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September Roses Jul 2018
Sit back and relax
Feel the waves wash over your back
In the melting sun
Looking at the clouds reflecting all the pinks and blues
Over the blooming hill, echoing white noise of chirps and crickets

Listen to the trickling of the slow water over the smooth rocks
Feel a warm wind brush your face
With your eyes closed
Enjoying the radiating warmth
And the soothing crackling of a log fire

Or sit and admire the shimmering spray
Of a waterfall smoothly crashing into the water of a sky kissed lake
Sunlight dancing through the vapor
Rainbows jumping through every droplet

Listen to the pitter patter of the rain, against a tin roof
Inside a warm cabin
Drifting to sleep
Soon to wake to the song birds chorus
And the blissful sun

Bask in it
And relax
It was all too fast and unexpected. Suddenly I was there meeting a complete stranger not knowing what to expect. She was a heart-breaker and I knew it deep down but I ignored all the red flags for all those butterflies and rainbows. She knew where my buttons were, she knew when to push them, she knew how to play a girl very well. And now I'm left feeling like a fool because she has moved on to her next prey.
Jim Timonere Sep 2018
I washed ashore blind with anger after the storm of my life,
And met a girl who loved rainbows.  
She found me, though she wasn’t really looking, and
Called out to me cautiously; for
She’d lived through a storm of her own.
We learned to know each other through the distance
Between us, enjoying what we learned and suffering,
At times, from the jagged edges of what we’d been through.

Trust that has never been betrayed came first, then
Friendship, and love.  Then came something more
As these three aspects melded into a union greater than the
Sum of them.  Something comfortable, something
Warm; a companionship of spirits gained over two decades.
That will carry us above and beyond and away
Where pain is forgotten, and the warmth lasts forever.

I have not earned this, it was my luck when I was blind
That she could see the rainbows after my storm…
Tomorrow, September 13, 2018, is the 20th anniversary of my first date with Jane Truax Timonere, the love of my life.  It wasn't always easy because we met when we were older and had each been pummeled by life.  We were lucky and hardheaded and made it.  I am grateful to her and the One who was kind enough to bring then keep us together.
Thanks for letting me spout.
rainstorms fiercely bulge the waves
toss honeysuckle and bougainvillas
blow their blossoms high
towards the rainbow
that in sunny moments
sparkles over volcanic hills
Waves storms honeysuckle rainbow sparkle
Kevin Feb 2017
R  adiantly
      A  bove
I  n
         N othing
  B  ut
      O  ther
        W  orlds.
              S  queezed
         O  range
    F  ills

        N  iche.
               O   bsequios
               T   houghts
           H  inder
                       E xtraordinary
           R ealms.
            C aught
     O n
             L  imits
     O f
              R eality.
Joanna Jun 19
The colors of the rainbow that once shined bright have changed,
to a third dimension that hides at night.

The wings of an eagle, so wild and free, live deep in the heart
of me.

The waves of the ocean that have created such a storm have
been silenced, so that peace can be reborn.

Thunder and lightning have been subdued, and a beautiful butterfly has emerged, in a time of renewal.  

Reflecting on all of this has created a moment that can not be defined.  Revealing a hidden garden that grows lush in time.
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Steve Mar 24
Mountains and dreams
Castles and Rainbows
Flashing eyes
Lightning bolts
Warm smiles
Rowing boats
Cushioned by clouds over
Castles and rainbows
Deep breaths
Angel lips
Sharp nails
Honey sips
Lost in the moment beside
Castles and rainbows
Heart beats
Smoke rings
Chocolate treats
A robin sings
Feeling you rise seeing
Castles and rainbows
Blue sky
Hot sun
Moving waves
Double fun
Castles and rainbows
Mountains and dreams
Tassels and hedgerows
Fountains and queens
Joanna Jul 14
Her lamp is lit and clearly burning as his bride enters.

Her heart is gentle yet discerning of the hour at hand and a new day

While she is held captive to satisfy his longing, she is spelled by her beloved as he comes near. This place is a magical habitat of grace.

His lamp is lit with precious oil. And yet it remains hidden deep
within, a treasure chest of gemstones of the purest form.

