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3d · 28
dead or alive
Bee 3d
often she fails to reside within the land of the living
but instead, among the realm of the dead
they speak to her in silence, swirling, singing
haunting the hollows of her head

phantoms of long forgotten memories obscure the path
between the sliver of the liver and the left
they mark purple knuckles and unheard cries
caught in the tear-stained glass

so she stares through sodden eyes,
a phantom in her own right,
at an image of a life that passes her by
trapped behind the glass of her own demise
7d · 60
Bee 7d
and if you could let me in
for just one night
so i could find a way to stop
these butterflies

small slips of
lips locked on mine
under sweet moonlight
play themselves out
under half-lidded eyes

but it’s just a daydream
yea, it’s just a dream
of you and me
only what we could be

i wish i knew better
i wish i knew better
to tell you the truth
i wish i knew better

to know this ache
of loneliness
if it aches for you
or if i’m just overdue,

sweet eyes blue
that i might never know
can you kiss me once?
just to be sure

i wish i knew better
i wish i knew better
to tell you the truth
i wish i knew better
than to hope for you
Jul 28 · 104
Bee Jul 28
when i was young
i tried to rewrite history
because i could not stand
to bear it all on shaky knees

i burned the old pages
drew a big x
through any future
i could foresee

the embers, they fell
snowflakes gracing
torched ground
and i ached to flee

to a place
that could hurt me not
i desperately rewrote the history
but in safety, i became the enemy
Jul 28 · 57
pacific coast highway
Bee Jul 28
you and i
driving down the highway
i swear we could fly
with you behind the wheel

the pictures littered the car
like anxious petals fallen too soon
desperate pleads for a love
i could not express to you

steady hands on the wheel
you whisked me away
to a little burger place on the interstate
where for a moment we escaped

the rush of it all
the pain of it all
when i felt safe
to fall into you

eyes glued to the dot
amongst trees and cars
yearning to keep this spot
that, only briefly, we called ours
Jul 28 · 445
to be loved
Bee Jul 28
to be loved for just a moment
in another place
one made outside myself
to forget the lingering
hatred etched in my soul
to just for a moment
let the cobwebs go
i think that might be enough
Bee Jul 27
lamplight pierced the horizon
beaming on the freshly paved road
like a glaring reminder of the beauty
that surrounded my blind spots

and it took me into its arms
whispered, “you can’t see me now,
but remember my name,
and one day you might find
ive been here for you
all along.”
and then,
no!” it stammered in
its imperfect way
“i will be here.
on the dawn of your darkest day
then, like a seer
you’ll finally know to let me stay”
Jul 25 · 180
ashes to ashes
Bee Jul 25
when the rose petals fall
like the season of forgotten leaves
will you still remember me?
i wish i could have stopped the bleed
Jul 12 · 109
purple sky
Bee Jul 12
joni wasn't sure what compelled him
to run on this particular night
maybe it was the fragmented sky
caught between the airiness of dusk
and the heavy stormclouds weighing it down
all he knew was that
it felt like the closest he'd been to real life in a while
and it had been a while

maybe it was that he'd always known
the heavy clouds so intimately
but deep down what rang true
was that he would never really know at all

nothing; except the gentle patter of his feet against the pavement
and the brave truth that
they may continue to carry him
even when the sky finally threatened to collapse
Jul 5 · 62
fourth of july
Bee Jul 5
the night sky was alive
was it smoke or fog?
not even the angels could tell tonight
under streetlamps the road glistened
with paper, fallen stars
and the echoes of children’s gleeful screams
could still be faintly heard
mingling amongst the frogs and birds
Jun 30 · 113
Bee Jun 30
there's a girl that stands at the end of a pond
barely nine or ten
and as she glances over cool blue she hears their song
the frogs, harmonizing, just in tune with their great friends the herons

she whips her head in wonder
at the cattails swaying in the breeze
while her arms swing up in a blunder
composing her own unseen symphony

the girl turns fourteen
and returns to the lake where magic once grew
and as she glances over cool blue she can't help but lean,
noticing with horror, "oh, there's a new pimple or two"

