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hannashe Jun 2019
I always miss the night
Because its able to shady
Its darkness continued the role: empty of all feelings
The moon shine brightly when not avoid the night
And starlight always shine
Hugging the night
Stephanie May 2018
A beautiful sunshine
You said I am your sunshine
You keep calling me the sunshine
While I felt so loved being that sunshine,
You kept turning into a dark night of no shine
Why did you keep calling me sunshine
When you are a total nyctophilia.
Uncrowned King Dec 2016
You don't need an entitlement
You are already my favorite

When I'm deep asleep
You are mine to keep

But I always stay awake
Just to see your black array

Your nothingness gives me everything I need
And your silence gives me every reason to live

Everyone else is afraid of you,
Because you're too dark and dull

But that's not true
You're not dark. Just blue.

You're not dull,
You're cool.

There is no room for insecurity
You are already perfect for me

I cling for your attention
I bring good intention

You're nothing but pure perfection
Try to see it in your own reflection

As I whisper your name
The moon dimmed and stars fell

Your name is so heavenly—
They close the gates of hell

You saved me from my suicidal craving,
Life has been hitting me awfully lately

The cut that life made was deeper
But you made me feel stronger

Is it an illusion?
Another perfect distraction

For my adoring death
And self-destruction

Your coldness touched my sole,
And your darkness captured my soul

I let your darkness devour me
It's no different from my misery

But that's okay,
You seem to notice me

It's enough fuel to stop my self-cruelty
Your presence is all I need
K G May 2016
I have painted upon myself wings
In the fabric of the diaphanous street
Locked her inside the room of mirrors
Laid her where the floor creaks
In the shadow of an eye
A few last diamonds lined her beam
While I'm staring at the canvas, I fear
The unsettling shrill of a midnight scream
When my head is pounding & my heart is throbbing,
when it seems like a good idea to drink my sorrows away till the next morning.
When the constant pain just starts to get worse every time you cross my mind.
It’s not midnight sadness anymore,
it’s morning & afternoon sadness that i can never get over.
You were my anti-depressant & now that you are gone
I crave you more than anything & i’m sadder than I ever were.
Dark soul Nov 2015
Sometimes the night is so quiet
feels like it's demanding us
to disperse into its chasm
like the seeds of silence
and caressed by the darkness
A perfect zilch to be within
leaving me with a kind of abscess that only a deadly cold could favour me such
and me lying and enduring the abyss.....
YoungSymba May 2015
Shadows of my reflection. I found bliss in crawling on walls freely, camouflaging with the dark and the moon's exposure whereby my identity surfaced.
My emancipation from the mundane. Stay right beside you though you aren't around,I repetitively question who am I? We're one yet separate entities. I enjoy knowing you're around though at times you disappear when I'm in the dark. (Erase the last line)I'm appreciative of the shelter you provide. There was harmony in my resonance with nyctophilia.

You're always here with me. I'm always here with you. Nothing contrary to that.
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