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Shadow Dragon Sep 2019
Spreading love
Spreading legs
Splitting a bottle of wine
As our bodies are to dine
Simple life
Yet complicated minds
Breaking patterns
Breaking rules
Committing just
To continue as fools
And I love
Every detail
And corner
love explore
For me to adore
Shadow Dragon Sep 2019
I have a guy
Who loves pretty words,
Which makes vibrant smiles.
He too loves cries,
but doesn’t like the words
That follow hot tears.
I want to spend years
Knowing this guy.
Fear for fighting
Cold wars
keep love alive.
My love is lively
Sprouting constantly
And the wish for it
To never stop
Is craved.
And I have a spot
In my heart saved
For you.
Shadow Dragon Jun 2019
When you know
that you will never
have a kiss from them again
it hurts.
No more body touches
that are warm and make you sparkle.
Glittery eyes
that are all red
from purple heaven.
I need it
and can't get it.
I hate him.
This isn't for him
it's my emotions
drizzling down my brain.
But that warmth
it is something else.
It's a nice glass of pulp free
pineapple juice made with love.
So when it was all inclusive
there were shockingly many non-inclusive things.
The same for him,
he could be all inclusive
while being just like the hotel.
His body became a hotel for me,
and now i'm missing a vacation.
Shadow Dragon May 2019
You really know your addicted
when you feel like
addictive you can think of
the sober one of you.
And one has become two personalities
"Baby don't smoke today<3"
Shadow Dragon Apr 2019
A free bird in a cage too long
goes insane.
Especially if the care taker
is insane too.
Future plans
spoil today's plans.
An exchange of stones
is a symbol that means more
than feelings can carry.
Wether in the mountains
or on the road
the stone means the same.
Even if the stone's value diminish
the symbol remains.
A free bird can have no stone
but a caged bird has no use of the stone.
Now that is a dilemma.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2019
I felt guilty kisses
one by one.
Continues thrill,
lust at dusk.
Hands found corners
that shouldn't be found.
But deep feelings
made it appealing.
The tipping point
came around.
My eyes drowned.
Sleep, a temporary fixer
that fixed nothing at all.
Because when dawn
came around,
I felt empty and alone.
Even though
my body was well known
by two souls.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2019
Stand tall with a little support.
look down and watch how you transport.
They let you move fourth,
and make life look prettier than possible.
They cause you pain,
and cause you to be vein.
The shoe may fit your foot,
but it can still make you look like a fool.
If you believe that the look is worth more
than your comfort, emotions and yourself,
then I'm sorry to say
you may be a relationship *****.
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