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Toxic yeti Feb 23
I remember
A nightmare
That I had
Of my doppelgänger
Only she was wearing all black except for the head
She tried to cut me
Up with a kanata
How did I know she was
My doppelgänger
She was also part Tibetan
She looked like me
She was my weakness
My fears
And everything dark.
Courting and honeymoon are lust phases,
When over these stages,
Reality sets in,
Don't give in.
The unpaid bills, messy house,
Bickering with your spouse.
Men! Don't look at your problems,
They will stick on you like chewing gums,
Find solutions!
Be on course,
With understanding and love your marriage hold at all cost,
Or with pity and remorse,
Take a divorce.
John Mendoza Jan 27
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

There’s no love around my way cause my heart just don’t feel the same

As my eyes open wide, I see there’s no sunshine yet I still pretend like everything is alright

But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Can’t water the flowers of his soul if the darkness already took its toll, there’s no sunshine so all he ever feels is cold

But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
somewhere between the fourth and fifth

load of laundry,

sometime after breakfast~lunch,
now served in the USA at home,
as an all day meal, per the edict of Mcdonalds,
start fixing dinner, take a break, walk to the mailbox,
retrieve the post and quick retreat back inside,
ah that Texas sun, bilingual chili hot,
toss the unopened on the prior weeks pile,
cause everyone loves company

the home-cold-brewed ice coffee needs a filling
for the fridge has decided not to help
by automatically refilling the pitcher

even if it could
I, busy folding,
needing two hands
and all my teeth
for folding my master’s rocket ship


my master observes with one of his alternating demeanors,
this one, super silent watching, announcing that  I need a nap:

“don't you always say, baby,
take a nap when you can, baby,
for when you need one, baby,
you probably won’t be able, my baby”

with selected-hand-led fingers,
he lays me down to sleep,
bids me to slow slide to dreamland, dinner will keep,
curling inside my frame, hands a-cupping my *******,  
telling me a drowsy tale, inherited from his mother’s womb
and his granddaddy’s tongue, mindful of his family’s history

there, is where, they find us,
dinner fixings burnt,
me and my five year old baby boy,
still sleeping fast, around 5pm, bodies enwrapped,
tied by blood and entwined in old nursery rhymes,
Texas tall tales of Pecos Bill,
me and my very own

nap-ster master


p.s.  and they call me by my other name to wake me, momma
Maine Dela Cruz Mar 2018
Not odd nor bizarre
Not different, or god forbid, strange
Not quite unusual or irregular
Neither twisted nor morbid
Never disgusting but queer.

Bruised, but still, beautiful
Scarred but steadfast
Resolute and radiant
he would
   shuffle extremely
well save
that it
didn't fudge
again while
a godsend
must heed
any overdose
really insufferable
and should
let these
die in
peril if
epidemic cease
demand in
the opiates
A dealer ware
a shill
dusk sky
lively by
night ere
the dawn
and fraught
a wisp
but mellow
here his
bulge really
bare him
angular stork
with frost
will quickly
freeze his
whir again
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2017
Girl, boy,full moon,
Candle light dinner,romance,
Boy says,"Pay the bill."
After so much courting and romance my boyfriend told me to settle funny the bill
William D Hicks Oct 2017
the mugger
sneaks up in the night
to burglarize my dreams
dash my hopes
shatter my faith  
and leave wrinkles that crease
malignant cancer grows inside this test
tube today in longing abundance escaping
with our humanity equally adherent to this
cause of death in ***** where theater
diametrically opposed will cherish it again
with leprosy approx sort of this vacation
that's well in remission with heredity again.
A state mapped
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