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I never knew
how hard
the landing would be
when I fell
from grace
in your eyes...
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
In-Flight Convergence
by Michael R. Burch

serene, almost angelic
the lights of the city                 extend
over lumbering behemoths
shrilly screeching displeasure
they say:
that nothing is certain
that nothing man dreams or ordains
long endures his command

here the streetlights that flicker
and those blazing steadfast
seem one                                   from a distance
they abruptly
part                      ways

so that nothing is one
which at times does not suddenly blend
into garish insignificance
in the familiar alleyways
in the white neon flash
and the billboards of convenience

and man seems the afterthought of his own brilliance
as we thunder down the enlightened runways

Keywords/Tags: city, lights, streetlights, neon, signs, billboards, trucks, traffic, runways, landing, jet, plane, airplane, brakes, screeching, alleys, alleyways
Francesca Oct 2018
Every day my mind wonders the same way.
There are times when I can feel myself falling,
Wondering if you will be there to catch me…
But you are not. It seems you never are.
Funny that, considering all the times I caught you.
My arms are so strong, yet tired from all the times you fell,
From all the times I stood at the bottom to cushion your landing,
Yet you can’t even be bothered to at least try…
Not even once.

So here I am wondering, why am I falling?
Why are you not at the bottom of this dark and steep fall?
Whose arms are strong enough to cushion my landing?
The world has gone black.
Yet I’m still falling into this hole.
And you are still not there.

I have to laugh.
Oh, pity the fool who got ****** in to your world!
Oh, pity the fool who made sure to be there!

No, don’t pity me
You don’t deserve to pity me,
You don’t deserve to catch me.
You don’t deserve to be there.
Andreas Peter Jun 2018
Cylindrical steel take me
         higher than I'll ever soar
                                              Except maybe
                                after the frantic sprint of rubber hooves has stopped
                                                   and I smile into your embrace
                                                                                            once more
The actor was so thrilled to be offered a part
uneasy that two suited men
told  him he had to sign a binding contract
no disclosure or go to prison
realised there was no choice had to agree
but offered him a huge fee!

Pressurised signed was told to wait for a call
they would not disclose details
life put on hold regretting that offer of work
could not contact agency
what had he committed to it blew his mind
wishing time he could rewind!

Several days later his house phone rang
a voice gave a short message
outside ten minutes apprehension grew
picked up his bag and waited
at precisely the time stated a van arrived
from then on freedom was deprived!

A side door shot open abruptly told to enter
once inside the vehicle sped away
within not alone three other men squatted
nobody spoke on that journey
what seemed like hours being thrown about
he was filled with fear and doubt!

At last it stopped they were greeted by a man
smartly dressed and well spoken
apologised  for covert action and no information
found themselves in a large hangar
on one side changing rooms and catering truck
it dawned on him here they were stuck!

It was cold as they were shown to a huge room
chairs were placed facing a screen
sitting the smart man went to the front lingered
until they were all quietly seated
explained he was the director of this project
with those present was about to connect!

From behind them armed guards now entered
please do not be alarmed he said
they are here for our protection and security
you have been chosen to participate
in a conspiracy that must never be exposed
the screen lit up the secret disclosed!

Images of a barren landscape was dispalyed
this is the set built-in this hangar
here the moon surface has been recreated
because we are going to hoax
for the want of a better word the moon landing
with astronauts on surface standing!

This is the first meeting of our brave flight crew!

Just another conspiracy theory?

What is the truth so many unanswered question! Could the moon landings have been a hoax?#TheFoureyedPoet.
Gabriel burnS Apr 2017
Thoughts take off
From dandelion head
I lost them
but found one
In the palm
of your hand
...make a wish
Cierra Spina Feb 2017
I can feel gravity grasping at me
clutching me
bringing me back down
drifting down from the sky
is like
falling out of love
you feel heavy
the gradual pull
and suddenly
*it's gone
Maria Etre Dec 2016
I surrendered my senses
to every word
that left your mouth
and landed
on my lips
all sense
of doubt
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