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Maddy 3d
She is here
A miraculous gift for her family to treasure and adore
Challenging to have her join the party as her Daddy would say at this time in our world
It is a testament of just how much her parents love each other
They love you more than any poet could express even your Aunt
You shine unlike any other
Uncut and beautiful with a quality and luster all your own
May the world welcome your arrival and be gentler,kinder, and more caring for you.
As your begin your story filled with sunshine, warmth and glory
May good health and joy surround you every moment
Welcome to the world, Little Gem.

Dedicated to Lola Rae
Maddy May 18
You wake me in the middle of the night
You don't plan to do that but you do
Blamed my Muse for it but now it is not just you
It is musical snapshots ,words.and sometimes it is
nothing I can capture here
Those reading know what I mean and if you don't you are not a
Hard to challenge what you were born with
Still don't know how I do this but I do
Next time when it isn't your lover or insomnia
Make sure you have a pen or laptop handy
Formula for a writer
Guess that is me or you
All of us here too?

Maddy May 18
You are still searching for your one and only
Search your heart and cut the baloney
Sorry that cant write a prescription
to alleviate your affliction
There are no rules or guidelines
Jump into the moment push aside the sidelines
You deserve the fairytale and the very best
Please don't settle ,let this person standout from the rest
For you,the stars and the moon need a better destination
Make memories and  take snapshots without hestitation
First a forever friend and then a lover
Breaks the mold completely unxpected like no other
The love of your life is out there waiting for you
No excuses now,you know what to
He is waiting for you

Maddy May 17
Know the magic
Even now
Enjoy it and Welcome its return
It is always with you but you sent it away
The pause did that,not you
Open yourself up right now when we don’t know where we are going to
Happily we are here to be going
So many have been lost
So many have made their way back
They have changed but so grateful
We will rise up just like my beloved NYC
We will be better people and a True United States
Can you feel it?

To Teachers everywhere,my respect and I know first hand what it is to Teach.
Forever an Educator!
Maddy May 11
Not doomsday, sorry still have to believe
The future will be different but we will have one
Parties, celebrations, dinners ,vacations are on pause
We anxiously await their return
Perhaps, we have learned just how precious they all are
Just as the family and friends we hold so very dear
We have lost so much and not sure what we have gained
We are all still in some type of mourning
The stages of that all have to be dealt with
So,we deal and no you don't have to like it
Just so you know we are in this together but differently
See long ago, we were taught how to hate and fear
Just like that famous lyric tells us
We need to stop listening to yesterday's messages and find a new today getting us towards tomorrow
Believe whatever you wish
There are many different colors of rainbows after a storm
Sorry, if you are color blind

Maddy May 10
To all Moms and Grand moms with us and in the great beyond, Happy Mom's day!
A personal plea, please.
Some women are not Mothers either by choice or circumstance so wish those you are sure about Happy Mother's day.
You might being reminding them of what could have been and what is not.
Yoiu know what assumptions make you.
Aunts are sometimes recognized but usually not, we get it and it is fine.
Hopefully, next year will be the celebration you planned for.
May all your days be filled with joy and very much less with pain and sorrow.

Maddy May 9
Three of you crossed my path or flew over me this week
Messengers of good and happiness in the future
May your wishes be shared with all the first responders, essential workers doing their utmost out there for all of us
My heart goes out to those who have lost friends and loved ones
My heart goes out to the dramatic changes and loss of livelihood many must endure
Most of all to the educators, experienced, certified, and newly anointed as they teach from home
It was my field of endeavor and still is
Technology and Media Literacy people are reactivated daily
We have always been there but perhaps you did not notice
Perhaps you all know now just how important teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and all educational support staff really are
Darling Bluebirds hope to make your acquaintance again

Dedicated to United Federation of Teachers and American Federation of Teachers members everywhere

To quote Johnny Carson's Karnac " May the bird of paradise fly up your nose".
If you remember him enjoy if you don't check You tube
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