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andromeda green Apr 2018
Are you okay?
Are you alright, are you fine, are you good?
Are you adequate, are you decent?
Are you emotionally stable, sleeping without crying, smiling because you want to?
Are you breathing without questioning, are you waking up without trying, are you eating without throwing up?
Are you reading this poem right now and thinking no?
Are you thinking for the first time, will I ever be okay?

You will be okay.
You will be alright, you will be fine, you will be good.
You will be adequate, you will be decent.
You will be emotionally stable, you will sleep without crying, and smile for the happiness blooming inside of you.
You will breathe without questioning, you will wake up to a new day, you will eat easily
are going to be okay.
So please smile sunshine
It’s a fine new day
To be okay :)

- a.g.
just a reminder that everything gets better folks. please, please hang in there. i believe in each and one of y'all.

UPDATE: thank you so so so much for 7.9k. the overwhelming amount of comments and messages and loves make me feel so happy to spread this poem. thank you.
IAARA Aug 2018
he remember her.
she was laughing at the hallway that sunny day.
she could put the sun in shame, he thought.
he saw the way her corner lips rise slowly,
which turned her eyes into beautiful crescent moon.
then she let out the softest giggle he has ever heard,
and the way she unconsciously hid her smile behind those adorable sweater paws.

his heart skips a beat,
he remembers.
24th May 2018, 07:07 pm
I came upon a dandelion  
An ordinary, common ****.
Most people don't look twice
Unless it infected their gardens.
Then it is uprooted, stem and head.
Thrown away and then forgotten.

But that **** meant something different to me

It was sunshine and laughter
Bouquets made of thistle and lavender
Bunched together and given to my mother
It was rolled up jeans
That perfect summer breeze
Cuts and bruises on my knees

It was my childhood

Memories that I can't quite grasp
But what I can remember is the bright yellow,
Stark against the grass
Purcy Flaherty Aug 2018
Let the sunshine in;
let the sunshine in,
Open up your hearts and let the sunshine in.
I got a friend in you; you got a friend in me.
Just smile that way each and every day,
Fill the world with love and say!
Let the sunshine in;
let the sunshine in,
Open up your hearts and let the sunshine in.
Kindness is the key to peace and harmony!
Open up your heart and let the sunshine in.
Let the sunshine in;
let the sunshine in,
Open up your hearts and let the sunshine in.
Positively comes from within
Osiria Melody Mar 22
I. outcast frenzy
she hides in her shadow persona:
that makes her feel ****** and *****,
that welcomes Death too soon,
that forces her to be straight, straight,
the mold that shapes her broken form.

II. courage to roar
my sweetness in my bitter days:
she's a rainbow of colorful emotions,
she flashes lemonade smiles,
she erects walls of resentment,
hisses at the homophobic snakes.

III. blissful liberation
my hope in my sandcastle of despair:
she's a victory in all of my defeats,
she attacks the demons in her mind,
she reconstructs her walls into ladders,
climbs out the **** closet because
she's proud to be ***!

-to my baby sunshine

I'm so proud of my cousin's daughter for coming out as a lesbian to me; I'll always love and accept her.
gracie Apr 2018
I see paradise
in his eyes

I see rainy day car rides
singing along to George Ezra
his voice sweet, low
dripping from his lips
like honey off a spoon

I see blanket forts
drifting asleep like a child
his chest safe, soft
rhythmically rising and falling
with every blue exhale

I see sunshine
loving in the morning
his kisses deep, warm
tousled hair upon the pillow
like a sleepy golden storm

but I see bitter tears
crying alone in the bathroom
my breath cold, hollow
aching in my throat
because he only loved my silhouette.
Joanna May 21
Watching a sparrow flutter toward a nearby tree, two squirrels at play, and a cat unaware of me.

I saw you.

Feeling the sunshine dance upon my heart, while touching a baby in a shopping cart.

I saw you.

Sensing the encompassing stillness of the lake below, and the mystery that keeps it from brimming to overflow.

I saw you.
To read more of my writings go to:
M Solav Sep 2018
In the Melting of Days
We were Swept like the Fog
While a Sunshine of Rays
Made us Crawl in the Mud.
Written in February 2017.
odessa May 2017
You don't even know the taste of isolation
How can you sing so deeply about death?
You've got a huge heart
How can it be so dark and quiet place?
Darling, there's one more thing I need to say
How can you make your sunshine dead,
With magical words in your head
Sara Kellie May 2018
I'm like a song in a clef-less world.
My symphony of blood and tears
have stained my skin of many years.

Duran, Depeche have carried me through
until that day when I meet you.
So unless I die, I listen to music and have a cry
but don't be long because I need
my happy sunshine song.

Poetry by Kaydee.
See "My Happy Sunshine Song, The Re-Shout). Titled,
"My Immortal"
ryn Nov 2018
O beautiful sunshine, may you beam
On a dishevelled soul as it may seem
Reach for the deepened crevices
Let light illuminate the darkness

O beautiful sunshine, may you bathe
Upon a weepy morn that wished you’d save
Let no mossful stone be left unturned
Let there be hope to those left spurned
MeanAileen Mar 2017
Sunlight gleaming...
golden glimmer-
dragonflies flutter...
iridescent shimmer.

Winter fading...
new life showing-
winds of change...
gently blowing.

Wrapped in warmth...
springs embrace-
rays of happiness...
dance on my face!

Blue skies, butterflies...
distant laughter-
dandelions & dreams...
chasing after.

Sleepy sidewalks...
sprinkled in pink-
yesterdays blossoms...
gone in a blink.

Amethyst, fuchsia...
apricot, blush-
masterpiece sky...
natures brush.

Willows weeping...
growing shade-
crickets singing...
twilight serenade.

Black & blue...
glitter star-shine-
thieves of day...
criminals benign.

Cheshire moon...
grinning hello-
darkness falls...
sunlight must go.
Just some words from the brighter side of my mind....
Also, the yin to the yang of another one of my poems called 'Darkness Falls'
Renée Oct 2018
my once solemn heart fades away
into the glow of your rays
you shine on me everyday
even when your away
you remain
so close
life is no longer gray
instead it’s a reflection of warm bliss
emotions so foreign to me
this is happiness
my once silent heart
she’s been speaking to me
and my ears finally heeded
blindness to sight
my wants at last take flight
dreams to reality
life’s the way it’s meant to be
joy and laughter
you do this to me
I want to feel your lips
Between the crevice of my breast
I want you to lay me down
And pluck my clothes
Like petals of a flower
I want you to run your fingers through my hair
And make me sing like a harp
I want to be held so tight I can barely breath
Pull me in your arms and wear me like your favorite sweater
Let me keep you warm
When the world is cold
I can be your mittens so your hands are never cold
The socks you put on everyday for work
So you never get cold feet
I want you to kiss me so gently and so hard you make my mind turn to fuzz
Numb and everlasting
Pull my hair to wake me from my sleep
Wrap your hand around my throat when you put your tongue in my mouth
Wipe my tears when I cry cause sometimes it's too much
But not enough
I can never have enough of you
Of this
The sparks that shock me everytime you touch me
The hips you pull to get every inch
The breast you grab to make me sing  
The face you caress to gain your power
And that spot between my thighs that leaks of honey
And sometimes your milk
Give me it all
Hold me down
Pull me close
Treat me well
Make me yours
Nsfw lol
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