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Maddy 1d
Dew point and humidity brings out wilting rag doll
Bust through other days but this one was different
So many wanting to live life and celebrate and yet the Fat Lady has not sung yet
Waiting to belt out a ballad or two when all are vaccinated and then you can't be sure
You really can't be so have your bad days and enjoy the others
Bad day

Maddy 4d
Don't infuriate
It is up to you but do the very best that you can
Accept no and reading between the lines is futile
Do gooders are kind and generous so don't suspect them of anything
You can't really reheat a souffle
Reach for the stars and fall among the clouds
Look up

Maddy 7d
1973  seems like yesterday and a very bad dream.
So were ages 15 and 12.
That is what we were
Another Father's day and the pain comes slowly but still with us
You are with our hearts and minds
Wanted to spoil you but time was against us  
On beaches and places you never visited
How we wish we could shower you with gifts
Most of all to hear your voice again
Love from all your kids the originals, the ones they married, your grandchildren and spouses and your great grandkids
Tell Mom, Hello.
We miss her and you!
Happy Father's Day!

Maddy 7d
Science to the rescue
You lead the charge eloquently
So very funny and endearing
It will tell is the whys, wherefore, and explaining it effectively
We will get it the place it needs to be
The evidence is out there
Believe it and learn about it
We have ideas but more unanswered questions
Not knowing is fine and admitting the fact even better
Are we alone in the universe?
Glitches abound but delusions and bias don't lend credence to what we yet cannot explain
Wishing for discoveries to ponder and explore

Dedicated to Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tysen
Maddy 7d
That word bleeds in my ears.
Same which rhymes with both blame and shame.
We are coming through a time that is not only unforgettable but extremely painful
We will never be the same and that word is not written lightly
Locked in a box of yesterday once more does not cut it
Savor and enjoy your memories but don't let them stand in the way of new ones
Enjoy those you love and new as well as old friends
What good are they if they are in scrapbooks with bookends?
Be the best and do your best for yourself and others.
Giving up should not be an option
The same , no way
Better, braver, and stronger.

Maddy Jun 16
History and research are incredible but not for everybody
You have be a detective and care enough to search deeper than you would think possible
with all the Technology and information available there is so much more to find and comb through
Some discoveries will delight you and others will keep the search until you find what you are looking for or seek out discoveries beyond your grasp
You had little or no knowledge of the past and those who carry your DNA
The maze of research and work is exhilarating. sometimes fruitless, and then the awe when you find out more than you bargained for
Still going through the maze to find out completely who I am and where it all began
In some ways, on my own

Maddy Jun 13
John Lennon you were in my thoughts
Too young to appreciate you then but now, Wow.
Two baby racoons were crossing a park road wondering can we still shine
Those humans stopped for us?
Are we done?
Are we untrue?
Can we still get our acts together>
Let us all shine together and let thepast be what was
Concentrate on what is now what can be and what will be
Instant Karma 2

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