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Sep 2023 · 1.0k
m Sep 2023
I need a break
From what, exactly?
A break from life,
A break from reality,
A break from spending every waking moment running
from something
from someone
from somewhere that might not even exist
Life is a dive
Hitting the ground is inevitable
Helpless against the pull of gravity
Just let me float for a second
Let me live in slow motion
Close my eyes and picture the ocean waves washing over me
Submerged in peace momentarily
Before I resurface under a storm lit sky
Chaos reigning in my mind
And continue to fall to my certain demise
Oct 2021 · 815
m Oct 2021
Couldn't face the day
Yet another torn out page
To be forgotten
Oct 2021 · 645
wish you were here
m Oct 2021
This moon is too beautiful for one
I wish you were here to share this moment
but it's okay
you want to be loved
I do, too
but my drunken heart accepts her fate
she will always be left, alone with the moon
at least she cares
at least she's always there
the moon knows me more than anybody
she is loneliness
so I lay, alone on the stone
the ice steadily moving into my bones
I wish you were here to give me warmth
but it's okay
the moon will hold me in her beams as I freeze
Oct 2021 · 615
m Oct 2021
Language is mother of existence
The translator of souls; the binder of experience
Birthing endless stories into an infinite pool
Language is the deity in which I believe
It is the driver of our evolution
The very essence that makes us human
Through language we have many keys
Ones science believes are undiscovered
Through language we can live forever
And reside in multiple universes
Oct 2021 · 832
Man’s best friend
m Oct 2021
You're all I need
The whisper of the leaves in the breeze
The sun scattered along the ground
You, smiling and running gleefully
Just so happy to be alive
I try to keep up but your wonder forever exceeds me
You're all I need
To keep me from freezing over
My best friend forever
There's nothing you could ever do to hurt me except disappear
and I know one day I will have to say goodbye
But in my heart, you're eternal
Pets are really special
Oct 2021 · 1.5k
m Oct 2021
If you fall for fiction
It will ****** reality
If you fall for fantasy
It will never set you free
It will always be there
Rain, sun and snow
Forever blinded by poetry
You'll never be alone
Oct 2021 · 1.4k
Dear Seedling
m Oct 2021
Dear seedling, one day you will grow
but for now you're tucked into a blanket of snow
seedling, don't lose hope
because one day you'll be a grand oak
and you'll be able to touch the sky
you just need patience, seedling
you're far from passive
it takes a lot of power to sprout through the dirt
don't lose hope
Nov 2019 · 1.2k
dreams of escape
m Nov 2019
I spend more time dreaming than I do awake
With every lapse I'm world's away
If I don't hold on I'll float away
My heart's grown wings and yearns to fly away
My mind is trapped and needs escape
Mar 2019 · 439
m Mar 2019
I thought it was the weather
but in the sun, I feel the same
I thought it was my hormones
But the menstrual cycle is only part of my pain
I thought it was my location
But when I move, it follows
and when I try to change
I always revert back to my ways
Maybe it's just me
And I will never change
Tripping over my own feet
Until I can't get up again
Mar 2019 · 156
m Mar 2019
Isolation to escape the pain
Dreaming to self-medicate
unsatisfied with the life ascribed
So, I built my own island
The only inhabitant, I was the queen
But I soon became lonely
So, I created some friends
To do all the things I'm afraid to do
Fragments of my self
Eternally multiplying
Now I can no longer be alone
Forever haunting
Trapped in a mirror maze
The more I see myself, the further I stray
"Who am I?"
This body asks itself every day
It can never find an answer
All it knows is that
By becoming everyone
It became no one
i never outgrew my imaginary friends
Feb 2019 · 224
m Feb 2019
you lost one half of your DNA
and I almost did
and I am so thankful we don't have that in common
but I still carry scars
these reminders that she could leave
Feb 2019 · 277
the secret world
m Feb 2019
Behind these eyes lies a universe unseen
I've forfeited my own memories for the details of these dreams
No one knows
Because I'm selfish
I don't want anybody else's footprints in the sand
I'm afraid
That if I hand it over it will no longer be mine
But if I don't, it'll never exist
And my ideas will be born and die within their nest
Feb 2019 · 237
m Feb 2019
Should I run away?
Or try?
Alone is security
Should I clip my wings?
Or fly?
Flock with the enemy
Should I leave my home behind?
Drift on the wind and find
Another soul to bind to
Make peace with uncertainty
a section of some lyrics i wrote.
Feb 2019 · 320
m Feb 2019
Space is good for us
Allows our souls to recharge
Though I do miss you
Feb 2019 · 299
m Feb 2019
you're not gone
I just can't see you anymore
and you'll forever live on
in each and every drop of my blood
Feb 2019 · 340
ancient history
m Feb 2019
Some days will crash
And burn
And flames will rage
And hail reigns, and all you can do is bruise

Please just be patient
It’s only one day
Tomorrow all your pain will be ancient history
You may feel broken
But please know that it’s not the end
You still have time to smile
You still have time to mend
Feb 2019 · 213
only child syndrome
m Feb 2019
Poor bitter lonely boy
Open your eyes wider
Poor bitter lonely boy
Take them away from the viewfinder
Poor bitter lonely boy
Stop living your life through a camera
Poor bitter lonely boy
Come out from your shelter
There is so much more outside the frame
Your view isn't the only one that matters
open your mind. the universe doesn't revolve around you.
Feb 2019 · 579
m Feb 2019
I know I'm in love because I'm filled with pain
And my mind is telling me to play twisted games
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3,
When I am away, do you miss me?
Or do you wish you were free?
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3,
When I leave, are you filled with relief?
Or are we on the same page?
Torn by insecurities
You told me I deserve to be loved
But this doubt will only die with me
So, maybe the best option is to set you free
Even if I'm wrong
love hurts. a lot. but it's also wonderful. i'll try harder to accept it.

— The End —