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Jun 2017 · 609
The Home of A True Smile
Mysterious Aries Jun 2017
Eyes aghast, mind collapsed

Truly, night is longer than day

The picture of a genuine smile

Seems Mercury or Mars else, Jupiter, away

Patience stuff must hold so much

During time of a twisted despair

We need a lengthy break

Sigh, a long breath of spanking air

Build anew, start again

Hey, that's how life works

As long as hope still lingers on

The home of a true smile, still on Earth...

June 22, 2017

Jun 2017 · 661
Sins and Prayers
Mysterious Aries Jun 2017
Guide us to your holy footprints,

Deity who holds the time.

Bless us and also our brethren,

Forgive all our foul crime.

Our soul cannot support our flesh,

The cross heavier than faith.

Sins always come so sweet and fresh,

A great whisper of wraith.

Beyond our sins, a hope won't die,

That you'll pour some mercy.

Heaven please heed our candid cry,

Give lights to our journey.

You know us than we've known ourselves,

Each strand of our hair.

You have read all books on our shelves,

Of our sins and prayers.

So let your cloud washes our hue,

Of green, red, black and blue.

Lets our white initiates anew,

To be closer to you.

June 20, 2017

Mar 2017 · 1.0k
Mysterious Aries Mar 2017
At last,
Realization came to him
A sudden blast
Enlighten what's dim

Now, he knows what to do
Must forgive and forget
Truth must not skew
Else a ton of regret

What happened
He never thinks of such wisdom before
Because the pure white he used to blacken
He enjoyed the face of others down on the floor

Now he feels lighter
Ready to seeds good deeds
A color of cotton or even whiter
Will response help to those in needs

No more heavy metal song
Just soft and sentimental one
It's time to correct what's wrong
To hear the words "Well done"

He saw a man fall down
The song he sang is fresh
Suddenly he realized the sound
That he was no more in the flesh...

March 16, 2017
Mysterious Aries
Mar 2017 · 772
Mysterious Aries Mar 2017
I will tell you a story about my friend Ben
Always rating my poetry with a perfect ten
One macho guy in our simple town
Last year, he takes home the Mr. Admirable crown

There's really something about my friend Ben
He really likes the journey of my talkative pen
He said its prettiness afar from the rose
Dancing gracefully while in paper leaving its ghost

Indeed I have a story about my friend Ben
Who reads my drafts again and again
Little I've realized that it's more than it seems to be
Until I've heard him saying "he loves me as me"

I've felt sorry then, for my long time friend Ben
The only poem I could dedicate to him
Was a poem for a friend

I will tell you a story about my friend Ben
He changed his name now
She called herself Jen

March 8, 2017
Mysterious Aries
Dec 2016 · 991
The Clergyman and the Ship
Mysterious Aries Dec 2016
Lo and behold!
The clergyman knocked
At the door of the ship
To explain to the captain
The hazard of having
A broken engine

The ship was elegant outside
But most people say (people who know this ship)
What's within - a jungle
Snakes, tigers, hyenas
Scorpions, tarantulas, and the likes
Plagued the place
But the clergyman believes
Even jungles have some
Lovely animals too

And he was right
A seem white dove entertain him
Giving him some food and refreshment
Telling him that the engine of the ship
Is the best engine that the clergyman could see
Carrying passenger safety to their destination
Sealed with love and dedication

After the visit of the clergyman to the ship
He asked himself why most people
Condemned this ship
When he himself
Saw no dissatisfaction

And then the clergyman decided
To visit some neighboring ships
And asked them
How would they describe
The ship that he just visited

All of them answered
Almost exactly the same line
"Oh my dear brother,
You cannot salvage anything
On that vessel
Because the captain
Was already swimming at the lake of hell"

SHIP represent the BODY
ENGINE represent the HEART
CAPTAIN represent the SOUL
Nov 2016 · 635
Nostalgia (lyrics)
Mysterious Aries Nov 2016
As I hold the sound of the past
The wind blows cold you are here at last
All the memories that I once knew
Touching me as fresh as morning dew

Here I am still as the same me
Though now there's no more we
Funny the feelings just won't let go
My love for you still as clear as snow

