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parthenope Jan 2021
I love darkness and night but these days I crave the light.
parthenope Oct 2020
Like a crumbled leaf
She fell.
Losing her color
She cried on.
Unrepairable those damages became.

A complex shape with edges and curves,
Just like the fallen leaf,
She felt the cracks but no one to blame.

The breeze turned into a storm
Piece by piece she fell apart
And when that leaf settled in brownfield with green serene,
Like sunshine and water, he barged in,
Nurturing her back to health.

When he held her close,
Kissing the last wrinkles away,
Her very faded light shone again.
parthenope Oct 2020
Cold and dead this night
All these miseries inside,
Alone I fight.
Why is there no one by my side?
Being selfless wasn't worth it
At every step I got kicked,
Hitting rock bottom.
They say karma works well
For me its turned out quite unfair.
parthenope Aug 2020
Four walls,
Trapped in deep.
Windows blocked,
Black in ink.
Shadows locked,
Will freedom win?
Dead inside, finally,
The astral body leaves.
parthenope Aug 2020
To all those who fear failures,
  What is failure and why do we fear it? Well, according to me, failure is those teachers  in our schools whom we hate because they always teach us in the hard way, making us beg for them to stop and sometimes even curse them for being so bad to us but in the end their lessons are the ones we always remember. We fear failing because we are always taught the ****** up rules of the ****** up society, do this and you'll face humiliation, do that and you'll see yourself down in the pit. It's not our fault because this humiliation, this fear is what we have seen and experienced first hand. I have only one thing to say here, "Ask yourself, 'Why do you give 'the society' the right to hurt yourself by their cruel words?',' Why do you give them the power to laugh at your failures?'" The day you'll take that right from them they will be powerless and you will never be scared of failures and their opinions.
parthenope Jul 2020
What would you do if you weren't afraid?
parthenope May 2020
A caring mother we love to exploit.

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