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Benjamin Bauda Nov 2017
They pamper us,
From the belly to the grave,
From nothing to something,
Transforming our cry to laughter,
Making us smile in soft and hard times,
Thats why He called them our Helpmate,
They are special and awesome.

Their words are soothing and comforting,
To the Baby and the baby.
We are happy to be around them,
Both young and old, little and big,
All to their bossoms we fly.
For in them lies our nutrients and strength.

Her creator called her woman,
Her husband calls her sweetheart,
Her children call her mother,
She is one of a kind,
The cause of man's trouble, the help behind his triumph,
Hate her, love her you still love her because you need her.
She is God's first gift to man,
And we all love her,
She is a woman.
For all the great women in my life
Benjamin Bauda Aug 2017
Ain't t no sunshine when she is gone
The day look dark though everywhere is bright
Very silent though noisy
Looking happy but am sad
Missing the sound of your voice
When I failed to call
There ain't t no sunshine when I don’t hear your voice

Ain't t no sunshine when she is gone
Online am dull Offline am bored
Am alive yet lifeless, Trailing back and forth
Waiting for her text or call
Pride hindering me from texting
Grudge holding my call
There ain't t no sunshine when you offline, online and offline

Ain't t no sunshine when you angry
Only pain and fear
Pain that I have failed you again
Fear that you will leave me this year
There ain't t no sunshine when you don’t pick my calls
For  am anxious to hear your voice
Ain't  no sunshine when you gone
Only hardship and pain
That won’t go away
So baby please stay
So I won’t fade away
Cause there ain't no sunshine when you away.
Benjamin Bauda Aug 2017
Your faithfulness flowing around me,
Though most times am too blind to see,
Too angry to see Your protection,
Too greedy to notice Your provision,
Still yet You remain faithful.

Faithful are You through all generations,
Despite all the spiritual and physical pollution,
You are still faithful,
Constantly providing solution,
To my daily confusion.

Faithful in times of empty and plenty,
Faithful in period of pain and gain.
Faithful when I had no job and when I had a job.
Faithful You are, faithfully polishing me through all situations.

Faithful are you God,
Faithful God You remain,
Faithful Savior You are,
Jesus my helper and defender.
Thank God! Praise God!
For You are and will forever remain Faithful.
Benjamin Bauda Aug 2017
We daily toil, spoil and sometimes boil
Yet it’s still not enough
We cry, mourn, **** and curse
Cause we couldn’t get enough of it
We frown, hide and tell lies
Because we think we don’t have what others think we have in abundance

Call it dollar, name it naira
Whether pounds or shillings
Yen or euro, money or gold
It’s still not and will never be enough

Everyone wants to be a millionaire
The millionaire wants to be a billionaire
The billionaire wants to be a multi billionaire
From the poorest to the richest
We are all searching
For that piece of paper and metal that is never enough

Like the ground that is never tired of feeding on us
So we daily feed on money
And still yet want more money
For we can’t get enough of this thing we love so dearly

It is never enough
And will never be enough
For it was meant never to be enough
So give what you can
Save all you can
Eat what you can
And thank God for all you have
Benjamin Bauda Aug 2017
All your friends are falling in love,
Daily satisfying their lust,
Their faces are all you see on face book,
Yet here you are hurt for lack of fun,
Don’t be jealous have fun while single.
For it’s their time to mingle and yours to be single.

Your mates are busy being employed,
You are idle unemployed.
They are busy with their files
You are playing with your phone.
You think they are having fun,
They know you are having fun.
Don’t be jealous, just have fun.
For a time is coming when you will be too busy to have fun.

The hours are passing,
The years are counting.
You feel like you are fading,
For all your friends are married.
Don’t be jealous just have fun.
Before you kick the Bucket because of too much thoughts and lack of fun.
Don't **** Yourself with worry, what's gonna be gonna be
Benjamin Bauda Jul 2017
In her arms I find warmth
From her kiss I find peace
The touch of her love pierces through my heart,
Flowing through my bones and marrow,
Throwing me off my feet.

You can see the peace clearly on my face,
The love flowing through my veins
Her warmth expanding my weight
Filling me with so much confidence and grace

She has filled me with much love,
That I now breath love.
When I hear love, I hear her voice.
When I see love I see her face.

She has quenched my taste for love,
By filling me with love.
So I don't ask for more,
For I have found all that I need,
In her love for me.
So I stay glue to her till eternity.
To my beloved Sarah
Benjamin Bauda Jun 2017
I love you,
Though you a times you doubt my love for you,
I still can't stop loving you,
Because I love you.

I love the way you stayed,
When you could have gone away,
With that dude called Friday,
Leaving me under the rain,
On a sunny Sunday.

I love the way you brighten my day
Day to day you keep loving me in new ways
Ways that always keep me amazed
Amazed at your beautiful ways and pace

I love you,
For you are my news,
Everyday shows me a new side of you,
Making me daily renew my love for you.

Love your smile that makes me smile.
Love your beauty that blinds my eyes from other beauties.
Love the walk even when we don't talk.
Love you my one and only love.
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