As I hold the sound of the past
The wind blows cold you are here at last

Oct 2016 · 1.3k
My Lovely Daffodil and I
Mysterious Aries Oct 2016
Wintry weather frosts me here
Thinking of her my lovely daffodil
Memories that long disappear
But it never left me still

One old September still fresh and new
When we both said "I love you"
Funny moment as cool as dew
Now the then one split in two

Looking back is funny fool inside
Smiling while storm ruled my very eyes
Little by little I've realized
That I need to roll the dice

I've asked the winter why oh why
Why such a lovely moment need to fly
But still in my heart, it never says goodbye
The story of my lovely daffodil and I

Oct 2016 · 911
The Change of Faith
Mysterious Aries Oct 2016
I've been a fan of faith at most of my life
Until a sharp dagger took the life of my wife
"She's at blistering cherry shaded hell" They've said
Upon intentionally milking her skin's liquid red

I've been so busy giving holy bread to other
If only to my family I've given that time rather
My preferred fate will not be like this
Holding the same evil dagger that cut my wife's wrist

I will follow my sugary honey
Who always sing to me she's okay
Not knowing her voice a recorded audiotape
Her immense pain shrouded by smiley cape

I've been busy showing to others the bridge of heaven
But now I've chosen the road to unforgiven
Where I will meet my alluring sweet scented rose
I will search the land of hell from coast to coast

But seems the sun read my foggy mind, knows what's within
Suffered from heart attack first, before the dagger kiss my skin
Not the way that I want it, but I will see death just as the same
Memories fly, but I've never forgotten my wife's name

Finally, the darkness switches off the light
Praying to be in hell with all my might
Alas! What a shattered fate
I'm in front of an indigo colored sad heaven's gate

Mysterious Aries
Aug 2016 · 1.3k
The Dove Is Not Ready To Fly
Mysterious Aries Aug 2016
The dove is not ready to fly
Not ready yet for goodbye
Many dreams must to fulfill
Have shown not his best skill

The dove is not ready to fly
Oh please! Not today, not tonight
Must freed what his life embraced
The hellish art made must be erased

The dove is not ready to fly
At this time he will not reach the sky
Hadn't yet shared the delicious bread
The new wisdom fathom hasn't spread

The dove is not ready  to fly
Tears are flowing into his eyes
The dove is not ready to take wing
From his dying body and bruised skin

Jul 2016 · 695
For My Dear Abby
Mysterious Aries Jul 2016
You are the one

Who let me see the sun

Gray is not always be

The color of the clouds

That the nature plows

Whites and oranges I could see

Because of the heart shape

You've sketched in me

For you my dear, I've learned

To save for rainy days

Valued what I've earned

You truly gave me strength

To face the war of any length

Like I hold an arrow and a bow

Because of you I've answered

Many questions how

You gave voices to my song

Come with me sing a long

I don't care if our tune is wrong

My blood, my skin, my all

I see it within you, my soul

Indeed you are like me, my child

Whenever I think of you

Simply, I smiled


Jul 2016 · 426
The Tree
Mysterious Aries Jul 2016
In front of a tree
Kneeling down
Who do you see
Whispering words to the air
Teary eyes
What have you shared

Then, the unexplained happened
Out of the blue
Seems birds are singing
Simply for you
One branch of the tree
Extended like arm
And the leaves
Turned into
Some magical hands

Touching your hair
Caressing your back
Oh, my! This is impossible
My eyes are under attack
I don't believe in holy ghost
This is just a dream
Nightmares catches me almost
Into its raging stream

So I just close my eyes
And when I open it
Indeed, my eyes didn't betrayed me twice
The man that I saw is gone
Nothing at all
But the tree and me

The journey of the night
Reaches its dawn
I did not unlock the bolt
I still have the key

Now I wonder
What will happen
What would I see
If I've tried to knelt down
In front of that tree

Mysterious Aries
Jul 2016 · 642
Prayer for Wisdom
Mysterious Aries Jul 2016
Creator of the mysterious wind
To you I’m humbly praying
Whisper to me
Soft and breezy wisdom
Enhanced my understanding
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
They Seem To Be Okay
Mysterious Aries Jun 2016
There was a story

