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Bee 5d
the night sky was alive
was it smoke or fog?
not even the angels could tell tonight
under streetlamps the road glistened
with paper, fallen stars
and the echoes of children’s gleeful screams
could still be faintly heard
mingling amongst the frogs and birds
  Jul 1 Bee
and they never knew
they were lost stars,
building their empires
after many lost wars.
  Jul 1 Bee
Alexandria Markley
I see you
Lost and confused
The battle is over
But Where are you
I see you in the sky
Awaiting for your next battle
A war in pause
You seek to destroy
but what is left is a empty battle field
No threat Is here, but you.
You were born from depths of fire and war
It’s all you know
But the war here is won
Put down your mighty sword
You have more battles to overcome
However, they are not the wars you’ve come to know
This war will lead you to doubt
The enemy bares a different threat
Leaving deep scars unknown
Mighty Valkyrie
Take off your armor
it will do you no good
It’s just a burden of weight
Your heavy armor will weigh you down and pull you into an abyss of dark nothings
Fierce Valkyrie
You need to be weightless
You need no sword
You need to trust your instincts more
In this battle you will be blind
You must know yourself to win
  Jul 1 Bee
The deeper I go
The more I fall.
I’m high
From being so low.
And I’m low
From being so high.
Please take me to the sky
Where I can see the stars.
Break me...
Leaving me with scars.
Written on June 30, 2020
  Jul 1 Bee
Flower C
Sing your song my wolf,
Let out your secrets you’ve kept,
Sate this lonely moon.

Be whole tonight moon,
Let this wolf call out to you,
When your glow reach me.
[heyy~ hope you enjoy this interactive haiku(s) i wrote]
Bee Jun 30
there's a girl that stands at the end of a pond
barely nine or ten
and as she glances over cool blue she hears their song
the frogs, harmonizing, just in tune with their great friends the herons

she whips her head in wonder
at the cattails swaying in the breeze
while her arms swing up in a blunder
composing her own unseen symphony

the girl turns fourteen
and returns to the lake where magic once grew
and as she glances over cool blue she can't help but lean,
noticing with horror, "oh, there's a new pimple or two"

the frogs sing joyfully of her triumphant return
but in her steely haze not a sound can be heard
Bee Jun 1
i must confess, i once did love you so
gave you everything to see what beautiful things you could grow
i was the fruit and the tree a long time ago,
and from my knowledge you plucked high and low
and plucked, and plucked, to make yourselves whole
but like a leech you ******,
every last drop from my tired bones
my love now runs cold
and i’ve got nothing left to give but drought and cyclones
from being abused, exploited, and sold
i stand before you beaten, broken, bare
while you, my selfish lovers, continue to breathe my neglected air
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