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Ken Pepiton Mar 14
Benine benine be nine seven

****. Betcha two more more mores for
one more chance at that

Aha! We imagined…

… mean pause if then else ifthen else to the tenth,
take it
don't missit, these thinks happen

rare, raw and dripping re

ish itch tar Ishtar and two snakes

while, recall, Moses, lawgiver and guide,
trumping Lycurgis's lawgiver only,

Moses had one for every eye to see or die
and one for every other heel to stomp.

Old Arizona Cowboy Preacher Proverb
Some times… ya'hafta…stomp yer own (goes unsaid)
[dam'd] snakes.
[ever bodies gottem by the plenty]

One of the Robin Clan of whitemanlan
Theodds, down the Hasayampa
Odd fellows, I remember there was a lodge…

… also means, when no point persists in being made despite the el-elucidation,
light's prime directive clarifying

the principal paring of time to the tenth and
you dear reader, if temporary times are

familiar, to you. Like, family,
a truncated simile metaphor word compact,

like jot family, familiar, family spirit,

house gods and goblins and lit-t'le ***-p'le in blue triangular hats,

… selah … be still … listen … listen

no threats of madness, nor vengeance or conviction
no act-use-ations fraying threads

neither curse nor cuse nor demn 'r'here,
pretend you can practice real is ation

as you read. Dear reader, you are magi,
you know words hold powers, yours
for the reaaching beyond,

trust me, errors are far fewer than you have been led to believe.
Entire cultures set spelled-out prophecies swirling
into imagined infinity
withnaryaperiodjotortittle with no discernible weakening

of the original thread of thought that has us taking
these chances with madness

Philosopher Poet Sophist Cabalist Prospering-liarist

Hawthorne's Man in Black works for Sam Harris's God's
Master Baiter

--- not off track, side-tracked, to let two-way traffic happen---
---flowing systems, despite inevitable turmoil swirling
---this way and that--- cloud shape oaks framed in
twisting, tugging, pulling-pushing, lifting-dropping,

rocking-rolling, the old man is snoring
clapping and clanging waking the dead

oh, wait. not yet. wink. Swallow the bait.

see these threads, these delicate xylem tunnels,
cellulose cathedrals, when you see re-al close,
and, watch this, oak-speed,
California Black Oak speed and deegree of strain
zingle point
a branch maywillshallcanbe tugging a reaching out
rootical radial fractaling famous form

seen in silhouette
California Black Oaks are the Cumulus Nimbi of trees,
in my tiny bubble
five hundred drys gone by pushing cool away so
there ain't
no mo' mo'nin' dew

Woe, blues is fo' some oth ah time. You see.
We make peace here.

This is is our family farm or fact-or-knoting
Knott's Berry Farm being the birthplace of Boysenberries
has always seemed prophetic to me,

here's why, no wu wu, jus'thefax. done d'done done, now

Henry Boysen.
A chapter. AND nada. Same with Paul Lomasny, as
portrayed by Sal Mineo, in The Longest Day.

Despite the scars he had to show, I haven't found his
cred fact checkible, these days

that means
conspiracy, though spiracy sans con is also rumored

probable, should there be another

anti matter bubble develop in the biome blowing bubbles
from gmos bonding

with swallowed double bubble
and in'n'out doubledoubles

in the guts of children returning from a day with
a de-programmed boomer

relativity plays a roll. Snake eyes. Wanna bet?
This coincides with a rock concert with snakes in Dallas... collective sub sistent concience science, I believe.
OpenWorldView Jan 30
                     ­                            A
      Y                                            R
          ­   O                                    T
                        U ­                   S
                            R              N
                  ­E                              D
          M                     ­                 M
    E                                         ­    E
    S                                        B
      H         ­                    E
            W              C
         M                  R
    I                                    K
 ­   N                                          S
       ­        O
Our hearts are meshworks.
You and me becoming one.
memoona kazmi Jan 26
sugar coated people,
we all are,
dressed up in cloaks,
cloaks of sweet words,
uttered by cherry lips,
inside those cloaks,
we are just humans,
on the outside,
but beasts from inside,
with our brutal eyes,
hiding our darkside,
it's not that,
i just am,
or you just are,
the bitter truth is,
we all are...........
raindrops crash across the tin roof

while her mouth issues sweet, soothing music

and the cars pass slowly my ears, at least
Ally Jan 8
The lie that everyone believes.
Yet it is this lie we basically breath.

How can one be honest, when the world tells us not to be?
How can one lie, when the world tells us to be honest?

There is a double standard in this world.
One that tells us too much honesty is evil, but to little is insidious.
How can we adhere to the demands of the world?
The answer is,
We can’t.

We lie to be honest, but to be honest is to lie.
Honestly, we should all just hope that these double standards die.
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