A life that I know

The legions of brainy

Flocked down below

They were gifted

Yet they were cursed

A mind that was heavily talented

But wrongfully nursed

Yes, they have straight A's at school

And seems to be tracking the right way

But a machine with a missing tool

At most, they are looking for a needle in a stack of hay

The action of nature

Easily creates them a scar

A sensitive player

Of every life's war

They were great at concealing

Their collection of pain

You can't even see them crying

Even in front of the rain

If you only knew

What's the color of their mind

Closer to insanity blue

Playing with rope, knife and gun all the time

Simply alive because they flow with the wind

I hope this simple note will let the world know

Hugged every gifted child, truly embraces their brain

Thus the legions of brainy won't flocked down below


Jun 2016 · 1.0k
The Dream
Mysterious Aries Jun 2016
Let this be no dream
The emerald leaves are dancing
A lovely night, the birds are singing
While I am swimming at cupid stream

If it was a dream
Don’t wake me up from my slumber
The moon and sun embrace each other
Crafting a beautiful gleam

But this is not a dream
I can feel it all, few inches away to heaven
‘Coz of this, all sins committed to me are forgiven
What a lovely a scene

Was she just a dream
Touching, kissing her reddish lips
While I saw my body deeply sleep
Oh Please! Let this be no dream.

Mysterious Aries
Jun 2016 · 663
Mysterious Aries Jun 2016
Those monsters
***** my innocence
My crystal white falls
Turns into stagnant
Stinky reddish
Blood like river

My mother dressed me
With a cloak of religion
Hugged me
With heavenly manners
But they ain’t gift

She hasn’t told me
That beyond our fairy home
Were monsters
With venomous fangs
Vampire alike

They’ve kissed my lips
My neck, my heart
And my brain

And now my seems
Stagnant stinky reddish
Blood like river ready
To flood the mind
Of those innocent
And surely
Every beautiful butterfly
I’ll kiss
Will suffer some metamorphosis
Mostly, they’ll turn into bats

Mysterious Aries
Jun 2016 · 358
Free the Spirit
Mysterious Aries Jun 2016
Let it be heard

The tale within

The unspoken myth you carry

Those dreams within a dream

'Twas long deferred

Those words you hide

Must turned into precious flowers

And grabbed the princesses eyes

Or to be a sword

And killed the beast

Defeat those ogres and demons

And turned them into priest

Through mighty words

You can blow a mind

Can slice the seal of fate

Could changed the route of time


Jun 2016 · 596
Hello Goodbye
Mysterious Aries Jun 2016
What that four letter HELL

Doing at HELLo

When it supposed to be heaven

A butterfly met its rose

The almost dry root

At last, kissed by rain

The traveler finally

Found his dream home

But what's not written

In the book of fate

Never really meant to be

As time goes by

The thorn of rose

Grows faster than its' flower

The rain never stopped

So the root was drowned

The traveler realized

That the home was nightmarish

Now I wonder

What that four letter GOOD

Doing at GOODbye


Jun 2016 · 773
To Dream the Impossible
Mysterious Aries Jun 2016
Need a coat it’s raining
White grains from the cloud
To my past
There you are
Like a flowers’ peak bloom
An angelical voice
The shiniest star
So captivating

When we’re young
I’m just a fool
So unwise
And so blind
Haven’t seen you
As you are
The shiniest light of your star
The lovely scent of your flower
The saintly voice when you sing
Was just a dream
Was just a dream

Mysterious Aries May 2016
The flipside of the day

Brings a lot of melodies

Of painful journals

At most the moon and stars are dead

For those eyes that lament for the beloved

The breezy sound of the wind

Doesn't bring a beautiful song of serenity

Instead a tune of sinister

Darker than the night

Because the lullabies of every nocturnal

An echoing elegies

For those who were left behind

Sightseeing imaginary images

Whispering song for them

Every night

Still dying inside


May 2016 · 928
Mysterious Aries May 2016
Can't dream a lovely scene

When heart was broken

Light was dim, grass not green

The bolt of grief was open

The lullabied sang

Killed the rainbow

Noah's rain, flooded pain

A desperate tomorrow

Can't paint a flamboyant view

My muse is dead

Lovely rose, heaven knows

Now, I will paint death instead


9:15 PM

May 2016 · 971
Black Emotional Lullaby
Mysterious Aries May 2016
Tears flow plays in unison

