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The Vault Sep 12
I must not be alone
In the struggle to say no
Catching on my lips
Stuck between my teeth
Which turns to a yes
Before I can think
To not disappoint
To please others
I say yes
Even though
Yes is a bother
DivineDao Sep 7

When people on the Streets, Night Clubs, Bars
Start To Wink at You, Bow, Gesticulate, Nod,
Laugh, Smirk, Caress Their Heads,
Different "mudras"
With Their Fingers
Instead of just Saying what's on Their Minds

After mutually exchanged hellos

.... Perhaps being wrapped up into Some Seriously Fabulous Conversation
Wouldn't be Wrong At All

Yet out of sheer Politeness
Or Embarassement
Or because They are too
Well brought up
Bring it on - BabyBonton

They remain Silent!

P. S. ~When Recognised As That Poetess
People and their weird ways
At the same time cute nature.
Johnny walker May 10
Precious little moments simple things that I do
remember like how Ij loved
to brush Helen's  
And to help her chose her dresses such simple things
I miss It still hurts to
I'll never do those simple things again that hard reality to take but I'll never stop seeing her In my
Erian Apr 1
Is there even a point?
We're just an atom compared to a million worlds..
If I go..
Will anyone bother to care?
My energy will still be there..
julianna Mar 26
Not a burden
Not a bother
If you’re broken,
Pick each other up
It doesn’t have to be literal
You can have a wounded mind
And still be worth their time
Baylee Kaye Feb 22
am I a drag, a bore?
what do I even try for?
all my hopes and dreams of loving,
have hit a snag.
things to work through
XyL0S Jan 11
Why can't I trust you
to answer
the same question Tt Ww Ii Cc Ee,
When I think we're
       °               c      
r      ° u   m ° b
°          l °    in
°             g
?      ?    ??  ?

Am I not enough
even when I'm bleeding cold?
sushii Dec 2018
i don't care anymore
do anything to me
i'll be fine as long as you leave me to sleep

i won't cry
i won't open my eyes
i'll be alright as long as you let me rest

take me anywhere
scream your sorrows at me
i'll be okay as long as i can take some sleep

throw me onto the ground
leave me me cold and on the floor
i don't mind as long as i can rest my eyes

call out my sins
tell the world all that i've held inside
it won't bother me as long as i can have a deep slumber

leave me to die
i won't mind
as long as i can have sleep for the last time.
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