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Maddy 1d
Still believe in Fairy Tales
Dreams coming true with hard work and a little luck
Happy Endings
Old cartoons and new
Honesty, Truth, and Respect
Caring, Friendship, and Sharing
The Magic, My Dear is when I awake to your blue eyes

Maddy 2d
It is very easy to say this and not being poetic
Mind your business
It is not your life
It is the life of others
No matter who they love and what they do
Mind your religion and politics but separate it from others
As a married and straight women making this clear
Yesterday doesn't compute to many
Before they move away from the United States?
Moving forward backwards

Maddy 4d
You are entitled to your opinion
We can agree to disagree
Those who don't care what happens once a child is born
They go through adoption and maybe get lucky
There is no mechanism to care or fund their lives when things fall threw the cracks
Is Society responsible for them?
Women are not going backwards
Women should have the right in all fifty states to do what they wish  as citizens
Medical and other horrible situations which are out of their control when they are victimized has been grossly and horribly ignored
Some people should look in their own backyards and hearts before they judge
There is one member of the Supreme Court that would have his marriage disavowed if we go back to yesterday
Love who you love
They don't care
My State and others near us do

Maddy 4d
At Daybreak
On the east coast of the United States
Take a closer look
Mercury, Saturn, and Venus
Crescent moon
A parade of Planets

Maddy Jun 19
If you celebrate today enjoy your Fathers, Grandfathers and Uncles as well as other men in your life
All the things I would have done for my Dad were gone when I was 15
One horrible August morning
Daddy, I will never stop missing you
If there is a Heaven, hope you know this and will be looking for out rainbow
I feel badly for the great grandchildren and grandchildren you never met as well as the sons in law
Mostly photographs and memories that no longer do the trick
Missing you

In memory of our Daddy
Maddy Jun 14
It is permanent like solid cement
No cracks  and no dents but permanent
Tarnished brass and photographs and memories you need to forget
Those you cherish remain and always stay around and with you
Saying goodbye isn’t painless but healthier than you used to think
Saying Hello and see you soon is so much better

Maddy Jun 13
FOR THE Late great Stephen Sondheim
They indeed listen and remember
So those in their earshot
They must be cared for and carefully taught
So carefully choose the very special and unique
To engage them
NO banned books
No compromise
Children listen and remember
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