With a black emotional lullaby

A mesmerizing dream turns cold

The promises swallowed with venom

Great pain of heart to head crawled

Till the enchanted voices heard are of demons

Come with us my dear

And we will give you rest

Someone love you here

Let it ended for your best

Tears flow plays in unison

With a black emotional lullaby

The silvery blade turns crimson

From a body whose soul just wanted to fly

People are crying, still asking why oh why

Marching while listening to the same black emotional lullaby  

Said then you are okay but 'twas all a lie

Now, you are a lonely soul who's so afraid to face the sky

Tears flow plays in unison

With a black emotional lullaby


9:28 PM

May 2016 · 811
The Unseen Page
Mysterious Aries May 2016
Once there was a story

About a man who has no glory

His eyes can't even see the sun

Supposed to knows not the meaning of fun

But he never buried hate into his heart

Instead, he seeded love from the start

Gentle Prayers though darkness invades a sunny sky

Knowing the sun will show, when life says goodbye

His story was written in a very

Inspiring golden book

Only perceptible to those

Whose heart knows... how to truly look...

8:11 PM

April 25, 2016

Feb 2016 · 658
If You Really Love Me
Mysterious Aries Feb 2016
You see no scars and laceration

But it doesn't define that I'm not wounded

I smell and looked great to you

Hey! It just my make-up and perfume

But If you really want me

Caress me no matter what season

Stand firmed for your reason

Love me as I am

Embraced even my demons


Feb 2016 · 2.1k
The Waterfall
Mysterious Aries Feb 2016
Eyes sore can’t even hide at early dawn
People will try to read what happened last night
Those seconds, minutes and few hours when I am alone
Time when I tried to pull the string of my owned kite

The waterfall unleashed within my eyes
As I travelled to a higher ground
When I saw what really on beyond lies
The meaning of this life indeed abound

At most, I pitied myself
My waterfalls were for my owned flaws
But not last night, when I saw what really laid on others’ shelf
I was hurt by a sharp blade of selflessness claws

People will look at me twice or thrice
They’ll try to read what my two stars on the face write
In fact, today I have sorry eyes
But ‘twas the worthiest waterfall last night
Jan 2016 · 473
A Better Place
Mysterious Aries Jan 2016
If you are looking for a superior sanctuary

Where months are the same, December mimicking January

This is not a suitable place

Because a better place belongs to the outer space

There, to the stars

Where we whispered our needs

Might they are clandestinely healing our scars

Or they are crafting a panacea for all our bleeds

Since reachable not

Let just assume those what we can define

The world that ruled our flesh

The feelings that touches our spine

Regarding who we are as human

The poison we inhaled

The love, dreams and inhuman

To expressed them in words and hopefully be perfectly nailed

But if still, you are looking for a superior sanctuary

Where months are the same, December mimicking January

This is not a better place

But, aren't Earth a part of other planet outer space?


Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Changed Me
Mysterious Aries Jan 2016
Time, transformed me

Heal every touched of rage

All failures that rub me

The wound of my past

Teacher, modified me

Teached me the right path

The lane for a healthier tomorrow

For me to define this life with a better meaning

My friend, changed me

Picked up my wobbly hand

Give mind advice to cure its unrest

I want to feel your positive outlook

My dearest, refined me

Let me feel that genuine affection

Not the phony hugs and kisses

For my body and lips to attained true love

Lord, enlightened me

I was lost in intersecting road

Please display the right ladder

To the place where you are

From my tagalog poem: Baguhin Mo Ako

Translated: 1-18-2016

Jan 2016 · 486
Mysterious Aries Jan 2016
Gray! May define a boring day

A life encircled by smoke

When dreams are so far away

And eyes was always broke

Gray! I have a story to say

About a guy whom to heaven and hell in between

Head suffer from purgatory's sway

The angels and demons within

Gray! Gone astray

Touched a gun loaded with silver bean

He'll choose another color when journey

If given a chance to ride, another lifetime machine


Jan 2016 · 911
Where Are Thee My Friend
Mysterious Aries Jan 2016
Where are thee my dearest friends

Who are in attendance during my days of fun

Right now I'm with villains cloudy sky and heavy rain

Please enlighten me, be my heroic sun

I looked at north, gazed at east

But seems I can't count even one

I searched south, glanced at west

But Lo! I see none...


