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Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015


I live for today.

Villages, towns, cities, countries, continents, regions,

Every place you go, someone lives for today.



On Christmas, on your birthday, with your family, there should be love.

Very good.

Everybody should feel love.



Anybody can do it!

Us even.

Good laughs and evil laughs.

Hiding your laugh is hiding yourself in a way.
This is a school assignment from 7th grade. It was written on October 10, 2012.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
The earthquake in a dream is coming,
It's coming,
It's coming.
It clashes with real life,
It clashes,
It clashes.
It wakes me up,
It wakes me,
It wakes me.
The door is open,
It's open,
It's open.
Someone is there.
It's only Brook.
It's time to wake up,
It's time to get ready.
Soon I'll go to school.
"Did you notice that earthquake?"
Asked Brook.
It was October 2, 2012 and there was an earthquake. I apparently dreamt of one and it seemed to go longer than my dream was and so I predicted and earthquake at the young age of 11 in the young grade of 7th.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Emotion, emotion,
Where are you?
Are you hiding?
Leaving me nothing to do?
I'm slowly dying,
Becoming an empty shell.
Where am I going?
Am I going to hell?
My depression is showing,
I can barely stand it,
Being barely able to deal with this ****.
I don't know how to cope,
And I am losing my hope;
I feel like falling to bits.
So, emotion, emotion,
Where are you?
Are you hiding?
I'm slowly dying.
And, to be honest, I need you.
I quickly wrote this 9/19/15 at 9:30 PM in my Exploding TARDIS notebook. I figured I'd post it.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Getting older requires responsibilities that can be difficult,
Later it'll seem easy,
Friendships come and go,
Just hope you'll find the one that'll help you through,
I have met mine,
I hope for you to go through,
I hope for you to survive,
Living longer,
Pushing through the hate,
Don't be one of those to hate,
Growing older,
Forcing through,
Hope you'll live,
While going through.
I wrote this about a year after I met a kind girl named Kaia. On the negative side, we haven't seen each other in a couple months. I also wrote this on May 2, 2013.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Hocus Pocus,
Tattered and out of focus,
You must keep hold of a crocus,
Grab a ***,
In with the lot,
There's a witch that's deep in thought,
Find her cat,
And her hat,
Or get hit with her bat,
Don't touch her broom,
Or you'll end up in a dead room,
Make a boom,
Let the town hear,
For the witch is here,
And the townsfolk cry in fear,
"The witch, the witch",
The townsfolk don't finish a stitch,
Instead they jump in a ditch,
You're her slave,
You better behave,
Or she'll stick you in a dangerous cave,
Hocus Pocus,
Tattered and out of focus,
You must keep hold of a crocus.
This is an older poem of mine that I made on May 2, 2013. I have always thought of making it a song. Maybe someday I will.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Seeking the unseekable,
Falling up,
Melting into solid,
Cloning the uncloneable,
Finding the unfindable,
Doing the undoable,
Living while dead,
I have been impossible.
I remember writing this in 7th grade when I felt that I was living when I could be gone by now. I felt, well, impossible. I wrote this May 1, 2013.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Little girl, little girl,
Hiding behind a bush,
I, too, know how it feels,
How it feels to be shushed.
Little boy, little boy,
Sitting by a pond,
I, too, know how it feels,
How it feels to be treated like an unwanted toy,
Little kid, little kid,
Just like me,
Somehow, somehow,
Hope it'll be,
Hope it'll be better,
And when you'll get older,
Hopefully someone'll see,
Someone'll see what its like to be me.
Wrote this on 9/20/15 at 10:00 AM.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Mysteries in gravity
As gravity falls
It also rises up
But gravity falls.
A little boy is finding
Mysteries in gravity
And other mysteries too,
Mysteries in gravity
As gravity falls
It also rises up
But gravity falls.
He finds some
Paranormal monsters
In a sleepy creepy town of
that is called
Gravity Falls.
Yes I said
Gravity Falls
Oh Gravity Falls
These are actually scrapped lyrics hidden in the deep depths of my school email. I wrote this in appreciation for Alex Hirsch's animated Disney XD show Gravity Falls. I wrote it on April 30, 2013 Tell me what you think.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Sometimes we all have our dreams and childish feelings,
I know we do,
I had two where I had the ears and a tail of a Panda,
Now I feel I currently have them,
If I had the ears of a Panda,
If had the tail too,
I must do
What I must do,
If I had the ears of a Panda,
I'd want you to have them too...
Wow! Another April 30, 2013 7th grade poem! I really loved pandas then, and do now.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Traffic on foot,
Running to and fro,
Trying to go to a destination,
And get away with procrastination.
Forgot your homework?
Surely you'll turn it in late.
Forgot lunch?
Buy one or starve.
Fall in the halls?
Stay down and wait until it's empty.
Get in trouble but not your fault?
I feel sorry for you,
Just don't welcome death.
Fake illness but get caught?
No help there.
School is no fair.
We just have to stay there.
Help us or we'll be the bullied.
Bullies are no fun.
If you're a bully reading this,
Bulling is wrong.
I made this on May 1, 2013. I was thinking about many negative things I wanted to let out.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
At the dinner table,
All is well.
The food is gone,
The dessert is here.
The teddy bear family is ready.
There's Mrs. Teddy,
Mr. Teddy,
The teddy twins,
And Ashley Teddy.
"Are you ready for dessert?"
Asks Mr. Teddy.
"Yes!" shouts the twins.
"No thanks, I'm stuffed!"
Ashley exclaims.
"Then off to bed."
Said Mrs. Teddy.

That's what happens when you don't want dessert.
This was based off of a joke. I remember writing it on October 3, 2012.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Sun's warmth on my back,
Outdoor pools are open,
Hiking and have a pack,
More people out than in,
Somethings are not easily delaying,
Some of us in the sun,
Maybe even no more school,
These are signs of summer.
I made this on May 1, 2013. Another old poem. I was getting ready for summer.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Sneaking through the night,
Hiding in the shadows,
Stalking humans,
Searching for human blood,
Humans hiding and fighting,
Nobody knows who wins,
Vampires are not very common any more,
But I see Vampires.
Last of the old uploads. This was September 18, 2012.
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
We sing a song,
And sing a long,
We dance,
And prance,
And go along,
Oh we sing a song,
And sing a long,
We eat,
And beat,
And hurt and make things go wrong,
Oh we sing a song,
And sing a long,
Since bullies are meant for this song.
Another April 30, 2013 old 7th grade upload. Also scrapped lyrics. Maybe I can figure out how to make it work...
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
A group of fearless poets,
Ready to shout,
Standing near the dead trees,
And sitting on the huge gray rocks.
I need them to listen,
I need them to hear me cry.
I feel alone.
Like I'm the only one standing near the dead trees.
Who would listen to us anyway?
Like anyone would care.
We need help.
We need to shout.
Hear us cry.
Now just shut the f* up and listen.
Another October 10, 2012 upload.

— The End —