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Sarah Elaine Jun 2019
Each so beautifully different,
Strong and seemingly unbreakable,
Yet overwhelmingly fragile.

Lay a foundation,
Jagged, unmatched and rough.
Does it fit?

Continue to build,
Each layer grows stronger,
More impenetrable.

A whirlwind topples a few stones.

New reinforcement.
Stronger, and with more determination.
Need to protect.

A wave of you crashes down and threatens stability.

Work harder, work faster.
Salvage the progress,
And continue to add.

Meanwhile -


attempts to chisel away.

Some make dents,
Some holes,
Some take down sections.

But the hard work perseveres.
And the wall remains.
allison Feb 2019
writing is my escape
from the cell i created
for myself
Neroxes Zephyrus Jan 2019
He stayed afar, afraid to get any closer. Yes, he admits he changed so much that no one but those closest to him in his past recognises him. He often wonders, if stepping out and leaving is the right choice. It always seemed right, but after all these years, he started to doubt. His white hair, pupil a glowing light blue as a star in the constellations, the iris swirling with the universe in it. He has changed too much. He yearns to go back, to have a peaceful life before this mess started; but the scars of the past still hurts oh so much. He tried, but he simply cannot forget. Call him a coward, call him weak, he pretends that he is strong, not letting the words get to him. But inside, he is still a child, lost and cold, not of a soldier fought in wars. He is broken, his eyes' hollow, he fakes his smile, giving hope to others, yet never himself.
shaun Jan 2019
broken shoes on your feet, grief for a family that aren't dead - just dead to you - on your back and a book in your pocket. a book about a man you idolise. by that same man you idolise. his songs, his words, his honesty. a similar honesty that takes up the blank spaces in the notebook that resides in your other pocket. our griefs, though different, united us. yet while you begin to live, i start to die. again.
Emerson Nosreme Jan 2019
You won’t leave right?
I don’t want you to leave
I hate being isolated
I do like to be connected with others
Whether it’s in the streets
School, work,
I do hate to be alone
Heck, I can’t be alone
Even if my own room or home
I need to hear my mother’s cooking
My father’s typing at his computer above me
My sister’s awful singing
My brother playing football outside

And your voice
Telling me things

Don’t leave.
Definition of monophobia - Fear of being alone.
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Spare the details , scratching with these nails,
One look at me and your body will be mangled while being
I'm not a ****** or a murderer , I just love to create art,
Where ever my pencil will take me and I'll I feast on the fact
that I'll let you relish in that,
I'm emotionless to pain even when it's brought by the bat,
Experience hatred for a world where men will slaughter other
Where evil thrives and the man upstairs won't come down
to defend,
The idea of killing my boss in the past , it'll had made me
laugh , how can I pretend?
Where is my purpose in this life when that purpose is
clipped from under me?
As far as I'm concerned , there's more books to burn
of a past that no one knows,
I'd rather isolate myself while watching the *******
world set a blaze in a perfect cemetery.
N E Waters Sep 2014
I keep the TV on, because when I do it feels like I'm living.
I keep my browser running, because when I do, it feels like I'm feeling.
I keep my movement low, because I'm slow, because I'm softer
and I burrow deep beneath my sheets to forget that I'm a daughter.
World's potential rages, shapes and faces overwhelm me,
and I'm screaming silent for the quiet that I feel like I am missing.
I want to touch you, see you, hold you, speak without restriction.
But I numb my mind in sounds and lights, so that I can slip away.

Over-stimulation cradles what craves to be kinetic,
pacifies the glowing inside craving open air.
I cannot move, I cannot go, I'm too afraid to ride the ride
and so I'll sit behind the lines
and participate by watching.

And here we'll watch the world together- and also so alone
would that I could
rip free the bandage
and leave my ***** home.

and the internet praises the introvert and tells us we're secretly deep.
And we dress our wounds with wasted time until we fall asleep.

And in my dreams I'm running, fighting, TRYING SO HARD
to break free.
And in the morning, I shudder, shake them off
and dim the light in me.

And day after day
back, here we go,
back to the flickering screen.
Glory May 2018
I oft think of the future
One hour
One year
One decade
Forming a moment
Captured in time
A little soul
Locked in a big city
A sad cat, the only friend
Pouring over papers
Potential pain
And sad solar systems
Endless stories
By money and success

Memories of nature
And Ginkgo trees

Of a simpler time
Where rusted nails
Were currency
And laughter
The only goal

I was just
As much a
Girl as now
The only change:
She was free
Belle Aug 2017
It is so nice being on your own.
No one to help you with anything. Not like you need it.
No one to tell you not to do that self destructive thing to yourself.
No one to make sure you get out and do something everyday.
You don't have to be social, you can just isolate!
Isn't it so nice?
Crystal June Aug 2017
My insides crash
And my lungs explode
And my eyes squeeze shut
And everything is urgent.
Muscles tense like that last argument -
You yelled, I cried.
Isolate. Isolate.
Go away.
Numb, yet bursting with pain;
Shot down & wounded.
Truly an attack.
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