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andromeda green Apr 2018
Are you okay?
Are you alright, are you fine, are you good?
Are you adequate, are you decent?
Are you emotionally stable, sleeping without crying, smiling because you want to?
Are you breathing without questioning, are you waking up without trying, are you eating without throwing up?
Are you reading this poem right now and thinking no?
Are you thinking for the first time, will I ever be okay?

You will be okay.
You will be alright, you will be fine, you will be good.
You will be adequate, you will be decent.
You will be emotionally stable, you will sleep without crying, and smile for the happiness blooming inside of you.
You will breathe without questioning, you will wake up to a new day, you will eat easily
are going to be okay.
So please smile sunshine
It’s a fine new day
To be okay :)

- a.g.
just a reminder that everything gets better folks. please, please hang in there. i believe in each and one of y'all.

UPDATE: thank you so so so much for 7.9k. the overwhelming amount of comments and messages and loves make me feel so happy to spread this poem. thank you.
Jerry Howarth Feb 2018
I met my Sunshine Gal
In an ice-cream soda shop,
I met my Sunshine Gal
in an ice-cream soda shop
She smiled at me and my heart
Went flip-pity-flop !

I said "How are you?"
She said "I'm Just fine"
I said "How are you?"
She said "I'm just fine""
I determined then
I was going to make her mine.

"I ask her for her name"
She said "It's Peggy Wright"
"I ask her for her name"
She said "It's Peggy Wright"
Oh me oh my,
I married that Gal one night!

Yeah, I met my Sunshine Gal
In an ice-cream soda shop,
Yep, I met my Sunshine Gal
In an ice-cream soda shop

She smiled at me,
An I spilled my soda pop
Yeah, I spilled my soda pop.
True story of the fist time i met Peg.
We have been married for 59 years,
this coming  Oct. 2nd. 2018
Sara Kellie May 2018
I'm like a song in a clef-less world.
My symphony of blood and tears
have stained my skin of many years.

Duran, Depeche have carried me through
until that day when I meet you.
So unless I die, I listen to music and have a cry
but don't be long because I need
my happy sunshine song.

Poetry by Kaydee.
See "My Happy Sunshine Song, The Re-Shout). Titled,
"My Immortal"
ryn Nov 2018
O beautiful sunshine, may you beam
On a dishevelled soul as it may seem
Reach for the deepened crevices
Let light illuminate the darkness

O beautiful sunshine, may you bathe
Upon a weepy morn that wished you’d save
Let no mossful stone be left unturned
Let there be hope to those left spurned
I want to feel your lips
Between the crevice of my breast
I want you to lay me down
And pluck my clothes
Like petals of a flower
I want you to run your fingers through my hair
And make me sing like a harp
I want to be held so tight I can barely breath
Pull me in your arms and wear me like your favorite sweater
Let me keep you warm
When the world is cold
I can be your mittens so your hands are never cold
The socks you put on everyday for work
So you never get cold feet
I want you to kiss me so gently and so hard you make my mind turn to fuzz
Numb and everlasting
Pull my hair to wake me from my sleep
Wrap your hand around my throat when you put your tongue in my mouth
Wipe my tears when I cry cause sometimes it's too much
But not enough
I can never have enough of you
Of this
The sparks that shock me everytime you touch me
The hips you pull to get every inch
The breast you grab to make me sing  
The face you caress to gain your power
And that spot between my thighs that leaks of honey
And sometimes your milk
Give me it all
Hold me down
Pull me close
Treat me well
Make me yours
Nsfw lol
Renée Oct 2018
my once solemn heart fades away
into the glow of your rays
you shine on me everyday
even when your away
you remain
so close
life is no longer gray
instead it’s a reflection of warm bliss
emotions so foreign to me
this is happiness
my once silent heart
she’s been speaking to me
and my ears finally heeded
blindness to sight
my wants at last take flight
dreams to reality
life’s the way it’s meant to be
joy and laughter
you do this to me
Tila Couto Mar 2016
you fell from the sky and landed at my feet
I struggled to pick you up
but you found your footing and stood with pride
"hello" is what you said
sunshine is what I felt
Lynn Legend Sep 2015
Get up out that bed
Slip out that depression
Everyday you wake up is a blessing
Life ain't over

Pick your head up smile
Get it together
Sitting around miserable
Ain't gone make it no better
Tuff times don't last
they only make you better
Life ain't  over it

So he cheated on you?
Your friends turned they backs on you ?
Life ain't over

Social media got you tripping
Like you ain't worth ****
But in reality
The ones stunting
Be broke as ****
Life ain't over

The world is changing
You just now seeing the facts
Life ain't over
Ain't no app to get it back

You was put here for a reason
They only here for a season
Life ain't over

Make a deference today
Life ain't over
**** how they see it
do it your way
Life ain't over

You keep your eyes on the prize
But give God the praises
He's with you at all times
Even when life throws you mazes
Life ain't over

-Lynn Browning

Lynn Browning ©
Life ain't over!!
John Mendoza Jan 27
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

There’s no love around my way cause my heart just don’t feel the same

As my eyes open wide, I see there’s no sunshine yet I still pretend like everything is alright

But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Can’t water the flowers of his soul if the darkness already took its toll, there’s no sunshine so all he ever feels is cold

But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Umi May 2018
Inspiration, alike joy comes in different types,
It could be as simple as a little wallflower, or as complex as astrophysics, or even more than that, what counts is the source,
Allowing us poets, from a simple emotion, to develop a piece of art,
Allowing the artists, to express themselves within beautiful illustrations, each unique in style and shape, even if some parts may look as if they have been repeating themselves a couple of times,
A word of love can be enough after all, to set a lonely heart ablaze,
Such is the beauty of this earth we are living on, the beauty of being different from one another, but finding what ties us together is truly magnificent, with each difference may come a nice mutality,
Some look up to the sky, shining beyond the scene, the sun brightens up their mood, followed by the dearness of the dazzling white clouds,
Others may find a rainy day wonderful, the raindrops which can be interpreted as tears are but for them falling jewels from the heavens,
These are a few examples of what may birth inspiration, but it can be even smaller, like a small, delicate corn of dust.

