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Oct 4 · 114
Simon Soane Oct 4
When you sit & nonchalantly beam
it is such an enchanted scene;
oh you,
you'd turn a grey sky walk into a sunshine mile,
with your here,
with your smile.
Sep 21 · 113
Simon Soane Sep 21
Don't let
season skipping signs that say
it's autumn
deter your warm from being here,
you always very welcome
what's left
of the summer
of this year.
Sep 13 · 92
Simon Soane Sep 13
When you get off a train I'm happy,
that's because it usually means you're a step closer to me;
your near proximity improves my all,
my string theory
and my ABC.
Just your foot on a platform means I understand more of the air,
as you're a further tad towards me,
making the best of my everywhere.
Life love train romance
Sep 7 · 157
Simon Soane Sep 7
When I throw
a nasty little thing like ego out
by my invouluntary
I worry people
just think I'm making
crazy hand shapes
in the air;
these fantastic digits carry care.
Sep 2 · 125
Simon Soane Sep 2
on paper,
we've toured
a football ground,
but that description
neglects our fantastic found
leaping bound;
it's whenever I'm with you Dad,
it's whenever you're around.
Aug 17 · 287
The You
Simon Soane Aug 17
You unforcefully cram
your particles
into every time
of loveliness,
seldom rocked
minutes are just moments
that bring
Aug 15 · 170
Simon Soane Aug 15
We said a big farewell to you
on a sunny day,

