that face after your cousin died, when you were questioning God and why everyone was leaving your life. You look lost, but then again you look like a stranger, and I know of nothing in your life anymore, except these gut feelings that something isn’t okay. Is your mom okay? Is your grandmother healthy? Have you thought about suicide? Is she helping you pass with good grades? Is she funny? You deserve endless laughter. You’re changing, but maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s just because I’m on the outside. Somewhere I’m not used to being, and somewhere I wish I wasn’t. Maybe it’s because you said we’d still be friends and you still feel something, and maybe it’s because hope is dangerous. Because after I’d hoped that we’d be better and that you had the repressed feelings that I was experiencing out loud, and then you stopped talking to me, I lost everything. Now, don’t go thinking you are my everything, because you aren’t, but the concept was never something I hated. Back to why I’m writing this, does she have a soul like I do? Because I’d hate to know you’re being handled by someone who doesn’t have a deep soul, and sees the universe when they close their eyes. Are your car rides the same? Do you try to do the same things with them? Is she still pregnant? Isn’t she the good girl? Isn’t that why she’s easier to love and bring home to mom? Honestly, how is your mom? Sigh, I guess it’s okay. Just be careful…you can only change yourself so much before it becomes ******.

how can I get past you when you obviously need my help?
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