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Cheryl Jun 2021
“You’re perfect
You’re perfect
You’re perfect
You’re not”
All these beautiful things negated by complications
I need to be worth the skinned knees and bloodied lips it takes to get to me, I didn’t ask to be up this steep incline, I’m sorry for the trip, I’m sorry it’s hard
Cheryl Oct 2020
Close enough
Is close enough
Cheryl Feb 2020
I never know how to take you
So I just take you anyhow
Cheryl Apr 2019
I've been accused of witchcraft
by others, you're not the first
as if there has to be something magical
about what I do to you..
because how could it be
that I make you happy?
I feel like it's a backhanded compliment?
Cheryl Apr 2019
If it's that fragile
then let it break
I want strong
Cheryl Apr 2019
I want to love you
and be yours and know what that feels like
today I got lost in the thought of kissing you
and that hasn't happened in so long...

but then the panic attacks
start in the shower
and I'm scared
and you might go away
you might

I have to trust that maybe
you won't
but it has to be okay
that you might
risky business, this romance thing.  Why does one random thing said in a hardware store, or one sideways glance, make me trip and fall so freaking easily...I hate that but I so love it too! :)
and this was wine induced so really just random thoughts, not really much more lol
Cheryl Mar 2019
You know how
a shattered windshield
will keep it's shape
even when it's in a million pieces?
Are we all kind of like that?
thought I was doing okay...
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