it was sad but perfect
in nearly every single way,

inevitably the only thing  missing under the clear sky of blue

was the world you held

in all of amazing you.
Aug 2 · 141
Simon Soane Aug 2
Auntie Viv,
you’ll always be.
Aug 2 · 182
Simon Soane Aug 2
You rumble gently,
slightly shifting
what was ground,
my feet on it, next to yours,
we tour debris of before,
no looking down at dust,
detritus, not now, not for us,
no time at this time,
for us.
Jul 2 · 99
Simon Soane Jul 2
So I wake up & think,
"Ohh, a message on Whatsapp,
I'll check that baby later,
for that nourish I will cater,
hmm outside it looks mild,
take your time Si, punctuality is the last reserve of the boring, said Oscar Wilde.
But you don't want to get the "where have you been" glare & the "I've been sat here for ages" stare."
So I gather my sleepy head with all my power,
get my work game on & hit the shower.
As I cleanse my skin layer by layer I ponder,
"hmm, have I got enough juice in my MP3 player to see me through on the 192?"
I scrub quickly in a ******* sigh,
"oh oh oh fuckkkkk! Si, you've got shower gel in your eye!"
All my thoughts of enough walking music to hurl me up the road are lost in my optic feeling like it's going to explode.
"It hurts! It hurts! ******* vanilla & raspberry,
is the cyclopitic pain really necessary?".
I now don't have time for thoughts of on time hurry
if I'm going blind or not is now my greatest worry.
The stupid anxieties vanish
in minutes of strife,
like they do in real life,
I don't think I'll care that I haven't budgeted for pre payday weekend beer if I get a call saying
you're not here,
& from what I know you disappear.
Not to dwell on what grief does loom,
you & me right now sail through the future gloom;
you're the best of the best
never stop,
I love you
I love you
I love you lots.
This soapy grip on my eye starts to ease,
anxious not
in the July breeze.
Jun 28 · 110
Simon Soane Jun 28
You can pop in a lot
of months,
you're here
or after
you've gone,
like a sunny sky day in April
a leaf full floor autumn one,
but when you are wide and bright,
on the cusp of schools breaking up
and July imminent,
your shine
is not
a hint or a trace;
it's all of your blue
right up to space.
Jun 23 · 126
Optic Girl
Simon Soane Jun 23
Hours of moving around
and flitting
different spaces
always feels good,
things fall into place
as they should,
but lying next to you,
means not a crave
for anything else,
as your wonderful self
is enough to bring a day
that's simply bright;
the close join of our eyes
making all of sight.
Jun 10 · 135
Simon Soane Jun 10
Many moons away there was a lovely town,
where the people were happy and knew no frowns,
where the lambs gambolled in the fields free and safe from the dining table
and everybody was always recused at the end of every fireside fable,
the dawn was always singing and the days with joy were packed,
no one needed anything, there was nothing that they lacked,
yes all the folk loved the town, “it’s the best!” they would say,
that is until one dark fateful June day.
A monster appeared at the gates of the town one morn
and remarked calmly…”parents you will give up to me all of your first born,
and if you fail to comply with my demands
I’ll take all your children and raze to the floor all your lands!”
As a demonstration of his monstrous strength
he decimated the animals in the village and removed one tenth.
The monster then said, “you have 3 days to sate my wishes
otherwise all your children will be my dishes!”
Understandably the town was in a uproar of fears
and all you could hear was weeping and tons of floods of tears.
The town’s war council met and discussed what to they should do
and soon decided that their chances of defeating the beast were too few,
they realised that their best recourse was to contact a neighbouring village
as they knew of a hero there who could perhaps stop this awful pillage,
so they sent an envoy to implore the hero to come and vanquish the monster to the Hell he came from,
the name of this heroic guy well it was Simon!
Simon was a handsome chap who had saved many places from strife
and all the people around trusted this great guy with their life,
for sweet Simon was altruistic, charming, charismatic and kind
and when others needed a hero he was the first one on their mind,
and of course when the town asked him to help and slay the terrible beast
he immediately packed up his sword and arrows and headed to the creature’s lair in The East.
Simon had a fair walk before he could find and take on this awful malaise
and filled his time on the jaunt steeling himself and perfecting his warrior’s gaze,
his journey was uneventful and Simon found he had plenty of time for a think and  a mull,
that was until sauntering just in front of him he spied someone beautiful;
just on the path yonder he could see a women with stupendous colour in her hair
and she moved with gorgeous splendour through the air,
Simon shouted, “excuse me, hi, how’s it going?
you have an aura of magnificence and you I wish to be knowing!”
The hot woman replied, “hello, my name’s Hazel, thank you for your nice say,
perhaps you could walk with me if you’re going my way!”
Simon returned with, “yeah that would be grand but the way I’m going is gonna be fraught with danger
as I’m about to take on a monster that wants to take children from their mangers!”
Hazel said, “oh that’s where I’m headed too, I’m a witch don’t you know,
and with my magick power I’m going to make this monster wish his face he did not show!”
Simon riposted with, “wow it’s awesome that we are both singing from the same hymn sheet
maybe we should join forces to ensure this monster is truly knocked off his feet!”
Hazel said, “yep that sounds ace to me!”
and off they both did go feeling full of glee!
And as Simon and Hazel talked there was more then just hero talk that did abound
they both felt a surge of lust that swirled all around,
so within one hour of meeting they were ******* in a field,
to the pleasures of each other’s flesh they did easily yield,
there was a strong connection that leaped through bodies
and they both knew right then they would have to make knowing each other one of their hobbies!
Due to their powerful union the monster was easily gone,
Simon and Hazels joint strength got rid of the beast with aplomb,
after the simple fight they felt a wonderful bliss
and sealed their fantastic win with a passionate kiss.
They arrived back at the town and told the folk their worries were over
and that everyone could play without scare  in meadows of four leaf clover,
the town’s people said “thank you, from now on June the 7th will be know as Hazel and Simon day!”
S and H hand in hand replied, “that’s funny that’s just what we were about to say!”
Jun 4 · 101
Simon Soane Jun 4
How like you to
offer something
when someone
is in strife,
giving all the happy
when the unknown is in life,
how like you to do that,
how like you to be there,
how like you to be wonderful,
how like you to be care,
how like to be magnificent,
how like you to be strong,
how like you to suggest something called belong.
May 11 · 115
Old Cat Across The Road
Simon Soane May 11
As you walk over
what you have done
and where you have been
in instant glory.
Oh all the places you have roamed,
all the houses you've made your home;
good old Twist
may we always greet,
every time
I see this street.
May 8 · 199
Simon Soane May 8
On that couch of yours
may we meet more
and have more of our
tour de force,
leg over leg,
involved in everything of me and you,
like a good haiku:
taunt and magical,
strong wind carrying the blue,
holding safe and true.
Apr 12 · 150
Simon Soane Apr 12
Please be immortal,
don't ever
go to a land
I don't

Don't ever drop
to a world
out of my control;
always be here,
always add to my whole.

