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Monet Echo Mar 14
It’s amazing how another human
Can change the way you see.
When you really know somebody else
You’ll find that they’re a “me.”

You find out that the thoughts they have
Are also never ceasing.
And the list of things you learn from them
Will always be increasing.

You learn their inner monologue
As if it were your own,
You hear the fine print of their brain
In their voices pitch and tone.

This person is as detailed
As you know yourself to be.
Their story is as known to them
As the wind is to a tree.

A being who can ponder
Who can think beyond the concrete.
The vast expanse of ideas in one mind
Makes the body seem obsolete.

The depth of all reality,
Something immeasurable,
Is captured in the inner workings
Of this thing that is a soul.

A person who was just someone
Can become much more than “he,” or “she.”
You’ve truly grasped some wisdom
When you see that person as a “me.”

And even more enlightening
Are the thoughts that might occur
When you contemplate that there are
8 billion “Me,”s on this earth.
Monet Echo Nov 2022
"You're so sweet!" "What a cutie!"
Is that the best you can do?
Those are defaults and fillers
I don't want to hear that from you
I want you to point out the things
That the general public don't see
The sides to me that surprise you
Normally masked by timidity
You get to see my lion
But still recognize my lamb
Tell me I'm so much more
Than strangers might think I am
There is a fervid spirit in me
But it's cloaked in a subtle attire
While the entire world calls me simple and sweet,
I need you to call me
A wildfire.
Monet Echo Jul 2022
We took pictures in mirrors
Smiles that stretched for miles
Never a single tear
Just hugs and patterns in bathroom tiles

If perfect moments were coins
We'd have immeasurable wealth
But those mirror pictures reflect something deeper...
I'm gazing at you
You look at yourself
Monet Echo Apr 2021
"In order to achieve success, you need a little luck"

While true for some, I do believe
That as roots grow down, we grow up

Roots may not stick out
In the eye of the beholder,
But they allow the fruit to sprout
And make branches that stand shoulder to shoulder

Dig in deep where none can see
Your roots are what will reign you
And when you're finally a tree
Remember what sustains you

Success is not a four-leafed clover
Or three sevens in a row
It's digging over and over and over
Then refusing to let go

It's choosing soil and sticking to it
No matter what may come
It's built by sweat; it's built by grit...
And a healthy amount of sun
Monet Echo Sep 2020
There’s a lot we don’t understand
Our worlds are shrouded in mystery
But wisdom is close at hand
When we give credence to our periphery
Monet Echo Aug 2020
Some people long to be famous
To stand out in the crowd
They long for money and riches
To spend their lives in the clouds

Some people want only comfort
To live their lives in peace
Steady income, cozy house...
That life is not for me.

I want my story to be radical
To scream with the unexpected
Though every page may be a struggle
The end has already been written and perfected

I want my song to be revolutionary
The voice of Love in action
Every lyric will take the broken
And fill them with fiery passion

I want every conversation
To be filled with infallible truth
So that people leave encouraged, uplifted
All anxiety, for the moment, soothed

I want to live a life of faith
Eyes closed, hands held high
It'll be hard at first, I may start out low
But I know I'll end with God on High

Some people long to be famous
To stand out in the crowd
But while they sleep in the clouds
I'll be wide awake on solid ground

I don't need popularity
Or everyday life persistence
I want an unexplainable life
I need to make a
Monet Echo Aug 2020
Life is full of little birdies
Whispering here and there
They sing and dance and flutter about
Overly eager to share
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