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She’s not beautiful,
She’s not nice,
She’s messy,
Terrifying, haunting,
Radiant, breath-taking,
Just like art.
Lyrical Nov 2018
Dear Radiant Warmth,

I missed target, my opportunity...Possibly my only chance to connect with you under full certainty that you wanted me too.

You were so close. I could feel your warmth grace my skin gently. My heartbeat pounding and tangling itself with yours.  

Ha,..even my heartbeat aches to be near you.

My heart has more courage than me, however, for despite our distance being less than a millimeter, I couldn't. I just couldn' anything.

Anything to seal the space.

We could be so beautiful.. Not beautiful as in attractive, but beautiful as in luminescent, so much that when you see two people in.."like" with each other. And you can feel the emotions pouring out of them despite the silence that surrounds them.

Though their hands may not touch, fireworks shine as a stunning display in their eyes..comparable to a celebration. As though they're celebrating having found each other.  

All of the monsters insignificant and incinerated by the shield of pure care that engulfs the pair.  

The heart's determination exudes confidence into its holder. Not because it wants to, but because it was made to... Because deep down past the veins, in the deepest crevice of the heart's chambers, lives the stardust begging to join with the other....

...Maybe that's why my heart aches every time you leave...every time the school bell rings..every time I close my eyes to sleep because the thought of not hearing your voice makes me sick to my stomach...

..I really do believe some of the dust that makes up our souls is from the same star, and my dust wants the most innocent sense of the word. It just wants to be near you... More than anything it wants that. And I wholeheartedly agree..u,  

You help me a lot. More than you realize and more than I have the capability of ever explaining to you.  

I know I'm stardust to you, but I need you to know something.. I was dirt before I met you. Thank you for teaching me that I'm not dirt. I've never been dirt. That you for telling me that I'm stardust too. Even if its a lie.  

I like you. I miss you. I hope to see you soon. Goodbye love. I hope this reaches you and I hope it helps you understand.


Petey's been a long road with this one. After being dumped by the same person twice I think it's time to move on. Although you talk of future third chances that isn't something I can gift you with.
Henessy J Beltre Oct 2018
She is raw like cacao
Carries a smell of cinnamon and honey
Natural brown eumelanin skin
Everyone judges not knowing what's within

Sweet like honey,
She cures any emptiness carried in a man
Mix her with sunshine
And she glows within

Beautiful big brown eyes
No one ever takes the time to notice her
People only falsely label her and lack realization
That she's the most beautiful and radiant brown skinned girl

Sweet like honey
Beautiful brown girl
Never lose your fire
Even when the sun may not shine, you'll still always blind them

- Henessy J. Beltre
a poem to remind all the eumelanin skinned girls, including myself, that true beauty is within. we should not have to change our appearances to fit in to society's meaning of beauty. (© Henessy J. Beltre - 10.11.2018)
stopdoopy Oct 2018
your shine

bogged down

by the inkiness

of space

yet you are still radiant

and I can see you even from here

shine bright my love
For Cait-Cait
Kathryn Irene Aug 2018
Is it possible
to not love
someone so
and handsome
with the

I think not.
From my instagram
Daisy Marrow Aug 2018
Summer breeze,
the sun beats down on me.
It leaves me a mark,
paints me like my ancestors.
A radiant glow.
An exotic flower from the tropical
gardens of Colombia.
Just like an exotic flower from the tropical
gardens of Colombia.
Katy Miles Jun 2018
i love you for all that you’ve done and will do
and i pray one day you’ll shine as you want to
sweetheart, i beg you not to go dim
take off the mask and worry not for them
for if they don’t love you, they surely don’t love Him
in my eyes you are brighter than any star
and i bask in your radiance from afar
thinking, i love you, i love you, just as you are
Helene Marie Jun 2018
We all have our own colors
that shine through in various ways.
We dazzle with our humor
and our own enjoyments.
We are ourselves in ways we wouldn't
consider to be obviously radiant,
but below each and every one
of our complex surfaces,
we show our beauty
in our mysterious tendrils of traits,
and our illuminating golden glow.
It is our hilariously creative mind frames,
the musical mosaic of our voices,
and our complicated coves
of our quiet extremities,
that make up the vast entirety
that is
i hope that when you read this, you can see each and every one of the beautiful personalities of the people that inspired me to write this.
Dog Years Jun 2018
She is the Desert
Hot, radiant, dangerous
One I dare not cross
stopdoopy Jul 2018
Remember that time
I told you I'd felt
like a plant recently?
I'd gone out
and soaked up some sun
after those dark winter months.
The feeling  is
the same when I think
of seeing you again.
To hear that sparkle of a voice
the light of your touch.
You are radiant,
and I a faithful stalk of green.
not the best but I'm very happy with this piece
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