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Title; I wish I had a compass for time

I have an itch for the May bug
But February is taking too long
It's dragging it's knuckles along the pebbles
July a distant song

I wish I had a compass for time
I wish everything in life just rhymed

My vehicle begins to cough
It forgot about hibination
In its haste to go wilderness wild
Across a sunlit destination

I wish I had a compass for time
I wish all the **** in life was fine

How her flowers create and bloom
through the crisp, deep white snow
Metamorphosis inside out
Back-to-front wings gingerly glow

I wish I had a compass for time
I wish it would fall back in line.

Starlings murmur and dance
through hail grazed stormy rage
Flying south a mattered memory
They broke out of nature's cage

I wish I had a compass for time
I wish the chimes would learn to mime
Mixed up world
victoria Jan 28
Title; A young girl and a curse

What page are we on?
What number did she say?
"Ssssh stop asking questions"
"Be quiet"
"Go away"

Can you repeat the question please?
Could you demonstrate?
"Stop fooling around girl"
"We've moved on"
"You're just too late"

I can't quiet the words
The red it hurts my mind
"Up late watching TV
Were you?"
-"I'm guessing not mastermind!"

Please don't make fun of me
You'll only make it worse
"You'll have to learn to cope, child"
victoria Dec 2019
It's nothing to do with an apple or snake
It's just power and greed
And the willing to take-
whatever they feel is theirs by right
Willing to die for
Manufactured to fight

The belief that in their god they trust
A promise of forever
Hearts of rust
Whatever religion
No matter the prayer
Evil can prevail
God doesn't care

Or maybe it's just their skin you despise
Believing you're greater
Ignoring their eyes-
that you'd see
If only you looked beyond
To see one world
Where we all belong

Their gender, their preference, the way that they live
Your God says it's wrong
That he can not forgive

But you do not see with your heart so black
blinded by arrogance
Always on the attack
You're killing this world
Emitting your hate
We've run out of time
It's probably too late
victoria Dec 2019
Theres a place in hell
for people like you
But not the hell that some
believe to be true
The hell they think of
is full of desire
Dark angels of lust
And ****** in fire

No this is a hell
You truly deserve
Chained to your past
And the hurt that you served
Cause your ego was ******
And you couldn't decide
If the lies that you told
We're wrong or where right

People like you should be burried alive
With only your guilt and the secrets you hide
You deserve to die with your heart molten black
With only your sin
And the clothes on your back

If I was a god and you came to me true
With reasons, excuses for all that you do
I'd laugh in your face and spit on your feet
And pray with my soul that the devil you meet

You think you're the devil?
You have no idea
The devil throws parties you wouldn't go near
The devil I've talked with a couple of times
Your not even close
You wouldn't survive

So continue to be, a **** if you must
But you're being watched
You are vile
You disgust
Close your eyes to the pain
That you made to be true
But know
Really know
That pain will **** you.
victoria Aug 2019
as your brain consumes itself
as it discards the good

as your body resides in the dirt
Be tense-
as your lungs start to flood

as the fight begins to growl
Pay attention-
to the hate you accept

Give in-
to the fact that you’ll never be
all the secrets that you’ve kept
victoria Jul 2019
My tv remains half awake switched to standby
So my loneliness can find herself still asleep
victoria Jul 2019
The ***** and the Lady
walked into town
She from the north
He from the south
She passed the boutiques
He passed the bars
She seemed like Venus
He was more like Mars

By chance they met in the park
On a warm winter day
She was feeling lonely
He with so much to say
They sat side by side
Beneath a worn out tree
She spoke of a broken heart
He talked of his life at sea

He learned of her way of life
How she’d been told to smile a fake smile
To marry a man for money
to keep her family within their style
She learned he wasn’t a ***, that he’d fought wars and saved many lives
How he couldn’t face the day light
So usually appeared at night

She asked how it was that today
He decided to strole in the park
He said he’d dreamt of a woman
Alone with a broken heart
The dream had told him to go
to the place that he felt most at ease
He knew just where the dream meant,
walking within the trees

They talked and found that their loneliness
Was different but also the same
She was surrounded by people
He was surrounded by pain
They decided that day to change this
And make up for all the lost years
They’d been given a second chance of love
To smile true and dry up their tears.

The ***** and the lady got married
And rented a flat by the park
No longer did they suffer from loneliness
They had each other
And warm happy hearts
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