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Amaris May 2019
I love her more than anything, I think
Although right now I can’t really tell
I’ve been with her for what feels like forever
Down here in this never ending hell
I face a coin toss every day with her
Call heads or tails, happy or sad
Wait with bated breath as the coin soars
Curse as it lands “tails”, now she’s mad
I can’t live with fifty-fifty chances
Every second of every day of my life
But if I push her any further
I’m terrified she’ll seek comfort with a knife
It’s so frustrating to love someone
Who thinks the world is always against her
Who can’t seem to love herself
And no matter what I say, she’s insecure

Is this love? What am I doing here?
I can’t keep fighting her endless fear
The Dedpoet Feb 2016
The light has a pulse.
There is no in between of darkness.
This perception is the only reality,
What we touch and see
Under the limited spectrum
Our eyes are allowed.
         My eyes see nothing,
My hands feel worlds,
         My thoughts create the shadows,
In the shadows I cry for the light,
        The light scatters my world,
On the other side
        Light cannot see me in the dark.
The ever growing battle of good and evil within the self, the battle inside we face everyday, our thoughts are scattered.
Fidgety Midget Feb 2015
Your profile read "Separated with 3 kids",
Normally I would have run a mile
But you bombarded me with your words and made me smile

The more you talked the more your soft words curled themselves around my heart,
it was not long before, of you I became a part

Once you hooked me in and made me yours
the stories of your woes from your life before begins to out pour
I was your therapist, your lover and your teacher
one year passed and things only began to look bleaker

Anxiety, stress and you being generally depressed
did nothing to relieve the problems already compressed

you promised things of a life and future together
now looking back, that really wasn't clever

I believed you and prayed,
to live with you someday

To grow old and laugh
when in the evening sun we'd bask

Those were childish dreams
and it didn't take long for them to crack at the seams

Why do I call you the Time Thief?
You gave me false belief

Because you made me love you
Then you left me behind in this world with no clue
with what you were about to do

You stole my time, my heart, my soul
over which I now have no control
Feeling lost
Martin Narrod May 2014
we take a breath
I have a smoke
thank you for giving me your cold
you rub the menthol on my chest
I hold the camphor to my breast
sometimes all it takes is just a jacket button to break.

10 minutes on they'll drink champagne
and have their fun with party games
everybody yelling "cheese"
10 minutes from a third-world country
in the shadow of the rock
they don't have anyone that'll help
there isn't garbage on the ground
its the street that makes up the whole town

I know you don't even want to talk
You won't even take my calls}
After three years on and off
I would do anything at all.
Have the child of my blood
Then with blood I'd have enough.
Just a picture fairy tale
For a man with a cold and betrayed.
*Inspired by the aboriginal lives of the indigenous peoples of Ayer's Rock.

— The End —