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In storm filled clouds the darkness starts
with broken dreams and broken hearts
it flows the darkness like the rain
soaking parched earth with saddest pain

I cry with tears that join this rain
holding her in my dreams again
losing the the saddest of the light
Passing my heart through another night

give me her sweetness return her charms
bring me comfort within her arms
perhaps I am to never again to rest
my life is done
I have lost the best
dark thoughts come at night
In restless sleep the latches click
Now faded memories are all that Stick
A perfumed pillow to bury my face
An aching need of a last embrace.

The crumbs of you all fill my room
A scratched old record plays your tune
No stockings hang from shower rails
No tiny bottles to paint your nails

I cannot call you left no phone.
To let me plead to bring you home.
What if you never again return?
Is this the lesson I must learn?
We don't know
What we have
Until it goes away
Her faded picture from another place
repressed beauty weeping on her face
Sad eyes are longing to be free
A spirit broken in her eyes I see.
Truths unspoken on her lips.
Lovelights lost in a hearts eclipse.
A lady born in darkened times
Shadows of love, defy all rhyme.
Old photograph
Are like ghost
That cannot speak
A silvered moonlight sobs a longing sigh
The light sparkled teardrops flow my eye.
church bells chime the last of the blues
Goodbyes are coming like the morning news

Our ending waits to cease all cheer
Your lips are forming its almost here.
Two hearts are dancing loves last waltz
In mournful tones, they sway and halt

Longings are memories with ice-cold breath
Loves sad and broken awaiting its death
This moment falls lightly with tears in our eyes
So drown sorrow with music and say our goodbyes

For the heart is a room where old loves are parked
And the futures holds secrets in the darkest of dark.
Endings are always so sad
The silvered blush of the moon
Collects haunting fragrances
of memories.yet to be made.
In the star clustered night sky
Stardust falls like feathered down.
My heart is an open door
Waiting for you.
Only for you.
My love
Some prayers
Do get answered
Thank you
My love
Old Silver
Jude Kyrie

Sometimes, when the day is quiet
And the light from the evening sun
fades to a gentle golden hue.
It touches your greying hair
And my heart is full
with the wonder of you.

Perhaps you are reading a book
or arranging  an errant flower.
Always with such sweet style
You polish our life
like old silver

And when we return to the flesh.
Discarding the years with their
ravages of time.
With school girl charm
You loosen your hair
Upon lavender pillows

And I gaze in wonder
Into your beautiful eyes.
The eyes that have graced
me with the look of your love
for so very long.

And in that moment
Once again.
With all tarnish removed.
Our love shines brightly.
Like old silver.
To my love
I saved the best of me
For you

There's a sound in the house
It's a strange noise
It creeps inside
through the cracks
in the windows.
It rises up through the gaps
in the floorboards.

Silently, quietly, almost imperceptible.
Until it reaches my ears
Then the crescendo of symbols
The screaming of dying things
Fill my head.

But it still silent
Until it touches my heart.
And then I hear the softness
Of your sweet voice
The sounds of christmases past
Of love and passion
Of children and laughter
Of the touch of your lips on my skin.

And the cacahpony of a lifetime
Deafens My spirit
The sound of silence returns
To torment again another day

And the loss of you
Cuts my heart like a razor.
Are we one or are we two.
Who knows
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