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Gold doesn't mean anything
Compared to you
Get rid of shiny things
And start anew
Gold can't compare
to your sapphire eyes
Over and over
too many tries
To get your love
Even gold isn't enough
to replace your touch
Golden roses
can't replace
your petal soft lips
So close
Almost touching my fingertips
Gold doesn't mean anything
compared to your silky skin
Please don't run away
Just let me in
All the gold in the world
Could never buy my love for you
i can't remember
when i knew
an entire group of people
who were pure
i'm not talking about
people saying ***** jokes
those ones are the best
i'm talking about the cruel people
the ones who hurt
who cause pain
for fun
the world is cruel
or maybe
i'm just easy
to hurt
She was running
The mist hid her face
The only thing visible
Was her pink hair
Bouncing with every step
She cursed herself for making that decision
Dying her hair the night before
She heard footsteps all around her
But she knew which ones were real
There was a man
Chasing after
His knife dripping
After slaughtering others
She was determined
To keep her blood off of that blade
Her boots were easy to run in
But the cold air ripped at her lungs
Her breath leaving clouds
She tripped
And fell
Into a rosebush
Pricking her bare flesh
Red beaded as she ran
She made her way
Out of the wood
And never saw the man
Anastasia Oct 12
There was an angel who fell from the sky
And I mended his broken wings
But it pained me so
When he had to leave
He blessed me goodbye
And kissed me on the cheek
And promised that
He’d come back for me
a late-night written poem
Anastasia Oct 8
I'm not going to lie to you
I love you
I know that's not enough
And it hurts
So bad
Im sorry
Anastasia Oct 8
i want
to see
some people rot in hell
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