She presses on knowing, in him, there is a rainbow of shelter from
every new storm.
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Rebecca Cerrone Aug 2017
Sometimes this smile covers the ugliness that goes on inside my mind.
I say "I'm fine," but that always sounds the same, even when it's a lie.
You can't even imagine how wrong everything seems at times.
I look fine on the outside, but my fears scream inside.
There's doubt in these green eyes,
And there's rocky waves in this sea,
But I'm trying to not let it destroy me.
I'm not always sunshine and rainbows,
I have my gloomy days, and I've learned it's okay to rain,
And I hope when the storms come you don't run for cover, but rather stand with me.
My time spent chasing rainbows taught me of pipe dreams,
and liars.
Dusting off the fairy dust,
I learn my limbs have life
Evolution saunters, entertaining kings
Picking fights, for the sake of the queen

Animals were made to bleed
Rainbows are made from rain.
partials of color
tend to escape

My time spent chasing rainbows, gave me bruises
cuts so deep, I never heal
there is beauty in the damaged flesh
solace in regret
Truth shines across the sky
colored in lies

I spent my time chasing rainbows, lost in the thrill
I should have spent my time admiring the still
the small feel, of standing beneath.
Heart Broken-
does it need fixen?
Dreams Shattered-
can they be mended?
Hand Empty-
can it be taken?
Eyes wide open-
but do I see?
wants; alive-
desires; to be caught-
rainbow halfway across-
eyes, ears, nose, heart, toes, lips-
am I whole?
I think I lost a part of me-
but where?
with an angel?
clouds full of rain
and thunder-
sunshine trying to break through-
stars unseen-
moon always there,
but not always seen.
Am I a rainbow, part of
the clouds, sunshine, stars,
or moon?
Or just none?
am I awake?
or is it all a dream?
don't shake me-
Cause if I'm dreaming
I may not want to be awake-
but then again,
maybe I do!
touch me tenderly, whisper
my name, kiss my temple,
carress my cheek-
fore if I'm meant to wake
I will-
but if not, let me love
you, if only in my dreams-
are you beside me?
asleep, too?
dreaming of me?
or just in my imagination,
full of my every wish-
do I dare to try to
call out your name?
do i even know it yet?
eyes; shine
breathing; calm
heart; beating-
I see your face.
but your image is foggy-
will it clear?
or become lost in space?
hours have past me by,
eyes still open,
thoughts too heavy-
heart full of dreams-
waiting for me?
Join me!?
I'll meet you inside, my love;
if only in my dreams!


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
mochanem Mar 2018
And by the end of the day he is indifferent
and she is in pieces

By the end of the day they are happy
and the future is ready

By the end of the day the book is set
but life is unsteady

By the end of the day my thoughts
are more alive than I

Vividly paint my life inside my mind

You are the happiness I hide behind

And now you are running away from me

I'll pass out this time
but there are no splashes of green

Thanks for bringing what you had to offer
and then snatching it away from me

By the end of the day the only thing on my mind
is the nostalgic moments you gave me

I had my head in the future
but I am currently caught up in the now

You are my Carnation

A flower, so grow wild

I wanna see you smile

Smile through the blood of this haunted house
Laugh at the dead mouse
Get out GET OUT

Of my head.
Dedicated to Indigo
autumn-rachelle Sep 2018
what happens when you are so in love with a thought you could never dream.
       not like being on a timeout, or friend zoned.
  like wishful thinking of a perfect scene, or being.
Can most of us say that we ever truly fell in love at first sight, i can.                  
      i can tell you how the sun shines for the birds and blooms. i can tell you how the  diamonds are hand painted into the night sky and even have their own stories.
   i can tell you all the angles of the prisms, in the colors of a rainbow.
i can describe in perfect detail sculpted cheekbones and a smile so warm everything
    melts inside. 
 i can say how my heart aches to even be known. in the world, in the universe,
   in the front of someone's mind. not just known but really, and truly known by something, anything, anyone.
      i can tell you that my soul aches for more...
   i can tell you how my life essence is tied to more.....
after everything so far.
          i can also tell you that i doubt if anybody even knows my name.
its a mess, im used to it...... (:
Jasmine dryer Sep 2018
The say that after very storm theres a rainbow
But at evey rainbow is a *** of gold
Gold turns into greed
Greed turns into guilt
Giult turns into pain
Pain turns into tears
And then once more
A rainbow
The never ending cycle
Hollow Steve Dec 2014
Stricken by the absence of color,
and the absence of rainbows that once sung to me.

Nullified and numbed by the irrationality of my ego,
and my hatred for sanity.

These are punctured wounds by the hands of the stained glass,
as this shattered hourglass speaks gibberish to me.

I'll take all the blame,
it was all my fault anyways.

As if my world wasn't trippy enough,
the only thing standing in my way is you.

So let violence sing one last time...
Scream for me poetry.
nadine Jan 2018
my ears refuse to hear, and my mind refuses to believe such:
"a woman should not-!"
"a woman cannot-!"
"a woman shall never-!"
"no woman is better than-!"
horrendous words from irrational people.

a woman can sit however she wants to - crossed legs or like how men do,
a woman can wear whatever she wants to - size, length, style don't define her; the woman herself is the beautiful view,
a woman can drink, smoke, cuss, and can say no to whoever - you may be on level two, but she is too,
a woman has the every right to be treated like a human,
a woman has the every right to go beyond the four walls,
a woman has the every right to cross the limiting borders,
because we are the women,
we are more than the color red; more than our crimson red cheeks; our bright red lips; our vaginas; our period; our polished nails.
we are fierce as the orange fire, bright as the yellow sun, wild as the forest greens, beautiful as the blue reefs, and got purple hues in our skin.
we are rainbows more than just its beautiful colors -
the rainbows you sometimes fail to appreciate -
women are the rainbows that will never raise the white flag.
women are THE ****.
all the love
Cné Sep 2017
Rainbows in a sky of blue
with clouds of grey beyond,
Ripples lapping lilypads,
upon a golden pond,