Dec 2015 · 2.7k
Disabled Soul
Mysterious Aries Dec 2015
All I can see is that we shall be burned
Will turned into a billion ashes
But blinded and crippled were unconcern
Still catching the meaning of holy masses
Sometimes I wonder, If they were the one disabled
Because at most, it's us all along
Who have this blinded and crippled soul

Dec 2015 · 1.2k
Thrill Game
Mysterious Aries Dec 2015
If there’s a miracle that could move a mountain
Then we don’t have this heavy rain
But what we are, if we could feel no pain
Maybe life may not be the same
But it's a journey with no thrill game

Mysterious Aries
Mysterious Aries Dec 2015
Indeed, I thank you
For giving me some hope
By sharing your love so true
For injecting me the wisdom of the pope

Tried, but mostly I've failed
The exam was too difficult
Dark thoughts seem to me, was heavily nailed
To optimism, I am just an insult

So why? why back again?
Mostly because the wisdom of the dark is truer
I'm sorry, it’s really hard to begin
Believing in a myth was much bluer

I hope you'll understand such situation like this
This insanity in my head
Why I need to blow your sweet perfect kiss
And choose the bitter lips of pessimism instead

So here I am now
Singing the same depressed song
I know I won't received any bow
But I'm home, back where I belong....

written: January 29, 2015 at 10:00 pm
Depressed Mode
Mysterious Aries
Nov 2015 · 969
Why Just Now (Lyric)
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Hey! I'd rather be the one to sing the song of sadness
Than to hurt someone so close to me, a friend to me
Hey! I'd rather be the one to cry a thousand a rivers
Than to hurt someone so dear to me, our friendship

You said you love me more
But why just now and not before
You tried to kiss my lips
But I said no, no just please

Hey! I'd rather be the one to go to the darkness
And cry alone and stuck the pain inside my chest
Hey! I'd rather be the one to be breathless
To wear a mask, to fake a show, to past the test

Because I love you too
But it's not fair my friend so in love with you
You know I hate this
So leave now, now just, please

Hey! I'd rather be the one to sing the song of sadness
Than to hurt someone so close to me, a friend to me
Hey! I'd rather be the one to cry a thousand a rivers
Than to hurt someone so dear to me, our friendship

Written: July 2, 2015 @ 8:30 pm
Mysterious Aries
Nov 2015 · 585
What I Can Give (2002)
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Almost over, still not enough
That finish line must touch
Bad luck happens, out of the blue
Occur when almost, grip victory for you

Seems someone stung, poison my feet
Turn my body, very weak
Must go on, force these feet to step
The sun knows how I love this triumph to keep

A few miles more, must not surrender
This move I love to dedicate, to those I tender
Another dilemma, my eyes get blurred
But I must, I must, wake up my sleepy nerve

One bad thing again, bang me to the head
It seems that fate, really wants me dead
But no one can stop me, as long as I have this breath
Not right now, only a few steps left

So again, I force to move my feet
For my love ones, I'm in high spirits
But another danger, attack me to the heart
Ripped it badly, now I don't know where to start

It doesn't matter now if I've lost the game
What matter most, I've shown my love ones my aim
That in every journey, no matter how dark
I am always ready to give... my body, my head and my heart...

written: 2002
Mysterious Aries
Nov 2015 · 5.5k
Sugat Sa Papel (Paper Wound)
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Ang katotohana'y di ko batid kung paano ko susugatan itong papel
Kung aling sandata ba ang gagamitin, itong punyal ba o kaya'y baril
Mithi kong bawat panitik na bibitawa'y mapatakan ko ng sariling dugo
Dahil bawat papel na masusugata'y tiyak unti-unting hihilum sa puso kong bigo

Ang bawat isasalaysay ng taong malapit na sa kanyang dapit-hapon
Dadamhin alaala ng lumipas, na para lang itong naganap kahapon
Umaasang maaklat ninyo ang aral na nais ihatid
Pulutin ninyo ang ginto, ang bato'y iwanan sa sahig

Maraming salamat kung sakali mang makikilangoy kayo sa aking ilog
Kulay pula man ito'y lilikhain ko itong may kalakip na pag-irog
Mula sa susugatan kong papel magaganap ang lahat
Lapis na punyal at baril ko'y nakahanda nang gumawa ng aklat....


