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Kristi Kaye Feb 3
Every piece of you
Fits in every piece of me
In a perfect way
Kristi Kaye Feb 3
Creates darkness
Within the heart
Killing the soul like
Kristi Kaye Jan 27
The music fades
quiet notes still
linger in my heart
Thoughts drift
of possibilities
longed for,
but lost
Kristi Kaye Jan 25
You don’t  think I care,
but I do.
You don’t think I’m there,
but I am
In the shadows, out of view,
but I’m there
My presence, not seen
Be still & you’ll feel me
My voice, carried by the wind
Listen & you’ll hear  
Unnoticed, but ever-present;
forever encouraging, supporting,
loving you from afar
Kristi Kaye Jan 24
Carry your scars
with pride, not shame.

What are scars,
but proof you’ve
survived your wounds,
for wounds
carry no scars,
only blood.

What are scars,
but gold stars for
lessons presented
and conquered.

What are scars,
but evidence you’ve
overcome life’s
most difficult obstacles.

What are scars,
but proof of
your success,
leaving you
not broken
but wiser.

— The End —