You make my  two too;
my love is populated
of you.
Mar 28 · 589
Tayrn & Ryan
Simon Soane Mar 28
I’d hazard a guess there aren’t many folk who don’t know the tales of Harry, Hermione and Ron
and how with a cast of a multitude of friends they defeated Voldemort with aplomb,
rightly these heroic adventures are held in the highest regard,
and will be told forever by musicians, singers and bards,
these stories will be remembered, people will talk of those courageous and brave
and how they turned the evil tide of The Dark Lord with everything they gave,
how they dispelled the magic of horror with the strength of the Gryffindor lion,
but less well known than this wonder is the fable of Tayrn and her Ryan.
R and T arrived to Hogwarts  10  years after He Who Can Not Be Named was vanquished in the great struggle,
Tayrn was pure wizard born whereas Ryan was pure muggle,
both took to wizarding school easily and did well in all their classes,
of course Tayrn was a hit with the lads and Ryan a swoon with the lasses,
but it didn’t matter they gave all folk in their year at Hogwarts an involuntary love shudder
because ace Tayrn and Ryan only had eyes for each other!
Their wonderful sweet love was easy and went without a hitch,
spent Saturdays gazing at each other when they should have been watching Quidditch,
hand in hand they skipped around The Forbidden Forest, their romance knowing no rift,
saying hello to a friendly centur or a flying hippogriff,
they galloped around Diagon Alley, their souls full of cheer,
or sat relaxed and tranquil in The Leaky Cauldron sipping butter beer.
T and R were ace at spells, Tayrn’s best was with a wand swish creating healing
and Ryan’s wonderful arty prowess was painting The Sistine Chapel on any ceiling;
yes they were each other’s equal in the way they weaved the magic from above
and this is one of the reasons they were very much in love.
One night T and R were going on one of their romantic walks
and decided to have a jaunt to a wonderful clearing just near Hogwarts,
they sauntered through the darkening evening with a song on their lips,
swaggered along the green with the music of love on their hips,
as they got to the secluded clearing they were anticipating with glee each other’s hold
but then all of a sudden they started feeling very cold.
They both noticed that the summer grass was covered in a blanket of frost,
the trees were looking pale, freezing, withdrawn and lost,
the air was filled with frigidity and held the hints of scare,
the flowers were wilting with chilled terror, bloom given way to despair,
as Tayrn and Ryan wondered what was the cause of such floral bad health
just a few yards away  the answer revealed itself;
over a hill came a hooded figure that immediately brought fright to the fore
as Tayrn and Ryan paid attention in Defence Against The Dark Arts they instantly recognised it as a dementor,
but they noticed something different about this one, it was nearly trebled in size,
and had a deeper blackness where should have been it’s eyes.
Being skilled at magic they knew what they had to do to avoid any harm
so both quickly fired off their best Patronus Charm,
but these spells had no effect, the huge dementor merely shrugged them off
and they could have sworn beneath it’s hood it let out a derisive scoff.
The enormous dementor hovered over Tayrn and Ryan and from its mouth emerged a hiss,
as it prepared to give the two lovers their final goodbye kiss,
but as it stooped over them with it’s awful deathly hue
T and R looked into each other’s eyes and figured out what they were going to do;
they remembered in one class learning about the bravest man Hogwarts had ever knew
and how he was able to hoodwink The Dark Lord with a love strong, solid and true,
how Snape drew on his love of Lilly to ride through any storm,
even on his darkest night it was what kept him warm,
so Tayrn and Ryan pushed their wands together and thought of beautiful Severus
and how they both too shared the romantic love buzz,
and channelling the wonder of that special feeling thus
they both pointed their wands in unison and screamed Expelliarmus!
Emitted from the tip of each wand was the half of a love heart projected from each soul
that both came together to create the fantastic whole,
in the shine of such love the vast dementor instantly recoiled,
knowing that it’s draining wish was in no doubt foiled,
it writhed around and in the glare of joy did it’s nefarious purpose erode,
every bleak and blank about it started to corrode,
the dementor slowly ebbed away until all of it did go
and in it’s place was left a striking brown young doe,
it bowed it’s head to Tayrn and Ryan and then it flew into the trees,
gliding with majesty on the sweet night breeze.
Awed by what had happened Ryan and Tayrn turned and started to walk back to the dorm,
aware of what occurred was special and not the norm,
but then they stopped in their tracks and at the same time both did say,
“oh my beautiful love, I know  I’m going to marry you someday!”
Mar 17 · 166
Simon Soane Mar 17
In all the four corners of the room,
amongst the selfies
and the sit down snacks,
you have,
as ever,
the beautiful knack
of being here,
and wonderful.
Mar 17 · 130
Fur Girl
Simon Soane Mar 17
Perfect prowling Poppet,
with the lives of nine;
I'm so glad that one of them
is being spent with mine.
Simon Soane Feb 23
3 year old girl attempting peekabo