~ Umi
Umi Sep 2018
What is it ?
The mere thought of happiness that rushes through our veins,
When we see someone we love, our crush, our family, the sunshine,
If those were to fade away, a part of us would simply shatter, vanish,
Rainclouds would keep away the sunshine in our life the heavy wind would brush through our hair and remind us of such great tragedies,
Alike a sleeping terror, the chains of fate, the flow of time become;
Meaningless, without what has been blown away like ash by a breeze,
What you must not forget, will never lose, what wont change is...
The past, where your memories, our remarkable actions are living,
Hold them dear, these several rays of sunlight to keep the rainclouds away, to pull yourself together and shine beyond the scene, rise.
Even if you do lose all your strengh and your muscles refuse to carry your beautiful soul trapped within the flesh of your very existence,
Even if you fall into an abyss of despair, devoured by regret.
As long as you are alive, you may as well do a change.
As long as you are alive, you can make the present joyous by striving for a better future, for yourself, for what you lost.
Live, for the love of light is for all to bear.

~ Umi

[M i d w a y - H i m e]
Stephen Blaine Sep 2018
I got up on a Friday, prepared for some Saturday sin.
All alarms are in sequence, and all the passions worn thin.
These clocks last forever, but I’m in a hurry again.

I spend my life trying, to feed all our lies.
Started pulling me down, when I saw your eyes.
All that shines ain’t real gold. That’s what a fool would believe.
So, give me my mind. Let me cry on your sleeve.

If there’s any care left, I’d like to buy a few.
And if the tables were turned, you’d beg me too.
I just need someone to listen, when the water meets the sun.
Pulling punches within, so that I can just run.

I stopped to hurry, again.
Like so many times before.
I didn’t see it then, what makes you want it more?
We hold all our wishes, out of the window and into the wind.
Let’s all slow this down, before we meet our end.
lovelywildflower Oct 2018
everytime i look at you, more flowers grow from my heart and the sun shines a little brighter
Elena Feb 3
My eyes are slits
As my reflection is not familiar
— with her
But she has my attention
She is smoking from her ears
Her voice trembles
Her lips are thin lines in dry chaps
And her tone is well—
Seriously monotone

Like nails on a chalky stone
It sent violent shivers of discomfort
Up my spine
down again
This body
A zombie

I snapped back to my face of wasted time
She is an escapee from her own death
Her tone crosses me
Like a knife on my bone
In solemn droning
To the girl with bloodshot eyes
Though not from tears
But from bursting inside.
Iska Sep 2018
You think that you are ****.
But my darling,
how could you  possibly know?
You can’t see what I see,
how could these opinions possibly grow?
you knock the breath right out of me.
with the way the sunlight hits your eyes
And I think my heart just flutters inside.
The way you tilt your head as you laugh
and when i'm with you,
I can never tell if only seconds or infinities have past
The way your ears turn pink when embarrassed
The way you spin in that pretty pink dress
The way you hold me in your arms
And smile
As you call me your love.

And I

Can’t help

But melt
Purcy Flaherty Aug 2018
Let the sunshine in;
let the sunshine in,
Open up your hearts and let the sunshine in.
I got a friend in you; you got a friend in me.
Just smile that way each and every day,
Fill the world with love and say!
Let the sunshine in;
let the sunshine in,
Open up your hearts and let the sunshine in.
Kindness is the key to peace and harmony!
Open up your heart and let the sunshine in.
Let the sunshine in;
let the sunshine in,
Open up your hearts and let the sunshine in.
Positively comes crom within
I came upon a dandelion  
An ordinary, common ****.
Most people don't look twice
Unless it was infecting their gardens.
Then it is uprooted, stem and head.
Thrown away and then forgotten.
But that **** meant something different to me
It was sunshine and laughter
Bouquets made for mother
It was rolled up jeans
A summer breeze.
Cuts and bruises on my knees
It was my childhood
Memories that I can't quite grasp
But what I can remember is the bright yellow,
Stark against the grass
kk Jul 2018
Sickly yellow
slow-light colored streaks
slithering worse than sweat
down my body.
That golden ball stares down at me
like a haughty goddess,
her duality shallow and hot.
She cares not for the freedoms of humans.
She's a two-faced coin,
purgatory masked by the promise
of freedom from pained brains
and scholarly shackles.
The sun laughs at her own trickery, gargling through melting teeth
as she collects suppressed confessions
from weakened teens.
When her crescent counterpart
offers solace from her torment,
the moonlit darkness
only serves to drown us
and we splutter in our own
And the sun
rears her tattered, flaming mane
at daybreak,
belly-laughing at idle minds now unrefined,
gleefully adding her own scorch
to already inflamed brains.
summer is worse for anxiety than you'd think
edit: adjusted enjambment
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