Paper Wound

The truth is I do not know how I will smite this paper
Which weapon to be use, this gun or this dagger
Every letter that I will let go, I’ll blend my own blood
Each paper that I’ll wound slowly will cleanse my hearts mud

A chronicle will unfold by one person who is close to his gray
I will feel the memories of my past as if it just happened yesterday
Expecting that you will learn the lesson that I will serve at your door
Gather up the gold, left the stone on the floor

Thank you if ever you will swim at my river
Though its color is red, I will create it along with a love that is forever
I will wound some paper by hook or by crook
My pencil knife and quill gun are now ready to create a book

Translated: 11-23-2015, not so accurate to create a rhyme
Nov 2015 · 1.6k
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
My days at Penlandia definitely reached its afterglow
Now it’s hard for me to find my rhythm
Hopefully, the soul of some of my poetry will find their mark
If not unto someone’s head, then to somebody’s heart

I hope my words are not just vandals on the wall
Nor merely a stain on the paper
I created them to touch, stab, **** and make love
To bring peace unto hell and create fire in the sky above

It’s up to your eyes now, my dearest readers to magnify
Hate my stuff or love them
What's the reason why I’m inches away on parking my pen?
Voices from the other side echoes within my ear again and again

That’s why I’m writing this poetry as if my last
But if one day you’ll see me deploying another poem
I hope you enjoy stories with an unexpected ending
Besides, even the afterglows have a little radiance remaining

Mysterious Aries

Nov 2015 · 1.5k
Once A Star (2001)
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Thy effigy was so charming
It can grips a heart
Thy face of youthfulness
It can tranquilized a war

Many roses envied thee
Their complaints was loudly burst
That blessed was unjust
That you owned a beauty, to them ugliness

Thy prettiness a weapon
Can  slave a kingdom
But it feared someone
The monstrous beast - the time

Thy beauty was rotten
The one that allured thousand kings
Thy effulgence doom
A star that used to be dream...

written: July 31, 2001 at 7:00 pm

Mysterious Aries
Nov 2015 · 2.1k
Poets' Priceless Poetry
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
When the
poets’ soul
its bones and flesh
At most,
by only then
the poets’ poetry
becomes priceless

Mysterious Aries
Nov 2015 · 948
Flaws of My Pen
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
One more life painful injection
I might give this shiny knife a chance
That’s why no more time for me to learn
The right steps of my pens dance

I always let this dagger, two steps behind my ink
That’s why every of my poetry, got some flaws to mend
No more instance for me to study, the perfect language rules
Because the time of my life itself, nearing the very end

No time again, no time at all
The deficiency in my quill, I cannot bend
No time to heal my defective poems
Because my life itself has a lot of flaws to tend

Mysterious Aries
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
Missing (2000)
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Rain flows here from the sky
As if he knows what I'm doing
Can't stop my world from mourning
Even those young bird cry

Their peeping sound are just everywhere
But only one human listened, only my ear
Seems no one can ceases the weeping
Tears that can suppress the flame

The time when I recalled some memoir's of my life
There I've seen some close friend of mine
Laughing, crying, dancing, singing
And saying goodbye

Memories that shed more tears
Knowing that in reality
I can't see them
For the rest of my life....

written: Feb. 19, 2000 @ 4:15 pm

For Jimmy and Emmanuel
Gone too soon...