Me - Ahh, that's good going! What I always do with peekaboo is do it round a door!

Goes behind door & does peekaboo

3 Year Old Girl - *laughs

Me - Ha ha! I always do peekaboo like this with My Cat, she loves it, she always says "meow" when I do it!

My Cat.

I love how our proprietorial just rolls off my tongue,
it makes me know
that we belong.
Feb 23 · 124
Simon Soane Feb 23
in the supposed
bleak mid winter
you arrived,
and warmed,
and shone,
as if never
been gone.
Feb 16 · 242
The View
Simon Soane Feb 16
In the breath
of a
your tiny moves make
sacred populus.
Feb 5 · 158
Simon Soane Feb 5
Through a train window
I see a little pony
the winter sun light;
that's what
to you.
Jan 31 · 125
Simon Soane Jan 31
An old tree
once adored in majestic decoration
a cat get fat
from a wet garden.
It feeds at different houses
but no longer a home,
shying from strokes,
used to the cold
forgetting love.
Barer branches see
a sudden migration
in winter years
leave a street emptier;
no more advice on hanging washing,
papers passed on or prescriptions dropped off.
A time in season
Jan 18 · 244
Baby Shape
Simon Soane Jan 18
The shape
of you
goes fast,
as do dreams
of everlast:
please stay baby,
please stay
a second with you,
I raise The Crown.
Jan 13 · 132
Simon Soane Jan 13
When we both declared dehydrated
you gave us in an instant
your last radiator warmed Sprite;
oh how like you
to quench,
and share,
and be bright.
Jan 6 · 199
Bye Bye Christmas
Simon Soane Jan 6
In a few more hours it'll be time,
until a far away December,
for the last festive clip
of Tim and Dawn,
and then pack away the tree,
but not forlorn;
Yuletide you were wonderful,
songs, laughs
and good tidings to all,
spinning times of splendid,
the comfort of having a ball.
So despite being over,
no hint of a feeling of blue,
because Christmas 2018
you were only you.
Jan 5 · 163
Simon Soane Jan 5
As the light
goes more,
by a pond,
on my Mum's birthday,
and geese
make noises to each other,
perhaps fighting the growing dark
with the call of
"are you okay?"
The same as you
taught me we
Dec 2018 · 1.3k
Little Darling
Simon Soane Dec 2018
In 1410 the village of Little Darling was a pretty nice place to live,
it’s houses were stout and wonderful and the people had lots to give,
the lord who owned the area was benevolent, he never ruled with an iron claw,
he spoke with softness and kindness, not knowing a cajoling roar,
he left the people to get on with their lives, unless they needed a helping hand
and then he’d be there to provide a peg up somewhere in his land.
Because of this the folk who made home here had it better then most peasants from this time,
who were condemned to a life of grinding servitude as if their living was a crime,
they were happier and joyful and free from the toil of subjugate,
each second was a pleasure and every minute spent first rate,
however there was one thing they shared with those who spent every day under the cosh;
everyone was filthy, no one liked to wash.
Only about once every 10 days would they pull bathing water from the well,
If they were especially filthy and their stink they wished to quell,
the rest of the time they didn’t care that they resembled a muddy shrub,
or their faces were still covered in last weekend’s off grub,
nor did they think it mattered if their hair was a matted mucky mess
or that compost heap didn’t smell more than their locks, it actually smelt less,
to them water was mainly a drink when their mouths were feeling parched and shoddy,
not a soothing liquid  with which to  cleanse their body.
Everyone in Little Darling didn’t mind being ***** and looking a unhygienic fright,
actually not everyone, everyone’s not quite right.
Alice always wondered why folk didn’t wash
and that’s not because she wanted everyone to be pretty, pristine and posh,
she just pondered as she daily made herself all gleam,
“why does nobody else round here care about being clean?
They all wallow around in their own filth like a burrowed germ,
more buried in soil than a busy earth worm,
I don’t get when there is plentiful water from wells not that far away
why don’t they dose themselves in the aqua good at any point in the day?
She thought, “Of course it’s their own life and if you never harm anyone else you can never do anything wrong,
but how how how can they fester in their own awful pong?”
So every day Alice would get up before she heard the going to work bell
and go and fetch some water to cleanse herself of smell,
she’d make herself all fresh and totally sans of grit and straw
and revel in the gleam she had coming out of every pore.
Everyone else in Little Darling all thought Alice was great,
a truly smashing lass who had tons of friends and mates,
yeah sometimes they’d remark to her “I don’t get your penchant for keeping yourself immaculate if I had to say
but who cares, I love you, have a fantastic day!”
And yes due to the mud in the village sometimes Alice would get herself all shiny and within a couple of hours look like she’d just crawled out of a cave,
but she didn’t mind as starting the day with a sparkle was what she did crave!
One fine day the folk of Little Darling decided to throw a big party as they adored a drink, a chat and a jive,
