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parthenope May 27
A caring mother we love to exploit.

parthenope May 26
Four drops of Carmine.
One for hope,
One for trust,
One for love,
One for guilt.

Carmine is the color of dried blood, the color is sometimes used to represent crime.

Life is real and hoping for something good even if the situation is ****** up, seems naive. Loving and trusting people with our lives then getting back stabbed for materialistic things is the truth.
Accepting our mistakes out loud and expecting the society to give us a forward push instead all we get is taunts and negativity.
In every individual's life there comes a moment where trusting, loving, feeling guilty and even hoping feels like a crime.

This piece is for the person who is trying to be as selfless as they can be and yet is faced with the downfalls. These four drops of carmine- hope,trust,love and guilt are the crimes committed by this person.

- J
parthenope May 26
Felt your warmth only in my dreams
and yet i crave your touch so much,
the pain is almost physical.

parthenope May 25
It's blur and it's dark!
The halo long gone,
All shadows around me.

Smiling now,
Crying like a mad person then.
Next thing I know
I Scratched myself.

All in all
It's me fading away.
The shadows of past,
The crime of actions,
Deafening silence,
Defining my violent acts.

Looking at the world
I could tell,
I want to fly.
Ready to take the leap of faith,
Scared of the end it could give.

Lights blinking afar,
Looking like diamonds and star,
Getting blurred second by second,
The disablement of my vision,
Clouding my mind.
Left that beautiful creation behind,
And Killed my kind.


— The End —