Just above me and you
Blanketing our passion
As our loving ensues
The sky watches us on

A cool breeze on a summer's day,
my love within my arms,
Clouds that block the blazing sun,
a coyish smile that charms,

All these things and more I dream
when sleep mine eyes doth close,
But most of all, a peace within,
and love that always grows.

A collaboration with Palmer
English Jam Mar 2018
[Part the First]

There's some giddy, childish sensation
The hope of a new generation

Faceless cameras war for my voice
A flashing ocean of stomps and shoves
Taken from me is my choice
Given is a false sense of love
They smile too wide to be true
Contorted and stretched, like some plastic
But they're all I have before the blue
So deep breaths, and then come dramatics

People who pass me by
Don't seem to realise
The emptiness of the sky
When they look into my eyes

They ask:
Is it lonely up in space?
Is it a cold, abandoned place?
Is it bright amongst the stars?
Do you know who you really are?

[Part the Second]

My life has faded to drunken thoughts
Reality doesn't confirm what can't be bought

The multicoloured psychedelia
Of nebula turning to rainbows
Now looks more fake than ever
And so my sanity goes
There's a beast out there, lurking
I'm not sure if it wants me
But my hope is hiding, sulking
From the abyss that can hear and see

The worst way to die is alone
Where there's no one who can help me
As my punishment destroys my home
At least, from my memory

They screech:
It's so lonely up in space
It's a cold, abandoned place
It's too bright amongst the stars
I think I'm dreaming too far

[Part the Third]

The faintest echo of laughter
Presents itself as my only answer

It's distant, like someone drowning in ecstasy
But it rings from the walls to my ears
The effect of the starry-eyed seas
Has mutated into whimpering fears
I know I'm not amongst the stars anymore
But the damage cannot be undone
So I gave myself to the floor
I could lie here, and never see the sun

Space could've never actually existed
Just a vivid fantasy of escape
But my mind has been so twisted
It must've been the cruelty of fate

They wonder:
Was it lonely up in space?
Was it a cold, abandoned place?
Will the stars ever forgive?
Do I still have a life to live?
She does not lose well...

She will not forget.
It will haunt her,
the favorite pencil..
tip softened perfectly,
A paw, pushed it
somewhere to a secret spot.
Out of her vision...her reach.  

A peice of paper elusive, yet there...
lodged deep amidst
A stack
of most important things.

She does not lose well...

Not in terms of Games or Competition..
but the things in
her life
that Envelop
her world.

Tough, Scrappy,
and Oh-So Tender.
Holding all
things dear and
close to her heart

Loss is a place of  
deepest contemplation
for her.
The memories she has stored
through her life
stay alive,
stay vibrant,
stay with her

The immense
joy shared.
Her deepests sadness;
A cachet of stories
reverberate within her heart,
expanding outward
like ripples in a pond.

She does not lose well.

The Creatures
and People
that live within the wholeness of her being...

Even One pulled
out leaves,
like a building block,
a gap, a tear,
a hole in her life.

She does not forget,
Or minimize the Pertinance of Love,
A moment that has touched her heart.

Forever an imprint upon her consciousness.
She is permeated with knowledge... the essence of all things.

When it is time for The Loss,
The breakng of her heart can be felt through all time
and space

Being filled with divine wisdom and insight, She is able
to see all aspects
at once.

The Purpose.
The moment becomes filled with rainbows of light.
She will bathe in that guide Them Home
She knows how.

Knows intuitively what course will
be taken.
She trusts in the Divine. Her piece of solice, amidst the flutterings of her most  tender,
broken heart.

The history, the moments.  Living memories, are paramount  in the connection she has with All.

She does not lose well.

Her grief shrouds her, a mystical shawl.
A veil that will hold her dearly
till the pain is at least bearable..

Then she will
To tell her stories
once again.
A friend Losing her Mother to Alzheimer's
Salto Angel dances an Aqua-Skirt
Such Fashion pleased the Tourists below
How else can the Latin earn your Fervour
But surpass your Record of height and snow?
Funny, how her Majesty can suppress
Even more when viewing up from this Point
Like a Crone who often tries to oppress
A Revolt which a Priest failed to Anoint
And lowering my Camera, I see
The many Prizes I did Hit-and-Miss
But she roared with showers raining gently
And, enough! They saw Rainbows turn to bliss.
So I sat on a Rock to watch and live
Hoping my Partner would rise to forgive.
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