just have a massive night of  dancing, where they could give appreciation for being alive,
as Little Darling was a ace place they invited another village to join in the hedonism,
as they wanted folk to bask in hours through a wonderful prism!
When Alice heard news of the shindig she let out a chirping coo,
as revelling in the realm of fun was what she was really made to do!
As the week whiled to an end the day of the party came,
Alice could hardly contain herself as carousing ran through her brain,
she picked out her favourite garments feeling all of a super gathering quiver,
and then full of beans moseyed on down to the river,
she washed away with gusto and dressed all primed to go out,
“I’m on my way to get down and groove!” was her gleeful shout.
She started making her path to the good times, feeling all content,
she couldn’t wait to be immersed in the hub of blazing merriment,
as she was walking to the barn where the party was she encountered others making their journey to fun,
lit they all were by the going down sun,
someone said “hey Alice, I reckon you’ve spent an eternity scrubbing yourself for this bash”,
another said “yeah, I bet you’ve wasted hours by the river to get yourself prepared for this night on the lash!”
Alice replied and remarked, “yes I may have used my time getting myself ready and not been able to enjoy the chills and sits
but at least I don’t have hay in my hair like you ******* smelly *****!”
Everyone burst out laughing and happy all skipped to the revelry,
the slow dusk sky reflecting calm as far as the eye could see.
They jaunted into the barn with the music already in full swing,
the harp, drum, lute and trumpet players all doing their tuneful thing,
Alice grabbed a jar of foaming ale and started moving her body to the beats,
each noise in the air a consummate amazing treat!
Then from out of the corner of her eye she spotted a guy with dancing around in the air,
who'd cleaned his garb,
and washed his hair!
Alice thought "Wow! That guy doesn't look like his stench would make my opticals weepy,
in actual fact he makes my heart all leapy!"
They saw each other and felt swirls and sparks,
a knowing of what could and will be lover’s larks,
a chance they both knew could never be missed
and finalised their first look synchronicity with a longing kiss.
Everybody else stopped,
turned to look,
and knew a little bit more about
loves' rushing roars,
and couldn't help but breaking out
into a round of applause.
Alice felt a dawn,
reciprocated the smile of her fresh guy
and hand in hand they left the barn,
on their lips a glimpse of forever,
and went to find a empty stable,
where they could become all
***** together.
Dec 2018 · 162
Fucking Great Rapper
Simon Soane Dec 2018
The good thing
I recks about being bi polar
is playing God
The Devil on your own mind controller,
and then letting them both fuse sugar with water to create benign Coca Cola.
Dec 2018 · 176
Simon Soane Dec 2018
The clock always
moves slower
when you arrival is nigh,
it's as if time conspires
to delay our high;
but for the dwell on your appear there isn't room:
you'll be here instantly,
Nov 2018 · 118
Simon Soane Nov 2018
I was drunk,
you were drinking and well on your way,
for one night we visited again
the apex of us,
a perfect facsimile of those days
when we were ours
for hours.
Nov 2018 · 252
Simon Soane Nov 2018
Talking of you
brings you closer;
each increment of speech,
a bounding leap,
to that perfect smile.
Nov 2018 · 163
Simon Soane Nov 2018
I want your fright things to be as short as the day of winter solstice,
I want to find you
in mist,
and kiss,
so you know you're missed.
Oct 2018 · 140
Simon Soane Oct 2018
I attest
never anything less
than exemplariness
in your caress.
Oct 2018 · 294
Simon Soane Oct 2018
You would have loved these songs,
your hair stand on end sing alongs,
born in every breath
you never met.
Still everything makes time for you,
that widest sky,
that soaring blue.
Oct 2018 · 142
Simon Soane Oct 2018
There's something about you
that is mega lovely,
super splendid cuddly;
many many adjectives
they do
in my head
when we walk
in hand.
Sep 2018 · 106
Simon Soane Sep 2018
Don't migrate yet,
you'll miss summer's going
but your wings do look beautiful,
in fade,
in sky.
Sep 2018 · 110
Simon Soane Sep 2018
Just one more time come around sun
and bring the warm easy
like you always do,
your rescinding shine
has in it all of you;
being the days you were.
Sep 2018 · 108
Simon Soane Sep 2018
Oh you,
you make me *******
at being Zen
because if apart
now becomes when,
a when will I see you again.
The stampede is fast
to your arms.
Sep 2018 · 83
The Way
Simon Soane Sep 2018
In mild air
seething green recedes
at a trot
not gallop,
some splendor left
but scarcer and sought.
Fortified in fought,
still strong for days
Until giving way
is the way.
Sep 2018 · 201
Simon Soane Sep 2018
If the world should cave in two
I don’t know what I’d do
as I’m not Doctor Who
so I guess I’d just save you.
If you’re scared at night
if you've have had a fright
would you let me put it right
by turning on the light?
If you graze your knee
I’d give you something on me
my last plaster for free:

