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jsb Feb 17
Poor bitter lonely boy
Open your eyes wider
Poor bitter lonely boy
Take them away from the viewfinder
Poor bitter lonely boy
Stop living your life through a camera
Poor bitter lonely boy
Come out from your shelter
There is so much more outside the frame
Your view isn't the only one that matters
open your mind. the universe doesn't revolve around you.
Traveler Dec 2018
Once upon a time
Long, long ago
My reckless heart became too heavy
And somehow broke my soul
And so...
This is all that I have to offer
A heart still beating strong
Writing poems of yesterday
And how it all went wrong
Traveler Tim
Stephen Nov 2018
The world is a gaping maw of ignorance
Filled to the brim with hatred,
Unadulterated bigotry,
And millions of eyes,
Blinded mid-lobotomy,
That self-performed procedure
That protects the subject
From any sudden understandings.
Things are not as they ought to be,
But then things never were
And never will
The world is the way it is,
And those of us who couldn’t cut into our own calculating core,
Those of us who attempted the task with a torrent of tonics
Instead of hammer and shiv,
Find ourselves wandering through a wasteland of willful
Idiots and bigoted bullies.
Try as we might to open their eyes,
Open their minds,
We fail.
Their eyes are hollow shells and dust.
Their minds are awash with religious rules, rifles, ruination,
Walls, borders, fences,
Imaginary lines drawn everywhere,
Over everything,
And their brains are protected from learning anything new
Or different
By miles of scar tissue and an overabundance of barnacles.
So that leaves the rest of us,
The ones with eyes open, minds primed and wide,
Lost in a world of people who will never understand,
Never let real freedom ring,
Never erase the imaginary lines they drew themselves,
Never accept that everything they believe
Is preposterously perverse.
The more we try to spread the truth,
Attempt to put an end to the primitive procedure of self inflicted
The more they try to stomp us out,
Extinguish our flames,
Burn us to the ground.
But we continue to fight, to bleed, to die.
Sometimes because we still have hope that things can and will
Get better.
But more often than not,
We fight on because it's the only thing that keeps us
From picking up that ice-pick ourselves and becoming
Another one of the mindless masses.
sushii Sep 2018
building up
want you
want me
i don't get it
what is happening
hold my hand
and here we stand
taking on this land
so much love to be had
so much happiness that i am always glad
not enough sorrow to make you mad
no way our love will go bad
once in a while we are sad
you are lace-clad
with each layer you add
mindlessness will not stand
tie your hair back with a purple band
are you concealing yourself from this lucky young man?
and i thought i had you...

Everywhere I go,
I see mindless people,
Everytime I listen,
I hear mindless voices,
Everytime I look around,
I see mindless behaviour,
Everytime I close my eyes,
I dream mindless dreams.

This world is filled with mindlessness,
is it ever going to change?
K Balachandran Jan 2016
An egregious, chained beast
lurks within the demure beauty,
something dark he reared within
perhaps a savage, recalcitrant,
quite ill at ease in the presence of her pet
wakes it up, viciously poses challenge,
beauty sedated, mute, closes eyes,at such times,
falls in to a fitful hibernation,
    allowing  both the brutes, to slug it out
till one of the two is overpowered
and roar of the other, the victorious is heard.

— The End —