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Maddy 2d
A robin was gathering twigs for a nest being built under a bush near the Guggenheim museum
The Park was filled with visitors, Television and Movie crews, and the Zoo delighting everybody
I wondered who noticed besides yours truly
As I worked yesterday, children were walking to school or visiting the exhibits as the Digital Media curriculum was written with our colleagues
Adults need to learn from children who want to learn and ask questions before they formulate an answer
Let's hope there will be a Year of the Human Being

(inspired by Malia’s poem ‘crack the code’)

the unspoken poems
are the loudest
the ones you don’t utter
the times you don’t bother
symphonies of silence
votes of no confidence
trust marbled with rust
what's become of us?
Maddy 7d
4.8 shaking and rocking on the East Coast of the United States
Some blamed the former US President
Others Mother Nature
Others claim the Supreme being is angry with us
What will they say about the Solar Eclipse?

Maddy Apr 5
She was lovely and lonely
Her copper-red belly stood out on a gray rainy day with patches of blue
She seemed to be listening to other birds' chirps and squirrel noises
She hopped on just taking everything in
Lovely company
Hello Robin

Maddy Apr 4
To my Friends and Fellow Poets!

Maddy Apr 2
When the talking stops
When the words do nothing
Just put them on the back burner
Be there when called upon
For the time being, let them deal
Let their Drama Go

Maddy Apr 2
It will be set free
Shaken from the cobwebs of yesterday
Headed for a brighter tomorrow
Take a step and breathe for today
Maybe this time

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