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OJ May 29
You're always in my mind
Near or far, at any time
Memories awaken every time I smile
The warmth from your palms
Wraps around my soul
I'll stay and never leave your side
All your gentleness, all your kindness
I feel it whenever I hear your name
I promise I will embrace every part of you

I will be with you, protect you for harm
I love you, you are my beloved
With my feelings laid bare, I am exposed but I wouldn't have it any other way

Like the stars flashing above us and sparkle in the sky
And the raindrops falling into the sea
Let's intertwine now, just the two of us
You are my everything
OJ May 4
I've always had really bad wax
Still do
I use q-tips
to pull out bits and pieces
and I can hear the world
OJ Apr 26
May trigger those with mental issues

I cut myself occasionally
It keeps me calm
And though it stings a little after
It has become less and less necessary

I did it again today, one small cut is enough to satisfy me for weeks
I'm not crazy
I'm not crazy
It feels good

It doesn't bleed as much as it use to
And that's good for my health
But the blood is so pretty
So crimson and thick

I'm not crazy
I'm not crazy
I'm not crazy
I'm not crazy
I'm not crazy
OJ Apr 23
Love is jank
Life is jank
That scientist who said the male seahorse has the babies is jank
Laundry is jank
Corona is jank
I am jank
You are jank
This site
is dank
OJ Apr 23
I am transgender
I am different
Though I often feel looked down on
I am beautiful
OJ Apr 21
The sky is red
It is time to go to bed
Close your eyes, dream ahead
Hear me sing
Hear my voice

Oh one with purpose
The gods will guide you
To where?
Who knows
The ground will lead you there
The winds will pull you down and drag you into the sea
I once was there

There you will be met with a boy
And he will repeat these words to you
One with purpose
One I believe
OJ Apr 21
Youth is a moment
Not all can hold it
But like a river
It'll slip away
My own reflection
I feel as if it's deception
How can this be my face
(my face)
My perfect body will not appear
At least not with the prayers I send each night
(Each night)
(Each night)
My body ruined
It will be roughened
I will wait for it
(For it)
When I was younger .Wish I could be that again.
Innocent, pure as the rain
Memories do not change
Though life will
Always, people will be cruel
The lakes pure surface reflects growth
Everything that everyone wants again
It shaped us into who we are today
Like the tides changing by the moon
Oh look how far we've come
(we have come so far)
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