bluevelvet Jan 8
em>Some people find God
Smoking a cigarette,
I found him in the way
I made them laugh
And it comes in the forms of colors
Like blue and green,
Brown and a slight tent of red
But it doesn't matter,
At least not most of them
Because it doesn't matter what I do
I will never know what it feels like
To know if you would have loved
Every color in me
I sometimes mistake certain colors
bluevelvet Jan 8
I know you're somewhere out there
You're just not here

And that speaks volumes
bluevelvet Dec 2017
It's day one
Excluding New Years Eve
Because hey,
It's been a hell of a God damn year

And there's no pieces left to piece
Just the resounding of
No one cares anymore
Replaced and forgotten
Remainder of a fucking notebook
That has zero substantial meaning
To who I am today

Except for you
And you make it hard
To let it go

It's you and I know
It's branded into my soul
That I was a careless dumbass

God damn

Look at you and it
Doesn't even

Because look at me

Remember me?


I don't either
bluevelvet Dec 2017
I am self titled
In the matters of
Everything that is dark

I am whoever you think of
And I am absolutely none of them

Because people have their opinions
Of pinkys and lies,
The deceit and broken ties

But as strong as you might,
The views don't define me

So I cheers to you,
My fearless fantasy
For understanding how you
Have to love yourself

Cheers to my Speak Now
Because you can't let
Fear control your life

Cheers to Red
In the way I wish it was different
Because you were different

Cheers to nineteen eighty nine
For being a building block
Of everything to not do wrong

Cheers to my Reputation
For it doesn't define
Anything but what the
People of masses want to believe

And cheers to Me
The wonderful,
Unending piece of
Peasantry, worthless piece of shit

You don't fit the look
Or think like others,
Multiple personality traits
And mental instability

But God Damn
You sure are fucking amazing
bluevelvet Dec 2017
Maybe you're just
Another level in the scheme of things
Or maybe you're different

But don't think you
Don't matter, ever
Because there are real people
That genuinely feel indifferent
Like me

And they can be petty
And they can be mean
But everyone gets what they deserve

So let them feel that way
Be classy and hold your head up
Life is a shit show and
Those people

They are the turds of
All your wildest dreams
bluevelvet Dec 2017
And I'm doing horrible as ever
But my comebacks are clever
To fit my personality
And you can think whatever of me
Or you don't
I am fat and worthless
But I am a hotmess
Of potential
Just need some inspiration
From someone that seeks desire
In imperfect tramas
bluevelvet Dec 2017
Your eyes
The answer
The riddle

"You're so
Fat and ugly
Why even bother?"
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