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I hop on and off,
just like my mood does.
It's quite empty in sound,
only the hissing of the wheels
is present in my ears.
I observe the flash of lights
count them one by one.
Making me realise
that's not all I count.
Life has been traced
from number to number.
But it's the countdown
for a vacation, paradise,
freedom with no walls.
I wish the count would end
because, my dear friend,
my wish is to die
even if I don't know why.
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
I hate the empty feeling
I sometimes get
when I hear your voice.
I see you waiting for an answer
that I don't want to give.
I get angry at myself
and then at you.
How could you let me
leave without saying goodbye.
How could you let yourself
let me be in this mood.
Why won't you insist on me
staying and talking to you.
Will you please tell me to stop
and love you.
I need you to tell me what to do
for otherwise I'm just going to be cruel.
I don't want you to act
like it doesn't bother you.
For I see it does
and I know it's because
it's not normal to be like this.
So hopeless, angry and empty
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
Hate has the same eyes as yours,
brown and tender.
They carry the same look
as if I was everything wrong with the world.
Hate has the same movement as you,
slow and swinging from side to side.
Careless and judged
by everyone who lays eyes on you.
Hate feels the same as you,
burning feeling of anger
but with passion and care
deep beneath the skin.
Hate has the same hair as you,
short and greasy,
which sticks to my hands as I brush through
the brown locks.
Hate looks like you,
but I don't mind it.
Because I admit
I love looking at you.
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
Undone sentences
that die between lips.
Soft skinned cherry  
lips bitten by teeth.
Searching for sweet
and sour company.
Pleased by pain
and haunted by time.
Ticking clock in the night
recalling sunshine
landing on hips of gold.
Melting beauty
upon the sheets.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
where's the perfect lips of them all?
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
Smoke from your mouth
form captivating clouds
accompanied by light
sentenced love promises.
Gruesome coughs
of heart broken bones.
I wish it could be you and me
sitting in a tree.
Perhaps a peach branch
can hold us up.
And you can take a bite
of my fresh fruit
that I kept just for you.
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
I'm tired.
Not that tired
which makes you stay in bed.
But the one that
makes you wish you did.
I think about life
and the value it has.
It can be worth more
than diamonds and gold.
Or it can be worth less
than coal.
I chose the second option
because I'm tired.
But if I rest my life,
put it on hold
and let myself breath,
I could make life more valuable.
Yet, I wish I was in bed
and sometimes I'm guilty
of wishing I was dead.
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
You ask me how
I will do it.
I never told you
but I will slit my throat
in front of the person
that anger me the most.
I wanna see blood, red
and frighted eyes.
Scared for life.
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