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Arianna Jan 17
It enters
From the night,
A creature of torchlight

          Poised and ethereal

From pose to pose
With disjointed grace

          Limbs frozen, contorted
          In every-way triangles

Fair, infernal moon
Masked in the guise
Of those black-eyed Erinyes;
Decked in bells,
Clinking at the strike of feet
Punctuating the raucousness of flutes
With the kithara:

          Prowling beneath the rhythm,
          Twirling melodies through the candleshades

'Ere riseth Dawn,
Leaning upon the wild mountains,
When the vision retreats
Behind the veil, and is gone.
Inspired by "The Bacchae" and the movements of Balinese dance.
Arianna Dec 2018
Shadows, sleeping in the snow
Wake at the delicate glow
Of candles flickering
Over our starlight procession,
Bearing yew branches and holly boughs.

Heads veiled and bowed, adorned
With crowns of horns.
Bright in the moonlight
Beneath ribbons and bells,
Thrice crossed over with spells;

Crimson strands trailing,
Against the sindle holiness of robes,
From the reeking rivers cascading
Off the carnage
Smoldering at the altar.

Dissolved into ash,
In the ecstasy of fire,
By the raging of stone gods,
******* after the flesh
Of reindeer and roses
As wine and blood flow freely
From the hollowed bones.

Ay, but these revels hold no mirth!
My heart delights not in this savage frenzy,
And my mind wanders north
From these forest havens
Towards the rainbows flashing
From heaven
At the crown of the world.

Space shrinks deceptively in the blankness between
My feet
And that opaline horizon where,
If I stood upon its precipice
And leaned into the Abyss,
Would I sink,

Beat down
Or float

 On the wings
Of flashing Thunderbirds

Into nothingness?

Also, Loreena McKennitt - "All Souls Night" and The Folger Consort - "Stingo 2 + Moll Peatly + Nonesuch"
Nathalie Dec 2018
The words you speak become the life you manifest

You are a creative and imaginative being

Whatever you see in your mind’s eye

You can make visible and part of your reality

Be mindful of the images you give energy too

In your heart and the ones that are magnified

By your own mind

Be playful and live passionately

Be bold and stay true to your purpose

Be joyful and spontaneous in your giving

Be open and grateful in receiving

Be demonstrative with your love

Be loyal and trust your intuition

Be gentle and honour yourself

Anything that lights you up

Observe with attention

Listen to the callings of your soul

They are there to guide you

Nothing random ever appears

Without there have been a desire to

Pull it in your experience

Sometimes we are not aware that

We are putting out a signpost to have a certain

Experience about this or that

It might have just been a question in our minds

Or a longing to understand something better

This is part of the curriculum; a higher learning

Accept and embrace the process

Arianna Dec 2018
Gripping the rings of Saturn,
Rotating, gyrating through the Vastness of anti-gravity,
What if


                          Let go?
Arianna Nov 2018
The time has come:

          I lay the golden fare upon thy lids,
          A jasmine blossom between thy lips.
          Two lilies I place
          'Twixt thy lily hands,
          And a single rose
                    Snow white, with petals of fallen stars
          I lay across thy breast.

          The gauzy shroud
          Thrown o'er thy form,
          Now unperturbed, lying still in the longboat
          Between thy shield and sword...

          The time has come.

                    We shall never meet more.

          Fare thee well:
          Thou goest to the heart of shadows,
          Led onward by the baying
          Of those fearsome hounds
          Haunting the black depths.

          Some naiad tugs at the prow,
          And as the dark currents of the river
          Bear thee off from shore,

          How I wonder!

                    That the weight of grief
                    Does not drag all the world with it
                    In your wake
                    To the ocean floor...
A 3 a.m. story.
Jen Nov 2018
To find

As if
A Phantom.

Holding your soul,
Close to your body.

A Cocoon

Rolling, rolling, rolling...
To where?


Then crystalizing
Over sudden sunsets,
Across the horizon.

Moving towards
As concrete
Fails to set
Within them.

Swept up
On the stairwell
Of a helix,
Waiting to
See where
It ends.

Caught up
In the never-ending
Space of Obscurity
That sometimes seems
This poem might not appear to make sense at first.  It came to me as a visual image that suddenly popped into my head as I was thinking about how I feel about a life situation that I've struggled with for a while. It actually has dual meanings as after I wrote it some subcontious thoughts also surfaced.  I've heard poetry is good therapy and believe it. So the inspiration came as the sun started to go down as it does now at 4pm.  I was thinking about a piece of life, closed my eyes and saw myself exposed and ***** laying in a dark, empty space. Then I realize it, and so my entire being rolls itself up in a cocoon for protection to find that my mind is very abstract and struggles in this concrete world, especially around a lot of people who are very concrete and black & white thinkers. It's time to find a new field but it seems like a big leap. Just thoughts and visualizations put to words....
Arianna Oct 2018
"... sun-by-moonflowers                                

             ­        beneath the thousand-eyed sky,

           dripping  amberglass honey-dew                                                      


                                                               tinted silver by Lune light..."
Random images.
Arianna Oct 2018
Blood gushes from the belly of the Whale,
Glistening with the crimson glory
Of annihilation
On this freezing strand.

Its dying throes

E     C     H     O    

Howling from the Abyss
Through the steaming fog
Of blood.

                                      Eyes downcast
                                                        ­    in Awe,
                                      For out of reverence
                                                       ­     I durst not look!

                                      Pricking of tears ⸺

                                               I am overcome...
Arianna Oct 2018
I have sailed upon the tossing seas,
And seen the sunsets turned to wine;
I’ve watched the waves lap ravenously,
Those suns down from the blazing sky.

Beneath the brilliant stars on deck,
The ivory-winged sail-birds soaring high overhead,
I’ve anticipated the shadows of mystery worlds
Peering inquiringly over the tides, as a child from her bed.

Day breaks, and I wander foreign shores once more,
But the lustre of Morning gleams wan;
I pass avenues of roses, eerily sure
Of having passed them already countless times before.

Day falls like clockwork,
Night’s indigo blood drips once more
Through the heavens.

                               But Blue is eternal.


All are consumed
In the madness of the Sea,
Throwing herself against the rocks
And shattering:

                                         High-tide suicide.

The ivory-winged sail-birds
Hang listless:


                       No sea-breath buoys them upon the air,
                           Nor current bears me here or there.

Not here,
        Not there,
                 Upon the sea ⸺

                                             Not anywhere
                                             Is home to me.

But had I wings
To call my own,
I’d cut those angelbirds free;

And far from earthly seas we would fly,
Darting and dizzy between the planets whirling
Across the Universe

Weary with wandering,


                 ­                           Paper cranes

                                    In death dream

                                                         ­ Vertigo.
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