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Dec 2016
Lo and behold!
The clergyman knocked
At the door of the ship
To explain to the captain
The hazard of having
A broken engine

The ship was elegant outside
But most people say (people who know this ship)
What's within - a jungle
Snakes, tigers, hyenas
Scorpions, tarantulas, and the likes
Plagued the place
But the clergyman believes
Even jungles have some
Lovely animals too

And he was right
A seem white dove entertain him
Giving him some food and refreshment
Telling him that the engine of the ship
Is the best engine that the clergyman could see
Carrying passenger safety to their destination
Sealed with love and dedication

After the visit of the clergyman to the ship
He asked himself why most people
Condemned this ship
When he himself
Saw no dissatisfaction

And then the clergyman decided
To visit some neighboring ships
And asked them
How would they describe
The ship that he just visited

All of them answered
Almost exactly the same line
"Oh my dear brother,
You cannot salvage anything
On that vessel
Because the captain
Was already swimming at the lake of hell"

SHIP represent the BODY
ENGINE represent the HEART
CAPTAIN represent the SOUL
Mysterious Aries
Written by
Mysterious Aries  Philippines
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