all these things I say
are here to make you smile
so you won’t run a mile
stick around for a while.
Aug 2018 · 138
Simon Soane Aug 2018
Sitting in the field of us
I forget what the concept of unfurrowed will allow;
as it's just me and youy
in the now now now.
Aug 2018 · 201
Simon Soane Aug 2018
I can still hear your loud sleeping noise through the door,
if I was being abrupt
I'd say it's a snore.
But it isn't that obtrusive to me,
it's part of your calling card
as far as I can see;
a breathless wonder
found easy
in the dark,
always hooting every gurgle;
my love,
my brightest spark.
Aug 2018 · 221
Simon Soane Aug 2018
My family is better than your family...

My Dad wouldn't care if I was ***,
words of love would be all he had to say,
he's pretty **** okay.
& because my Mum's 1/4 Burmese
I tan dead easy in the summer breeze,
sun's out? Guns' out!
If your Dad discovered you'd gave head to a him he'd shoot your head in,
son's out? Gun's out.
Your Mums not alright,
& she's all white,
that's why you go well red.
Oh, my parents bought me books, that's why I'm well read,
yours said "******* I'm busy, take your illiterate little ****** *** to bed!"!
Aug 2018 · 175
Simon Soane Aug 2018
I sometimes think
the solution
is flowing illusion,
and evolution:
and forward tracks that
stop for delicious snacks:
and put light
into back packs.
Jul 2018 · 301
Simon Soane Jul 2018
When I see you,
or far,
I always quicken my steps,
the eager to be closer brings rapidity to the fore;
the seeking fast
wanting more.
Jul 2018 · 180
My Soil
Simon Soane Jul 2018
with yourself
put sparkles
in my ground;
and unearthed with ease
when you come around.
Jul 2018 · 187
Tennis Gal
Simon Soane Jul 2018
You make me fabulous,
all wow and starry;
feel I can usurp King at Kong
and then move on to beat Federer
at ping pong
on the Atari!
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