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🎯 Watch the short film Brideless Groom, starring the Three Stooges, and imagine if the male parts were played by females, and the female parts were played by males. Imagine the outrage if men crashed a wedding ceremony to beat up the women.

Right, shut up! Look out the window! See the tragic environmental
damage?! I've seen better, I mean worse...anyway like 2 teats bitten
off by jackals, they'll grow back & you'll go on to sire 5 fat psychos
who look like monkeys. What about you? I'm driving to west Texas
to become a homosexual because my people, homosexuals, are 500
times more likely to succeed in life by clearing all of the ***-baited
hurdles that quasi-gay & mega-lesbian homosexuals put in our way.
Catch creeping, climbing, cold carnage...
Most of the "poems" here allude to blood.
Most of the "poems" here reference blood.
Blood is blood.  ****** blood is red blood.
Readied blood is bleeding, blood-red blood.
Red-dyed blood is ******, blood-dead blood.
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