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ArielMarriel Feb 14
Little ills
need little pills
to numb
the night and day.
Little pills
in colors -
blue, white, gray.
Little ills steal smiles
and give chills,
Little ills
all in my head.
Pauline Russell Apr 2016
Dripping like hot molten rock
Liquid gold it just won't stop
Dropping like rose petals to the ground
The splashes of red is all around

I've seen that face
So full of sorrow and disgrace
I've seen scars like those before
The demons are poring through the door

Let them come, I don't care anymore
Living has become to much of a chore
I scream and yell, trying to get someone to care
But no one will, learned long ago life is so very far from fair

So I'll take my pills
There suppose to cure my ills
But they don't, nothing will
Living my life takes to much skill

Anguish is over running my cup
I'm so very close to giving up
So if you don't see me come tomorrow
You'll know I couldn't take the sorrow
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
Sitting out on a bench
Thinking, maybe I should run and impale myself on that fence
In the garage at the beams I take a glance
Maybe I should tie a rope and do the marionette death dance
Swallow a bunch of pills
Or take a gun and cure my ills
I knew there was a price for love
Now watch me fall with that finale shove
Falling down that rabbit hole
Will I come back, I really don't know
Martin Narrod May 2014
we take a breath
I have a smoke
thank you for giving me your cold
you rub the menthol on my chest
I hold the camphor to my breast
sometimes all it takes is just a jacket button to break.

10 minutes on they'll drink champagne
and have their fun with party games
everybody yelling "cheese"
10 minutes from a third-world country
in the shadow of the rock
they don't have anyone that'll help
there isn't garbage on the ground
its the street that makes up the whole town

I know you don't even want to talk
You won't even take my calls}
After three years on and off
I would do anything at all.
Have the child of my blood
Then with blood I'd have enough.
Just a picture fairy tale
For a man with a cold and betrayed.
*Inspired by the aboriginal lives of the indigenous peoples of Ayer's Rock.

— The End —