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Tendrils, memories cascade a stormy mind
Now where did I leave my pride
Forgotten now, a pearly shell on a distant shore
My death will be fierce, I am not afraid to die
But pain, well I’m drowning in it
And I can barely tolerate saying hello
To my dear friends, my loving family
Just tell them to go away and take the pain with them
I’m floating now, ****** clouds waft across an indigo sky
Listen to the echoes, a song from long ago
“Georgia on My Mind”
My heart flutters, I am 17, I meet my first love
Exhilaration, freedom, I can be anyone, anything!
The pages of time, turn swiftly now
Feelings fall away like confetti
I am angry, I am happy, I am sorry, I am sad
I am more and sometimes I am less
Through it all I am me
I will not let cancer take me away from me
For I have you dear lord
and I know there is more
Dear Lord, send my sisters Rose and Bella to get me
Tell them to bring Goldie, my dear dog
I am ready
Just got to sort everyone else out before I go
Poem written when I caring for my mum who Had breast cancer..
Lainey Jun 17
The brave ones wield their mettle,
yet again not settling for defeat.
Retreat is not a choice!
Though their voices shake; they speak their truth.
Strong and weak.
Age and Youth.
This poem is about a friend of mine who is by her daughter’s side as she fights bone cancer
Zywa May 30
what I tell you
what I don't tell anyone else

what has happened
what cannot be explained
what we better leave as it is

I have no idea
how it can be otherwise
whether it should be otherwise

we're having a good time
we can talk, talk

about something else
polish our words
let them glide lightly

along the scraping walls
around the discomfort
listening half

inventing the rest ourselves
then it will go
isn't that how it goes?

Those secrets, mama
we don't need to know them
out loud, you know

I miss the long walks
the long evenings together
the boredom of before
Collection “Moons”
I’m sorry for what I’ve done
I really am
I never meant to hurt you like this
I know there is nothing that I could do
For me to change what happened between us
But I hope
That one day
You will forgive me
And still see me as your daughter

I love you mom.....
girasol Feb 27
I have my mother’s hands
She’s always with me
I am her
She is me
We are one
In the hand that only asks, wants and takes
There is little room for gifts
So I expect none.

In the mind filled overflowing with self,
Pleasure and the moment
There isn’t space for gratefulness
So I won’t look for any.

In the heart that sees itself abused in the midst of cosseting
There is no quarter for love returned
So I’ll not hope for that.  
In the soul that locks itself away, a willing alien,
There is no inclination to give
So I go empty-hearted.
Fourteen was a very difficult year for mother daughter relations
Shane Leigh May 2017
You do not love me because I am a daughter –
A woman of strength and intelligence;
A lass with weaknesses and pitfalls –
But I am alive to be
A suitable replacement for a lost son.
I am not him and he was not I.
We were two individuals,
Still are two different entities,
Who bared the image of one another.

Bare My Image For It Stands Alone!
Because my image is alone;
Because I am alone;
Because I am not him and he was not I,
Nor will I ever be and nor will he ever be.
I am his image
But do not wish to live in his image.
I am Unruly!
Only daughter among ten sons –
One of which is lost to me but is part of me:
My reflection,
My brother.

You do not know my pain or even wish to understand it;
All there is is your pain.
My hurt exists, even more so than yours.
I have suffered 800 Days worth of lifetimes;
18,000 Hours of regrets and gay memories;
Millions of Minutes realizing half of me gone;
Every birthday another day of realization.
I dare not mention the growing seconds –
Those of which I count continuously.

So, do not tell me you know my loss.
I do not pretend, or assume, to known yours –
Either which way, it is a terrible loss.
Let that not be what I am;
Let that not be what I become,
For I am not him and he was not I.
I am Acceptance!
A single daughter to a father,
But a pitiful replacement for a mother’s son.
© Shane Leigh
Jesibell arz Sep 2016
You are a lovely soul i can tell by the kicks inside. The lord had this gift for me, what a surprise :D. Finally after nine Months i see what You look like; More beautiful then i imagined this feels so right.
kissed You, hugged you, squeezed You with all my heart ME AND YOU i know is a relationship that will never part.. Seeing that smile makes my day shine bright, laughing playing feeding until night; time to go to bed my little rose flower dream of You flying More Higher then the highest tower, to always keep in mind aiming high is the power.
I will always love You never forget that just hurry up And grow so when mami talks You can talk Back :* <3
Skye Carpenter Nov 2015
Between us there is an unbreakable bond;
something tying us together that goes above and beyond.
When I was young with wild hair full of excitement,
you were the one I looked to for enlightenment.
You were my hero who made my bad days good again -
the only one whose hugs and kisses took away my pain.
When I grew up and made mistakes big and small,
you held my hand and helped me stand tall.
You picked me up when I was upset,
and knew how to make me smile no matter my mindset.
You've always been on my side even when I was wrong,
and you've been the influence that has helped me grow strong.
In a world so brutal you remained a beautiful soul
you are an exquisite creation; graceful as a whole.
And please understand, if I never had you there for me,
I wouldn't be half the woman I turned out to be.
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