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Chandler Ames Jun 2019
Tarry too much, her mind eluded
Hasty in lust, her desire excluded
Faithful with trust, well and proven
Love is such, balance in movement
Johnny walker Mar 2019
Remembering walking through huge snow drifts as a kid In those snowy winter days of the
walking to and fro from primary school sometimes snow  up my waste struggling even walk absolutely
freezing soaked to the skin having to dry our clothes of on the class room radiators and trying to warm frozen hands
and feet
people think the snow we get now Is bad believe me It's nothing to those winters of 1960s
but at leased we didn't have global warming we had proper seasons
followed In the correct order so at least you knew what to expect back In the 1960s so least we could prepare for
When I was a kid back In the 1960s we used have the four season that came the correct order unlike It Is now with global warming at least we knew what expect and could prepare for It
Johnny walker Mar 2019
Never got a chance to dance with my girl something I always
wanted to do but poor health prevented us
from having a
how I would have loved
to dance with her to
dance In the old
fashioned way maybe a
slow waltz whilst holding
her so
but If given a chance I'd have a last dance so much I regret, for that's the one thing we never got to
Would have loved a last dance If given a chance nice slow dance whilst holding her so close how beautiful that would have been, but stopped from doing so by health problems
I hit
NDA that
❤️ me
the cast
but sight
furious as
her tat
for dark
on screen
and put
her spot
to the
bed she
caught this
action purport
law was
stage guitar
Elizabethanne Jun 2018
We put plastic tape on our hearts
like band-aids.
Patchwork princes and princesses.
Fighting to the death,
for a chance at real love.
A fairytale sold to us when we were very young.
And we destroy the people we love
So we can take pieces of them and sew them onto ourselves.
As a reminder of lessons learned.
-We Pray for the lost souls-
whose hearts were not ours to take.
Because we have knife wounds like bullet holes
Deep and scarred.
And we sleep with the lights on,
because the scariest thing is the darkness.
And realizing despite all of this we are alone.

- I have fought for love only to understand I was the only one fighting
Ash Mar 2018
Where will I be in two years?
Will I be dumbed down and delinquitized?
Will I be living on the edge with Dionysus and his friends?
Or will I be a scholarly, orderly student?
Will I be me, or will I fall into the clutches of some other identity?
Nylee Dec 2017
All the pieces fall
right out of their places
So life could mock more
on every sore spots
so that it could hurt proper
where it actually does hurt.
Zero Nine Jul 2017
It's as if
is always
in progress

By design,
is always
in progress

By design, the petals of glass
shatter in champagne, it's
By design, the empty glass
leaves open air for

for crystal black.

It's as if
life grows
with divide
by design

I inhale.
You breathe
Done fighting.
Wind up dead.

By design, our lungs sputter black
past accomplishments, it's
By design, we embalm the dreams
we see as meaning, we

keep them.

we keep them.

See you around, space cowboy.
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