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Star BG Dec 2019
My writer guide speaks now through me,
to launch my verse, that whispers sweet.
Words dance as they fly toward a page
to anoint future eyes.

I will echo gratitude,
when poem does end and time has flown.
I’ll post it on a site, HP
that calls both night and day.

Perhaps in time some likes shall come
with goal to reach 1000 hearts.
And with a prayer I just may find
it trend to make me smile.

Oh Reader please open your heart
to know in truth you are divine.
Let your sweet love guide as you find,
born is a poem so fine.
Just exercising heart with my new writer guide and out this came.  Thanks all for reading.
Ayush Panigrahi Sep 2019
The World talks about pollution 
But still there is no solution 
The world behind is so green 
But the fire and smoke make it grim
Oh! there was a beautiful linden
But the hazy smoke made it hidden

Presuming the world will end one day
And there would be no body even to say 
The smoke was so much pernicious
Which turned into distress and was serious 
Tis our obligation not to feel ignominy 
But to look forward to make the earth greeny

This smoke will make us one day motionless
If we do pollution and remain being careless 
Let me warn you it is a slow poison
Even more dangerous than the nuclear fusion!!!
At night the fire became so intense 
That gave a scene of joy and tense

In pale moonlight it looked so grey
Which was due to the burning of ******* and hay
The smoke arose and arose so high 
That covered the stars in the sky 
Oh! God I wish it should go to space 
And save some years for the earth to face
Everyone is Requested to Forward this and Stop Pollution
wordvango Jun 2019
Can you tell me please,
Who the **** finds it a breeze
To scan poems in several identities
Just to minus all the
Wow;Eliot has sure sold out
A work of charity give money we'll
Stay free. And the phone app is coming
"Who runs the site?
Ah, this is where I introduce myself. Ahem, hello, my name is Eliot York. I built the site in the wee hours of many hot summer nights in 2009. Though the site has changed a lot since then, I'm still working on it part-time and it's intention is exactly the same: to create an online space for poetry that is, as much as humanly possible, 1) open to the dark 2) glowing with light, and 3) run with money but not for money. How're we doing?"  Which never did and now I try to scroll and get a blank screen. Guess someone offered enough to make his work for us turn into a marketable scheme. Guess the rent went up. In the big city, York
Heavy Hearted Dec 2018
An outlet of articulates, is this solemn, surreal site.
Many minds, and many more, shall glow beneath its light.
Yet sadly for myself I've found, the holes within it all,
and now no longer does my heart, answer to its call.

Goodbye poetry, and thank you always; you deserve all you achieve-

Thank you for giving us a place
to share what we believe.

I will say hello to you, and glow with all again someday,
But for now I say goodbye- as I go on my own way.
TheStartOfMyEnds Nov 2018
**** that smile
Reminds me of the beach
Bright hot sand
And clear open waters
Gets me swimming with butterflies
And delusional with heat

The uplift of his lips
Something so simple as a boyish grin
Wraps my thoughts around beds!
Beds and blankets...
                  Doritos and a series of comedy shows on screen

Just to hear him laughing

That would be ****** illegal for my heart
His laugh
His star fire eyes so full of life

Like a deer caught in the headlights
All so new
That's what he does to me

And I don't even know his name
He's real, but he's like a dream, my little secret
Anya Sep 2018
One thing
I love about this
is that
it's free
You're free
to write as you please
You're free
to comment as you please
There's plenty of room
for self introspection
And everyone here is either
like minded
or has an interesting
perspective to
Terry Collett Mar 2018
You walked the bomb site
with Benny,
he was relating

about some gunslinger
he'd seen at the flicks
and how the gunslinger

had his guns different
from other gunslingers
he'd seen,

with guns back to front
so that he had
to cross his hands

over to reach guns
from different holsters.
You listened as you often did

to his talk on guns
and gunslingers
and cowboy films

he'd seen.
He bent down
and picked up a stone

for his catapult
which he had
in the back pocket

of his jeans.
You told him
about your young brother

and how your mother
wanted you to hold him steady
while she changed his *****,

and how he kicked his legs,
and how hard it was
to hold him there,

and your mother saying:
Hold him steady
while I get

his clean ***** on.
Benny weighed the stone
in the palm of his hand,

then put it in his pocket.
So did you managed
to hold him?

Benny said.
You looked past him
as a copper walked

towards you both.
Copper, you said.
Benny turned

and stood beside you.
What are you doing here?
the copper said.

Looking for ammunition,
Benny said.

the copper said.
Stones for my catapult,
Benny said.

Bomb sites
are dangerous places,
so clear off,

the copper said.
You stared nervously
at the copper.

But I need stones,
Benny said.
I don't care

if you are looking
for the Crown Jewels,
the copper said,

sling your hook.
You followed Benny
off the bomb site

into Meadow Row.
The copper stood
watching you,

hands at his sides.
Let's go to the other
bomb site,

Benny said,
up off the other side
of the Square.

You looked back
at the copper
still standing there.
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