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Myka Sep 22
i'll tell you about my demons,
and you tell me about yours.
maybe theyll get along,
well enough to fall in love
and leave us alone.
Myka Sep 22
wishing for the impossible
waiting for another day
hoping for a better tomorrow
wishing for a better end
Myka Sep 3
Once for the beginning.
Twice for the first of worries.
Third for the edge of eternity's trap.
Fourth for everything else under the sky.
Myka Sep 3
stay with me 'till the sky turns grey
and i'll sing for you and the brand new day
Myka Sep 3
Even the brightest stars,
The ones people write poetry about,
The ones that fascinate all of human life,
Burn out until no trace is left,
And those on Earth who waited for it to come around every decade,
Get bored of seeing the same dying light.
It gets forgotten,
Forgotten in time and space.
Myka Sep 3
One: The walls never touch and the ends never meet.
Two: Chipped and painted over with open-mouthed lies.
Three: The walls are made up of bone, those of who had been lost here before.
Four: There are no walls, but you're here all alone.
Myka Sep 3
I think I found you between the clouds and underneath the stars.
I thought I found out how rainbows formed in the sky and how the stars shine at night.
I found value in your smile, white pearls with the tax of an arrow through my heart.
The payment was falling back to earth along with this memory of you.
I thought you were joking and you'd never let me slip.
I woke up back again in a place I didn't miss.
I thought I fell for an angel up in the sky,
But then again I have really sore eyes.
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