Mysterious Aries
Nov 2015 · 1.4k
The Healing
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
To unearth the means of life
Is the saddest part of our ferris wheel
Every ups and downs, in peace or strife
A looping ride to our little heaven, but most a free trip to hell

There's a box of gloominess that I'd opened that I can't seal
Overflowed my mind with a lot of dark wisdom
Wound I'd self inflicted in a day, seems will take a decade to heal
If only I did not enter the too much curiosity kingdom

It's my intention to craft a masterpiece
So I've yearned crazily for knowledge
Scrambled all the colors till darkness become my art piece
A life that longing to be at the center because I am at the very edge

But then I still thank fate
For giving me the chance to travel life
To feel the air, the cool rain and the blazing heat
To have parents, brothers and a wife

To accept what life can offer and never go beyond
If only I could turn back, I'll never do myself a crime
But I'm on my way now, righting the wrong that I've done
Might take a decade to heal, but I believe in another lifetime...

Written: 01/01/2015 @ 6:30 am

Mysterious Aries
Nov 2015 · 14.9k
Who We Are
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Drawing images using some words
Telling some stories that are unheard
Stealing the moment, freezing the time
Killing the beast that vultures the mind

Spilling blood, the pen is our knife
Collecting traces from this mysterious life
Connecting dots to create a line
Polishing stones to make it shine

Our words are riddles, a must to decode
Giving multiple key for them to unload
The meaning of some could make readers insane
If wrongly unlock it will conquer their brain

We are a shape-shifter just like the cloud
Painting angels and demons to enlighten the crowd
Hoping they’ll listen to our joy and our pain
Wishing they’ll get the lesson of our every rain

Mysterious Aries
Nov 2015 · 1.3k
My Addiction
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Vain I know
I just can't let go
Money that hard to earn
Each day some of it I'd burned

Creating my own clouds
To have strength to join the crowd
When I was a kid, I am too shy
Finally slain my demon of shyness and fly

It started by only feeding my ignorance
Just a single try I've said to my conscience
Seems helping me to have courage in a way
So once, twice, trice until dozen a day

My dear ones begged me to stop
I've tried a lot of times, but I just can't drop
Just like a vampire to blood I crave
To **** the beast of addiction I am not that brave

I am so ****** up now
I am targeting myself with my own bow
A poison I've known from the start
But still I keep it near to my very heart

Written: December 27, 2014

Mysterious Aries
Addiction comes from a different form... How can I enlighten people to stop the ways that aren't good for them, when I can't simply discontinue mine...
Oct 2015 · 1.9k
Crossroads Wisdom
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
On earth, how to cleanse our soul
To make the cloth of reputation white
At most we can only achieve this goal
When filled the neighbors mind with lies

What we are, at most hidden
Will never let them see
We tricked our neighbor to believe in
On what we seem to be

Of every man who tell the world
That they’ve found the hills of truth
Can’t climb with them, my feet to their wisdom hurled
Simply I’ve learned a lot from my youth

Can we cast away the sins
On human claimed holy words
Or just we hide unto the book
To cover our shame on this world
Oct 2015 · 2.8k
I Am A Firefly
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
I am a firefly
One who hates the night
When darkness demolished the sky
Loads of monster wants to take our light

I remembered my friend Tammy
At nighttime, she has the shiny glow of green
Her vision to be the greatest firefly who shimmy
Alas! Children put her in a jar and destroyed her dream

And then, I have a comrade's name Tommy
Who love to show his yellow glow?
Little he knows that was too dummy
Sticky tongue, big eye frog devoured him below

I am firefly, who has a red gleam
Who always pray to God to take our beam
In order for my kin to stop to scream
To peacefully spread our wings at night, ‘twas my very dream

I am a firefly
My name is Timmy

Mysterious Aries
Oct 2015 · 1.0k
Reason Why (2002)
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
If you want to know the reason, what keeps me breath?
Still standing, taking a careful step
You know if not today, I believe in another chance
Perhaps soon, the time for our favorite dance

Beyond I know, a lot of pain still awaits
But I don't worry much, It's part of life
For us to fall, them must climb again
Knowing from our wound, we'll learn something

Now trust me girl, believe in me
As long as I have you, we can climb that tree
For you are my inspiration, you are my strength
You are the reason, why I hold on and keep on living....

