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I love the thought of being with him.
On paper he’s perfect.He sticks in my thoughts from time to time. I imagine romantic outings and humble cuddles. He’s shy and his smile brightens up my day. I find myself hoping it’s him when ever my phone rings. But I can’t help but feel that maybe I don’t like him but rather the thought of not being so alone. When your whole friend group is in love you become oddly aware of how alone you are.
Written while listening to hobo Johnson
Sometimes all you need is some sunshine, fresh air, and a message from someone 950 miles away.
I love you to the giant black hole in the center of the universe and defying the laws of physics to get back.
Isn’t it amazing how a crowded room can make you feel so alone.
They’re already trying to turn me against a person who’s a thousand times the people they are
  4d Paige Error
Fear is not telling you how much I need you because I'm afraid you won't reply
Words drift slowly falling like snowflakes in my mind. Covering my midscape with fluffy flakes of diction. Words of hate and love spasticly fluttering to the ground. Snow is beautiful, white, and pristine. Some words are too but, others are heavy, dark, and cruel. Those are like blizzards plummeting in mass amounts sending my mind into a snow globe of chaos. The thing I struggle with remembering is that snow globes settle. So maybe if I can just get through this week where constant paranoia is coming down like hail. Things will be better. Or at least I hope.
Paige Error Jan 23
Honestly I miss you
I wish I didn’t
I wish I could hate you
But you were so perfect for me
I’m not even sure what went wrong
Were you afraid?
Afraid of losing me
Because my lungs did heal
I’m no longer critical
Were you guilty?
Haunted by mistakes I had already forgiven
Because you hurt me but I still loved you
You said I deserved someone better
That’s sweet hon but I didn’t want someone better
I wanted you to stop distancing yourself from me
I wanted you period
I loved you
And you told me you loved me
Or was that a lie too?
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