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  Mar 2020 Paige Error
if they say a one-word poem,
i'll write your name...
Paige Error Mar 2020
Promises you made to me
You said that you would stay
You said we’d stay together until we could both run away
Here I am feeling betrayed
Cause when you had the chance
You flew away from the promises you made
I totally just liked this part of Hadestown
Paige Error Mar 2020
From the love to the hate
The words can elate
My aching heart
And from the start
I’ve fallen in love
With words like a dove
Because when words relate
Even if you think it’s too late
It’s can show you’re not alone
Even if you are at home
And words suspended in time
All laced with rhyme
Hug me tight
Show me it’s alright
And that there’s a light
Called poetry
Paige Error Mar 2020
how's it been
it's been a while
I think I like you
I'm scared:
of getting hurt.
of you being distant.
of getting my hopes up.
What if:
I like it?
it actually works out?
I'm finally free of my past?
I know that I overthink everything
and now everyone knows
why does that bother me?
Is it because:
deep down inside I know you don't like me back?
I'm not sure if I like you or the thought of you?
I'm guilty that I'm over HIM this fast?
he was never the one for me
what if HE was?
not HIM
dear God please not HIM
Sorry I lost my train of thought
what did I decide?
Oh right
Overthink it until I can let it go
thank you
I had almost forgotten
how's it been
it's been a while.
Paige Error Mar 2020
Some say that time marches on
a steady tempo droning forever
but I like to think that notions wrong
time dances with ebbs and flows
twirling gracefully to each dawn
and sometimes time falls
crashing down on you like concrete walls.
slowly... time stands
timidly and bruised
one foot then two
a little dazed and confused
but Time always dances on again
lightly swaying but mused
Time dances to its own pace
their metronome abused
Sorry, I'm a little rusty. It's been a while
Paige Error Sep 2019
45 days have past since I have written last
Not that I haven’t tried
but I couldn’t find the words to
Until tonight that is because something just isn’t right
You were supposed to arrive at nine but it’s midnight and
Are you okay since you’ve been away
I know it’s probably fine
and just paranoia on my mind
…but what if it’s not
I feel helpless as time goes on and you’re still gone
Honey are you ok?
Please be ok.
  Jun 2019 Paige Error
Edmund black
In Japan there is an art form
called kintsukuroi which means
to repair with gold
When a ceramic *** or bowls
would break the artisan would
put the pieces together again
using gold or silver lacquer
to create something stronger
forevermore beautiful than before
The breaking is never something
to hide
It doesn’t mean that the work of the art
is ruined or without value because
it is different than what anticipated
Kintsukuroi is a way of living that
embraces every flaw and imperfections
Every crack is part of the  history of
the object and it becomes forevermore
precisely because it has been
I’ve told this story to tell you this
People are the same way
Being hurt or heart broken
or feeling broken generally
is not who you are
It is something that happens to you
Rise up stand proud and move forward
Stop looking about what the world says
about you and who you are
The value of your worth is more
than you can ever conceive
and when you trust
in your heart you’ll understand
the Power you house within
Cracks and all your true value
can never be lost in translation
Know the value of your worth, you worth more than gold... made to an exact specification!
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