Written: Sept. 28, 2002 @ 9:00 AM

nom de plume: Simplyfred & Mysterious Aries
Oct 2015 · 3.4k
Judas Iscariot Mystery
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Why, Judas why?
Your kissed became the treachery symbol
Sold your faith but hanged yourself and die
After you returned that thirty pieces of silver

Why, Judas why?
Might you have a big crisis for money?
A sick parent or child, perhaps
To cure their pain, but ‘twas cut in the story

You returned the dazzling silver
Might they’ve never fulfilled their promise
To never hurt your master
That’s why you weep unto your best

Why, Judas why
If the tree and the rope could talk, they’ll never lie
Might you’ve kissed the image of your master in the wind
Before you bid the world goodbye

Mysterious Aries
Oct 2015 · 2.2k
I Miss You So Much
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
I miss you so much, been awhile since you’ve left
Do you think of me?
I miss the way you talked to me
The way you take care of me

I often kiss your cheek
You love the way I lick your neck
But what happened?

You only left  for a day or two
And when you came back
I love the way you tell me
How you miss me so

But one day,
You bid goodbye
I can’t fully understand what you are saying
But I can’t forget your look that day
You hugged and dropped some tears on me

Until now, you never came back
You never would? Aren’t you?

Whenever someone is opening our gate
How I wished that it was you
But there was no you
I miss you really
I’m sick right now
Feeling I have a few days left
Aren’t you coming back?

Your best friend,
Doggy Browny

Mysterious Aries
Oct 2015 · 1.4k
The Witness
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Oh! What a place to be at
Witnessing a helpless victim of these rats
The girl is fighting back, to retained her pureness
Shouting, asking for mercy, but it’s all useless

If only a woman like me, could lend a hand in order for her to escape
To get away with the nightmare she’s at right now, this gang ****
Too late now, those rats found the hole
Eating every pleasure from her pity soul

After the relishment that the poor body gave
As fast as the symbol of death, the master rat hand wave
Two gunshots, two bullets buried into her head
Oh my! The poor girl now is totally dead

They are now dragging her body not so far
I hope she won’t turned like me, that she’ll find her way up in the star
Into the ground they started digging a cave
Now, they are placing her remains,  near to my very grave


Mysterious Aries
Advanced Happy Creepy Halloween
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Ako ay isang nawawalang tupa
Sana mahanap ako ng aking pastol
Naglalakad akong may hikbing di humuhupa
Kadalasa'y ang kasuotan ay kulay asul

Ako ay isang naliligaw na tupa
Lumakbay na nang di mabilang na burol
May sugat na tila isinumpa
Di kayang pagalingin ng mga doktor

Ako'y isang di mapanatag na tupa
Bagamat nag-aral ng mabuti upang di maging mapurol
Humahakbang sa pagitan ng langit  at lupa
Naghahanap ng ilaw upang kumislap ang aking parol

Ako ang simbolo ng karamihan dito sa lupa
Mga tupang kapanataga'y hanap bago sumakay sa ataol
Lito dahil kay raming mapagpanggap na kapwa
Nawa'y bago kami lumipad sa araw, mahanap kami ng tunay na pastol...

Written: April 4, 2015 @ 8:00 PM

Mysterious Aries
The Lost Sheep

I was a lost sheep
I hope my shepherd will find me
Walking with a relentless weep
Dressed in blue, hoping He'll see me

I am a wandering sheep
Traveled into innumerable hills
With wound that so deep
That doctors cannot heal

I am a worried sheep
Though studied carefully to learned
Between heaven and earth I stepped
Looking for brilliance to enlighten my lantern

I am the symbol of most here on earth
Sheep that looking for serenity, before we board into our coffin
Confused of many pretentious being, promising to fill our dearth
Hopefully, before I fly into the sun, the true shepherd will find me...

Translated: 10/24/2015
Sorry for the not so accurate translation...
Mysterious Aries
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
My Shell
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
I needed some time, before I go outside my shell
Seems I've made a crime, the world to me always yell
I have no more dime and have nothing left to sell
Visited by anti sublime, as if  I am under their spell

Not at my prime, looks like near to my final bell
Cannot make another chime, but I'm not ready yet for hell
Seems I've lost my rhyme, so by now no more poetry to tell
Because I needed to buy some time, again before I go outside my shell

written: November 11, 2014
Those days... When the world become villain to our passion...
No other choice but to take a break...

Mysterious Aries
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