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Lydia Hirsch Jun 2018
Wooden woman waiting outside of a grocery store
in North Berkeley

Made tired by time,
chips of wood had fallen in masses from her body,
entire aspects of her anatomy had eroded away--
most of her nose, her left ear,
her right cheek, her *******, half her stomach

She had been a tree,
torn apart, reassembled
in the form of a female human being,
no sign of life in her sightless gaze

I guess she’s gone now,
after all those years

I went to look for her
and found only an antique shop
with a peculiar name
at the address where she should have been

I would have liked to have seen her
one last time, this statue
that fascinated and frightened me as a child

I’m glad she’s gone, though--
She resemble less and less a woman,
was becoming clearly merely wood
cut into tiny pieces and glued together

She resembled less and less a woman,
and I’m glad she was killed
before she ceased to be art
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Mysteries in gravity
As gravity falls
It also rises up
But gravity falls.
A little boy is finding
Mysteries in gravity
And other mysteries too,
Mysteries in gravity
As gravity falls
It also rises up
But gravity falls.
He finds some
Paranormal monsters
In a sleepy creepy town of
that is called
Gravity Falls.
Yes I said
Gravity Falls
Oh Gravity Falls
These are actually scrapped lyrics hidden in the deep depths of my school email. I wrote this in appreciation for Alex Hirsch's animated Disney XD show Gravity Falls. I wrote it on April 30, 2013 Tell me what you think.

— The End —