the frogs sing joyfully of her triumphant return
but in her steely haze not a sound can be heard
Bee Jun 1
i must confess, i once did love you so
gave you everything to see what beautiful things you could grow
i was the fruit and the tree a long time ago,
and from my knowledge you plucked high and low
and plucked, and plucked, to make yourselves whole
but like a leech you ******,
every last drop from my tired bones
my love now runs cold
and i’ve got nothing left to give but drought and cyclones
from being abused, exploited, and sold
i stand before you beaten, broken, bare
while you, my selfish lovers, continue to breathe my neglected air
Jun 1 · 82
Bee Jun 1
imagine the trees lined up long and kissing the sky from their big tree families
there in the trees sits a baby bird while he waits for his worm when his father arrives
and the worm wiggles while he remembers gracing the palm of a girl who pulled him out of a watery demise and the rain clouds above kissed the sweet girl’s head
the clouds carried mighty and strong strength to the living and remembrance of the dead
as it poured into rivers and streams and oceans and lakes, the people danced around their source of joyous bounty before they ate

the people loved their bountiful land and learned the language of the trees
so they could share each other’s needs and meet each other in harmony
the people tugged, and their land pulled, a balancing act perfected out of love and serenity

the animals they nurtured and protected with great care so that their circle of peace would exist without need for repair
because the people loved the animals and the animals loved them so they built a great big kingdom for them all to live
Jun 1 · 56
Bee Jun 1
there’s a rabbit with moon hooded eyes inside of my heart
and every night she looks up to the stars
yearning not to break apart

my rabbit and i feel fine most of the time
but when she starts racing i cry
because my mind believes my existence is a crime

and my heart can’t take it
she thinks she must’ve stopped
so she relentlessly pumps
creating dangerous music; thud thud thud

and look! there goes my rabbit
thrashing around in my war torn lungs
creating chaos in case of catastrophe
because future battles must always be won
Jun 1 · 83
backseat driver
Bee Jun 1
the lights beamed ahead with an intense ferocity
and the cars race by my slow moving eyes
and a bug, a thought crept down my spine
i could never be like them
not with my empty tank
not with the hands i tied behind my back
not sitting in the backseat
watching my life fly away from me
the front seat remains empty
the wheel jeers
while i peer at that front seat day after day
longing to feel the smooth leather against tired skin
never growing up enough
never finding the courage to love
enough to live my life
Jun 1 · 33
Bee Jun 1
you take from people
i know because you took from me
a fragile soul
a dim but growing light
a place in the world
that wasn’t shadowed by you
you take without regard
and fill yourself up with
the light of others
their passion
their dreams
and like a parasite, you feast
the light goes out
the passion extinguished
the soul rots
you took and took
you selfish self obsessed ****
and in your wake
i’m left with
a shell
a misery
an emptiness
you use people until they’re all used up
then find another girl to ****
Jun 1 · 54
Bee Jun 1
never allow myself closeness
keep a chain locked around my heart
crouch in my mind’s darkness
hide from a world i’m sure is bent on tearing me apart

never let them know who you really are
protect yourself in an empty smile’s armor
build walls surrounding your soul so you can shove it away far
bathe in the peaceful emptiness of being your only harmer

realize you’ve never felt love
panic because you don’t know you
ruminate: i’ve spent my whole life In Fear Of?
choke on the answer keeping you in the noose

find the girl you’ve denied
and tell her she doesn’t have to die
Feb 10 · 209
lonely actor
Bee Feb 10
i learned to eat
and stuff myself full
so i could pretend that the emptiness was a hunger set deep in my stomach
and not one slowly infesting my soul
Jan 14 · 111
the quiet
Bee Jan 14
i stand in the echoing hallways of a chamber
with shrieking voices
their harsh undercurrents of despair haunt the stifled air
i am frozen
stuck in their whirlwind, caught in the current
until a small sliver of light
peaks through the cracks of the dark vault
following its glimmer, i arrive and suddenly
the frenzied voices simmer
a soft moment of clarity dawns and
everything comes to a quiet halt
i went on a run today lol
Jan 5 · 202
Bee Jan 5
there was a long time
that i hated both of you
i couldn’t understand how to love
despite all you gave me
i was lost in the vines, all twisted up inside
i saw the cruelty in his eyes
and hated the way it reflected back in mine
i heard the desperation in her screams
and raised mine louder
there was anger settled inside me
like some dark recipe brewing in my bones
1. set low to boil
2. let it explode

— The End —