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It first started.
I got to admit.
i was scared
I didnt know what i was doing.
In fact
I didnt know who i was
Who i belonged with.
I was lost
I continued to wander in self realization.
But you came.
I was already crushing ******* you.
I didnt know a thing about you
I liked your lips.
I liked your eyes
I liked your voice
I liked your hair
I liked the way you carried yourself.
I liked everything i saw about you.
And then
I found out
Liked me too.
Now i was super scared.
Supernova inside my heart.
I didnt want to **** anything up.
But then
you asked me
And here we are.
**who the **** says magic doesnt exist?!?!
  Aug 2016 Bre Woeller
Samm Marie
I have given you everything
All my time
My thoughts
My words
My heart
And you aren't even there
I'm ready to ******* shoot up
Some ****** tennis court
Not that I ever would
It is unacceptable for you to do this to me
Because despite what I've
Showcased in the past
I am far different than I once was
When you first met me
You have to understand
I will not be spending
Three ******* months chasing
Your cheating loser ***
Because as much as I have
And still do
Love you
I will not be that girl again
So darling,
It's time to ******* man up
Because you're really ******* me off
  Aug 2016 Bre Woeller
im not much of a poet,
but his eyes look like comets
rushing to fall onto me,
being engulfed by earth's pull

im not much of a poet,
but i swear his skin
feels like the first drop of water
on a hot summer shower

im not much of a poet,
but his smile spreads across
my skyline like sunshine
on an early morning jog

im not much of a poet,
and he's not much of my poetry.
  Aug 2016 Bre Woeller
Tight roping the catwalk of life's hopes and dreams

I  tiptoe through trying to avoid hurting myself upon

Jagged pieces of broken glass

Obstacles to my aims and desires

Atop the saffron walls of my blue sky thinking.

From here I could allow myself to fall into blackness

containing all possibilities

Or stay safe aloft and on high

Continuing to follow my narrow path

My feet tire of this peregrine journey

And yearn to search for colours new

To allow myself to pass through deepest black

Through to purest white

And enter the rainbow

Where in life's spectrum

All souls glow within its flow.
What will break my heart more
a sledge hammer
*your words
  Aug 2016 Bre Woeller
Jazmin Ortiz
I wrote your name on my heart
With a blade that was oh so shape
Bleeding with each letter I carve
My heart is hungry for you, it’s about to starve
Please don’t think I have forgotten about you
You are never off my mind
I wish I still had your heart
And I want you to know you will always have mine
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