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Erin Nicole May 3
I’m just tired. Tired of being broken. Tired of being forgotten. Tired of being used. Tired of feeling lost. TIred of being nothing. Tired of fighting myself to eat. Tired of feeling empty. Tired of feeling alone. Tired of Tired of doing everything for everyone; But getting nothing in return. Tired of being pulled back into this dark place. I’m just tired. Tired of crying.. Tired of breathing.. I’m just so tired..
Erin Nicole Nov 2018
The way I can't stop thinking about you.
The way I miss you when we are apart.
The way my heart breaks to pieces when I see you on the streets, like nothing happened.
The way I  was so disappointed when my high hopes, of you showing up, lets me down.
The way I so desperately wish you were mine.
It all hurts. But what hurts most is falling for someone who doesn't understand how much you truly care and have them on your mind.
Erin Nicole Oct 2018
If I could have a wish come true,
a dream that'd come to pass,
I'd ask to spend the day with you,
and pray that it would last.

I'd run to you and hold you close,
We'd laugh and smile again.
I'd listen so intensely,
As you tell me how you've been.

When time was up I'd hold you close,
Not wanting to let go,
You'd smile and tell me, 'see you soon'
And somehow I would know

That while it's very hard to wait,
One day that time will come,
I'll join you there forevermore,
When I too am called home

My wish may go ungranted,
But it always will be true...
I'd trade many of my tomorrows,
For one yesterday with you.
Erin Nicole Nov 2017
They say that there is good and evil in everyone's heart
with me there's more
It feels like inside my mind is a never ending war
Some are good
Others are evil
Yet some who just want to fight
this mental war is killing me slowly
Please let it end
  Nov 2017 Erin Nicole
Ashly Kocher
If only there could be
One day throughout the year
For all those who have passed away
That their souls would be released
For us to have one more day
Just to talk, hug or cry to one last time
Also, for loved ones to say a proper goodbye
For those who left us suddenly
Make your dreams of fantasy become a reality
Erin Nicole Jul 2017
You know that feeling?
When your're just waiting.
Waiting to get home, into your room,
close the door, fall into bed,
and just let everything out that you kept in all day.
That feeling of both relief and desperation.
Nothing is wrong.
But nothing is right either.
And you're tired.
Tired of everything, tired of nothing.
And you just want someone to
be there and tell you it's okay.
But no one is gonna be there.
And you know you have to be strong
for yourself, because no one can fix you.
But you're tired of waiting.
Tired of being strong.
And for once, you just want it to be easy.
To be simple. To be helped. To be saved.
But you know you won't be.
But you're still hoping.
And you're still wishing.
And you're still saying strong and fighting,
with tears in your eyes.
You're fighting.
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