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Peter Balkus Mar 25
They hold me tight,
they kiss my lips,
my eyes.

When it's time to wake up
they say: "Don't worry,
stay in bed.
Keep dreaming,
keep dreaming,
don't let anyone wake you up."
Inspired by song  Sleeping With Ghosts by Placebo
BeautyinChaos Aug 2018
How do I know if it's love?
Does a simple moment take control of my mind
Focusing on the sweetest words I heard you say
Grasping at the tendrils of a beautiful future

How do you know that it's love?
Does calling my name cause your heart to stop
Staring into my soul makes you lose yourself
To a sea of vibrant words and passionate eyes

How do we know that it's love?
Do we veil reality with a beautifully woven cloth
Whispering from our honey coated lips
Shivering from a sweetness convinced it's nothing but pure
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
fulfill      painful
unify      placebo
cultivate      shiv
kind         abjure
Hg Jun 2018
she reminds me
of the pills i take

her tongue leaves my tongue
with an aftertaste

i could overdose
on that pretty face

after all love’s a drug
even if it’s fake
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
He was
Later found to be
A Placebo

She’s addicted

Her trust
is keeping

Dreamy, She was

After all.
Genre: Love
Theme: Faith holds, logic reasons
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Painted characters  
Adding life to it  
Scarlet imaginations  
White, Black, Blue  
Missing the object,  
While grasping it’s shadow  
Illusion of hope,  
Nothing of what seems, everything  
Complicated questions,  
Answers within  
Seeking the peace,
With loaded weapon  
A placebo effect,  
Of reason and faith  
Thinking, obstacle is the path  
Effort to undress, a naked man  
Remedies worsen than the illness  

Doubting everything,  
In the zero hour  
Doubting everything,  
Way to find a truth
Emptiness is a new fullness.
Genre: Abstract
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Jayantee Khare Dec 2017
Pretended to be medicine,
proven to be placebo....
But the healing occurred,
Let it go....
Julie Grenness Mar 2017
What is the best placebo?
Paste a smile, and off you go,
Best to leave the scene,
No point being too mean,
We are all mere human beings,
Smiles are a placebo, it seems.
Feedback welcome.
Nigel Finn May 2016
With a pocketful of medicine,
And an optimistic air,
I set out to cure the world.

I had no idea, when I first set out,
Just how far my journey would take me.
I had dreams of dragons,
Heroic battles, and the vast expanse
Of the seemingly endless sea
Racing through my mind.

My friends, not knowing the true
Reason for my adventurous ways,
At first tried to discourage me;
Convincing me that to help myself;
To put myself above all others,
Would be, if not nobler,
Then at least more sensible.

Ah! My friends! Did you not realise,
That you were just encouraging
My foolish deeds more so?
For me, true happiness lies
In the smiles of others, and
The joys I inspire.

I find no pride in accomplishing
Deeds that fulfill other needs;
Diplomas and job offers
Sail over my head, and I
Pay them no heed.

Such accomplishments should be
Left (in my opinion), to kings,
And emperors, and others
Who I pay little regard to,
Who find such happiness
At receiving a scrap of paper
With not a jot of poetry on it.

I remain of the servile class.
By my own admission and actions,
I shun those who would have me
Believe that my past life,
The one in which I ruled,
If not the world, than at least
The part of it I so ignorantly knew,
Was a happier one.

So far there have been no dragons,
Save for the ones I carry with me
In my imagination,
The heroic battles I fought
Have been with no-one but myself,
In the recesses of my mind,
And the vastness of the ocean,
Carries itself, past the distant shore,
And into the hearts of those I love.

As I reach into my pocket,
I find the goods I carry to be
No more than sugar pills-
A placebo of the mind, that
I am told is good for nothing
By learned physicians, who know
Far more on the subject than I.

Thus I find myself in this foreign land,
With nothing but my optimistic air
To see me through.
I wish no more than to lend my hand,
And show others that I care.
Tell me; Is that a placebo too?
I am often told that, to help others, you must first help yourself. This is sound advice when the basics needs of a person are being neglected for the benefit of others. However, the joy of bringing a smile to a face, be they stranger or loved one, is (to me) the greatest way to help myself. It is a selfish need as much as any other; I expect nothing physical in return, nor do I require people to do similar deeds for me, but the feeling of self-worth I receive is enough for me to deem it a selfish act. I feel, almost always, a feeling of self-gratification from increasing the stock of harmless cheerfulness in the world, and couldn't imagine a pursuit I would rather follow.

If I bring a smile to your face, or bring you comfort in any way, I am doing it for no-one's benefit but my own. I do it not because I am a nice person, but because I wish to view myself as one. Not because I wish to make someone happy, but because I wish to KNOW I've made someone happy. I would argue until the cows came home that the reasons behind my actions make me as self-centred as anyone who cares to pursue any other goal for their own wants.

In short; If I bring you happiness, who is to know that you haven't provided me with even more?
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