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Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Little red
A Poppy
In a field with others
Like him
Gently sway in the in the breeze
Sometimes watching the other
a couple of lovers
R Dickson Nov 2018
Guns are all now silent,
The killings all been done,
The boys are coming home,
The war’s ended, but not for some,

The war to end all wars ended,
One hundred years ago,
The killings started over again,
No poppies in the meadow,

Civil war in Yemen,
The Saudis and Iran,
Russia starts an arms race,
Trump’s wall building plan,

Caravan from Honduras,
Fleeing death and repulsion,
Troops at the Mexican border,
With guns and no discussion,

Mothers fears and lovers tears,
Of family they’ll never see again,
Shootings at schools and bars,
Talk of gun control all in vain.
One hundred years ago
There was silence
We hoped it was forever
Forever is a short time historically
But, it stopped
For a while
And there was peace
For a while

The silence was loud
It was heard around the world
For a while
Soon, the silence faded
But there was silence
For a while

One hundred years ago
The war ended
It was the war to end all others
For a while
One hundred years ago
There was silence
Except for the wind in the poppies
For a while
Remember WWI. Remember it was the war to end all wars. It didn't. May all those who died be thought of this November 11.
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
What did you expect me to say?
Surely you noticed,
I've got a cat anyway.
Love the lush velvet collar
around its throat
but why on earth
have you coloured it's coat?

Yes, I know I love lilac.
Lilac poppies are best.
Oh ****!
I think you need a
hearing test!

Poetry by Kaydee.
Get your ears tested.
tempest Aug 2018
some species of plants close their petals at night
as the sun greets the sky and begins to warm the world,
each petal begins to slowly uncurl itself, as if to welcome the warmth of its radiant companion
it isn't exactly known why our self sufficient friends tuck themselves in for the night
one theory says they're trying to conserve energy
another says they want to protect their pollen from not so pollinating others
i wish i could learn to be like these flowers
able to open my soul for others come inside
able to shut the gate when too much of me is being used up
it's been quite awhile
my leaves are beginning to brown and i can't even stand up straight
the sun asks why i can't rest for a while?
close up shop until i'm strong enough to try again?
my answer:
i will remain open for minutes upon hours upon days
hoping he'll show up, hoping that he stays
btw a poppy is one of these said flowers
Druzzayne Rika May 2018
Cherries and poppies
raspberries and strawberries
and fallen red leaves,
a burning memory.
Lady Ravenhill Mar 2018
Fingers of wild poppy stems
Entangled in golden hair
Gently curled around
Her delicate collarbones
Butterfly heartbeats echo
into strong, lean hands
Palm to bone, to soul,
they stake his claim
Shallow winds escape
their silent parted lips
Only her eyes upturned,
a light with wonder
to the hazel sunrise in his,
looking lovingly back
To the poppy on her neck
@ladyofravenhill 2018
Jules Jun 2017
When I die
Lay me in a field of poppies
All I want is to feel whole
With the flower that made me feel alive
Even when I was already dead
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