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Maddy 4d
Mother Nature and her children stillstops her in her tracks
Makes you want to share it and give back
Movies move her to tears
Some lyrics start the flow
Stop crying or I’ll give you a reason to cry
You never took the time to listen ir want to know why
How jaded and cold can one be?
Narcissism is your goddess
Others don’t really matter
Put yourself second best
Wasn’t worried about the rest
Wanted to give up
Never areason to try
Give you a reason to cry
Give you a reason to cry
May pebble that is why rainbowchaser seeks a deeper truth
Not a lie

Maddy 7d
That Congressman needs to hide behind a wall of his own making
Please resign and learn what gun violence is all about
The grace and elegance of these parents shows us
What we really are made of
These families hearts are broken because of the ignorance and stupidity of one man
The Parkland kids and all children will be safe because they dared to be thrown if a hearing from one of Trump’s men.
The ignorant and the pathetic

Maddy 7d
If we turn every page
To discover the powerless and those in pain
Is POTUS and his cast of characters insane?
Trump up has an entirely different meaning
The Wall is not the answer to every issue
Mindfulness,Peace,Refocusing and Reflecting on what was,what is,and what continues to be
Before you break every American heart
The new rainbow needs a beginning and a start
Thanks Melissa

Melissa Manchester’s new video inspired this poem.
The video is on
Maddy Jan 25
Open your heart
Silence your mind
Shut off the noises,excuses,and clutter
Leave it be
Let it go and revisit it
Later will come but you might not be willing
Focus carefully
Get figurative
Get literal
Get with it
Leave reading between the lines alone
No time for monologues but that might come
It's not Republican or Democratic commentary
The exchange might be a great gift or a glimmer of hope
A breath of fresh air
Maddy Jan 14
We see things differently
Capable of feeling and describing the world and what she offers differently.
Forever learning and interpreting what others sometime take for granted
Do they really see?
It takes a definition to be adapted and accepted
We know they don't listen until they have to
Sometimes it is too late or they never cared to being with
Insurmountable for some but not for all

Maddy Jan 13
Taught your books
Reread your words
Walked at Walden
Life changing monent
Touching your desk left me humbled
Always crafting words like reworking recipes to improve them
Poets can't laugh at themselves but their words lessen life's highs and lows

Maddy Jan 13
Don't mince words
Dislike phonies
Real and true
I am a poet
Taken long enough to say that aloud
Have no time for stupidity or unfair games
Very Real
Time and effort precious

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